People who smoke around others


Not only is cigar or cigarette is an odor, but it is a hazard to people's health. People know how bad cigars or cigarettes are, but they buy them, anyway. Health companies like cigar/cigarettes because they can make money off the smokers who go to the hospital. Smokers are the reason cigar/cigarette companies are still in business. Cigars and cigarettes are a stupid invention, and they stink!

I grew up around smokers. I was so used to the smell, I didn't realize I was going to school wreaking of it every day. I would have my shirt over my nose when my mom and whatever guy she was with at the time was smoking. She always told me to stop...I guess she was embarrassed. It's funny how smokers never seem to care about how they're affecting others, and put themselves ahead of others. Oh, and stop throwing those butts everywhere!

My parents are big at this. Its almost as if they are trying to share their lung cancer with us. I hate that smell so much. What's worse is that I have to breathe in that crap all day every day. Its as if their catch phrase is "lung cancer, pass it on". It is so annoying and gross.

One time when I was at an out door concert and so many people around us smoked so much. I swear each person smoked 5 cigarettes during the concert. They really couldn't go somewhere else to do that, instead of doing it by hundreds of people. I wanted to leave early because of all of it. I just wanted to go slap those cigarettes right out of his or her hand and go throw it in a dumpster along with their entire pack. People who smoke are dumb and I 'm sure you all no the consequences for it.

Who knows what could happen to the others around the smoke, they could either get cancer or die its just so annoying. Literally, every time I see a kid walking around next to someone smoking, I would either cover the kids mouth and/or move them away from that person, or just ask the adult next to the child to stop smoking when kids are around!

I always feel like I have to hold my breath when I walk past people who smoke in public. If you want to smoke, just go home and do it there. Even then, you really shouldn't smoke at all... But if they want to ruin their own lives, so be it! Just don't do it in public and risk ruining other people's lives...

This is so stupid. Terrorists, racists etc... ranked lower? You believe too much in the negative propaganda. Sure, smoking is bad and it can cause cancer but not by second hand smoke, unless you inhale the smoke of 20 cigarettes a day (? ). Cancer can be caused by thousands of things ( products in food, in plastic...and so on ) that non-smokers use everyday. Did you see one person die of cancer just because he or she was on a bus stop waiting while someone was smoking next to him / her in the open air? Don't exagerate things just because you're not a smoker. I fear more a terrorist with a bomb hidden next to me on a bus stop than a smoker. I despize racists ( smokers or non-smokers ) more than someone smoking next to me.Haters who thinks that this deserve a higher rank than racism, terrorism are the real annoying people.

Can you tell this to my mom please. JESUS, people respect others and the space around you. Also, throwing your cigarette on the sidewalk when you're done IS littering and illegal. I value my health, and don't give me risks that I didn't cause.

I hate the smell of smoking and the risk of secondhand smoke. I hate it so much that I hold my breath around a smoker. SMOKE ALONE we are not interested to smell your cancer device. - UglyBull

If Spike Spiegel existed in real life, I would hate him more if he smoked near me. He may be cool in his anime, but smoking in non-smoking areas is going to earn him a lot of hate, especially from me if causes me to get lung cancer.

I was in downtown Traverse City and this dude was smoking. I put my shirt over my mouth and nose and I got in trouble for being disrespectful to that guy! Do they wanna get cancer or what? I just didn't want to inhale it.

I hate the fact that people do this all the time at bus stops. When I used to catch the bus often I had to use another stop that was a long walk away just so I wouldn't have to stand around inhaling cancer. - Entranced98

This is SO ANNOYING! Especially when YOUR EATING. I get something that I was really craving for and... BAM. There is a person smoking right in my face and the smoke is coming right on my food and I just save for later instead of having smoke on MY FOOD.

It's so annoying, like really just get away from me. This is my world too! I don't understand why they think it's okay to do this. Especially because I'm 11

Why are cigarets even legal? Ban it already! - SamuiNeko

At least show some respect by literally not telling everyone you want to kill them. Because that's like what smoking around other people is like. I hope they're happy. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Ok, mosquitoes are really annoying. But people who smoke around others, that's more annoying, smoke comes out of their mouth and the smell makes you want to cough, but you hold it in because you don't want to be rude, I mean, it is STUPID

Seriously, I mean maybe I would be fine if smoking only causes bad effects on the smoker, but the smoke coming out of the cigarette causes a worse effect to the people around the smoker. - stellalee

I hate it when smokers just happy puff a massive cloud of smoke while 5 year olds walk past. They honestly don't understand the damage they're doing.

Seriously, if someone is smoking around me, I will hold my breathe and just run away. I do not want to get cancer from second hand smoking! - Lina1028

UGH I was eating outside at a restaurant and this dude decides to smoke LEGIT RIGHT BEHIND ME! So annoying, I choked because it made my food taste like cigars! - Swiftdawn

Smoking near others is very inefficient. First of all, smoking is bad enough, why do smokers need to harm other peoples' health too?

Cigarettes shouldn't even be legal. They cause as many deaths as drugs do and yet their legal. And why don't people smoke in a designated smoking area? That's what they are for.

I hate how people still smoke although they realize it causes lung cancer. And second hand smoke can cause cancer just like it does to smokers. - dorothydaawesome

Either find a designated smoking area, or put out your cigarette! I do NOT want to get lung cancer, thank you very much!