Screaming babies


Screaming babies are just so darn annoying. Also, since they can't speak any languages, you don't know what they want! When you do something wrong they scream even more. Ugh. Also, babies cry/scream every ten minutes which can get really annoying really fast. This can also result in lack of sleep and not getting enough sleep makes people more annoyed at things. So, screaming babies are not only annoying, they cause other annoyances.

I hate it when people take babies to concerts or restaurants and all the thing does is scream and cry and you can't enjoy yourself because that ugly creature is screaming, makes me just want to yell "Your Adopted! " At the bloody thing...I hate babies

Babies can't say "I want to be fed". Or "I need a drink". Or "I have a stomach ache". Or "I'm tired". Or "My teeth are growing through and I need a chew toy". You shouldn't ignore them, they want something. Not one baby doesn't cry. What would we do if they couldn't cry, but they still couldn't talk? They would have a 50% chance of dying.

I can not STAND when babies scream! This should be #2! Why won't their parents SHUT THEM UP?! I realize they can't talk but it is very annoying! I was sick at Disney World once and there was a toddler on a bus and she was SCREAMING AS LOUD AS SHE COULD! She wanted her mom to hold her but her mother just stood there. I couldn't believe there was a kid like that at my resort. Yikes!

Babies and toddlers are not annoying at all. They just want attention and stuff. I love babies and toddlers although they do scare me a bit when they cry because it makes me think I've done something wrong. But other than that I love them and love working with them. This is why I'm going to be going to the ECE ( Early childhood Education ) program this September in Capilano University so that I can get my diploma and start working at daycare. But I will probably be the youngest since I'm 18 and the rest are all 20 and older. This is also another reason why when I get married I would want to have at 4 children because I want a big family. Can't wait to start the program been looking forward to this program for my whole life!

I hate babies they scream and cry over nothing or stupid things and if you yell at them, everyone thinks you're some sort of monster and they don't stop crying. And if its like a 5 year old kid you yell at them but they never shut up god I hate kids

All modern children just REALLY annoy me! Back in like the 70s and stuff, kids didn't cry that much. Nowadays, ITS ALL THEY DO! WHY?! Girl toddlers are the worst! Also, they always do the opposite to what you say! Parents need to stop having them! They're just so annoying now! Who agrees with me?

I love babies! They play and make cute noises, but when they cry... UGH I will get my belt and smack their butts.

Almost anywhere you go, there's always some screaming baby with the lung capacity of Michael Phelps screaming at the top of their lungs, and the caregiver does nothing about it.

What had babies done to you. They're babies, not rabies. It's so fun taking care of them. I know, adults hate it, but when a baby's happy, it radiates warmth and happiness around you. - Animefan12

Could you just shut it? You were babies once too! You people should be ashamed of yourselves, because if babies never existed, humanity wouldn't exist either, so shut up and admit it!

What's wrong with babies that scream a lot? It's only normal! A baby will at least scream once! Is there anything wrong with it?

OK, I get it. It may be a bit annoying, but they're babies! BABIES! Besides, I could name like over 1.000 things worse than screaming babies!

Yeah, it's annoying, but they only scream for attention. My mom told me this one time she was watching the news, and a man bit off a small chunk of a baby boy's nose to make it shut up. Seriously, how does THAT help?! - Powerfulgirl10

This is passable for kids that can't speak yet, like under 4. They only cry and scream for something they want. But when I hear 5 or 6 year old kids doing it, then my ears will bleed.

When my cousin was little and her brother was born and he cried all the time, my aunt reminded her that babies cried to tell people something. So every time her brother cried, she would say, "Babies cry to tell us something." - mayamanga

I didn't even think of this one. I was looking for flies on the list but stumbled across this. Screaming babies are the worst. I don't care if their young or whatever, it's still so annoying

I hate it when little kids scream/cry. In public areas full of little kids (for example McDonalds) you can ALWAYS hear little kids screaming and whining and throwing a tantrum. - Lunala

And when they take them to church.! Once I yelled at this lady to take her baby outside cause I could not hear the pastor.

People should stop having babies. Oh wait, not everyone wants to have kids anyways and there are a lot of people who don't want to have kids, kids aren't everything, they'll just bring more stress on a person. I never want any and I'm not selfish.

If there's one thing I've learned, it's that you NEVER, under ANY circumstances, if they get hurt, ask if they're ok... It will 100 percent of the time lead to screaming and crying for at least 10 minutes

You don't even know what they want! So you can't do anything about it. Just listen to them screaming and whining. Babies are pretty cute, but this is just one huge flaw.

Babies have to cry because they can't talk. I totally get that. But when they scream and scare your pets, I hate them.

We all screamed as babies come on! This is just mean. People who criticize this is just mean, you cried when you were a baby remember that!

I hate babies to be honest. This is why, plus the poop and just being humans. I hate humans lol but I am actually not a human but a 15 year old Gremlin. Call me Red (Wow. This comment is so Random) - RedTheGremlin

This is why I hate babies. Yeah, they're cute, but don't put your hands on that evil thing or you will get hit by that really hard baby bottle in your mouth. Ouch.

See people this parents is why children need electronics just give them your phone and go to YouTube and watch as the screams "magically" disappear