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162 Having people yell and scream at you all the time

Wow. I could go on for hours about this

163 People that gossip and talk about everyone when they don't even know them

These people are the "media". They want to talk about people especially their private lives. If I met this kind of people, I'll smack their face to their homes. I got one thing to say to them, "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, GO HOME AND DON'T EVER GO BACK AGAIN. I MEAN IT! " - ronluna

this is mostly popular girls at school - Bec

People gossip about me all the time, it is annoying when every girl in your science class thinks you have a crush on each one of them when it is really some crappy rumor, ruined my chances of getting a girlfriend & makes a lot of people want to join in bashing me behind my back & even after everyone knows it's a lie people just wanted to bully me since then, they are jerks bullying me, a autistic child, middle school can be tough

I'm very popular I do it - superbuggati

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164 People richer than you

Everyone has a friend who's rich and always wants you to do expensive stuff all the time, and you get the embarrassment of having to say "sorry, I can't afford it." and them pitying you - Bec

I just hate it when you have friends who are richer than you and how they brag about going on cool vacations for spring break!

I can't afford to go to most concerts but I love them. Whenever I say I wish I could go to a concert, my friend goes on and on about all the concerts she's been too, and how she's visited all but two continents, and all that- of course rubbing in my face that she's seen my favorite bands by going to Europe for three days just to see them. It gets really annoying especially because I would trade all my stuff to see Coldplay in Europe. - pandagirl

Have 1,800,000 because of YouTube I got 1,000 subscribers - superbuggati

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165 Teachers

What the heck? Teachers are not annoying at all. They are here to help you and educate you so that you can go into university and the graduate and find a job to support yourself. Without them we would be people who have lack of knowledge about anything and we wouldn't be able to support ourselves because without them we can't get into university therefore leaving us homeless when we turn into adults and stuff. So be grateful that they are here because they are here to help us succeed in life so that we can have a good and successful future when leave our parent's home. I know I'm grateful for them because if it wasn't for them especially my grade 12 teachers (and my parents and myself) encouraging me and helping me I wouldn't be going into university this September so yes I'm grateful. With that said whoever put teachers on here remove it now. - LucyLu18

Most teachers don't even teach- they tell you what to do but don't explain it. I went to a vocational high school and taught myself far more than the teachers even knew during the time I had shop.

All teachers, stop talking too much and always says you all is our parents in school! All students is need "teacher's actions", not all your bull, okay?!

Yeah - superbuggati

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166 Corporate B.S.
167 People
168 No dill, only sweet relish, after buying a hotdog.
169 The Islamic State

Really? If you are mad about islam because ISIS then vote for ISIS not writing 'islamic state'

They are everything wrong with the world right now.

Stop being racist - mayamanga

Heck yeah buudddydyyd aboiiieioeiieooeiii

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170 Frozen fans

Those idiots won't shut up about that movie!

Those morons should shut up! That movie is overrated as heck! - Powerfulgirl10

Hey I like frozen

"Do you want to build a snowman? " :D

ME: "NO! " - mattstat716

171 Dora Rocks

I will give you a million bucks if you kill Dora and all her fans - mayamanga

Dora is awesome so shut up haters - Pixtol

My kid is 4 end he hate this show

I will give you 10,00,00,000
Dollars if you murder Dora

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172 When a little kid plays Call of Duty, thinks Nintendo is for babies, curses 80% of the time, shows off, and thinks he's cool because of all that.

I know someone like that, but without the Nintendo part.

Why don't you guys go play something like Kirby? That has some dark storylines in it. Same with Zelda. - mattstat716

You're in a game which mostly consists of mature, sensible, 17+ kids and everything seems good, but then that obnoxious little 10 year old joins the game, and starts talking endlessly until the game begins, then once the game begins, he imediently starts swearing at everyone saying how badly he's gonna "reck them", 10 seconds later he gets killed, screams so loud it blows out the audio levels, then for the rest of the game yells at everyone and repeatedly calls everyone f#*%ts

Sometime I think that - superbuggati

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173 YouTube commenters

Almost all of them are haters... And swear. All the time

I think they need a filter for the comments - Harri666

Almost all YouTube comments are as follows:

-annoying cursing
-Anti-Religious beliefs of any type

Kys for no reason
Cussing for no reason
like these people need to shut up

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174 Rebecca Black Rebecca Black Rebecca Black is "well known" for her "hit" single, "Friday", which has the second most dislikes on YouTube .

, she is SO annoying!

Her voice is too obnoxious. MY EARS! - mayamanga

Horrid - superbuggati

175 Evil plastic wraps for new stuff

Being the slim transparent ones from hell or those thick you "can't open without scissors" ones

176 Sports fanatics

Me: oh my god, football is so boring. I don't want to watch people running around trying to catch a ball...


Me: Why are people entertained by this? It's just a bunch of people running back and forth. - mattstat716

No - superbuggati

177 Germs spreading everywhere
178 Little kids that think you're their friend

Some times I will leave the apartment door closed (without locking it) an they will just barge in while I am playing video games, and its very annoying. and uneducated.

There was this one kid named Jackson. HE WOULD NOT LEAVE ME ALONE! And did I mention that he eats his boogers

This little kids is should I gave an interesting lesson

They always mess up my bedroom! - Powerfulgirl10

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179 Call of Duty

Call of Duty fans are so annoying!

No - superbuggati

180 Fake friends

There so annoying! I have a guy like this and I HATE him!

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