Top Ten Most Annoying Types of Haters

I hate haters. As hypocritical as that sounds it's true. They annoy the crap out of me. So of course I'm gonna hate on haters. The top ten most ANNOYING types of haters. I'm not specifically talking about people who hate on me but rather haters in general.

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1 The ones who want you and your fans dead

I hate people like this. They are totally silly. It's ok to dislike them but they shouldn't take it that far. -_-

These people should go to jail for wanting real people to die... It's fine to not like a person, but wishing death on them when they never mean harm is going too far.

They are so immature. If I meet one again, I would slap them and tell them to grow up. People will always have a different preference than others and they should deal with it.

Justin Bieber haters for example

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2 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic haters

It's a family show and many teens won't accept it! - Neonco31

Would people stop saying that this show is for all ages and both genders? First of all it's not true. It was meant for little kids and second of all it was for girls. You people are just saying this excuse to try to get people to like this show. If you disagree with me than fine. But do not try to change my opinion

All haters go to jail

They are just as bad as rabid Bronies.

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3 Christian Haters

People have religions there part of. I don't believe in God, but people have the right of religion.

God is first! NO ONE BETRAYS HIM!

4 The Loud House haters

WHY DO YOU EXIST!? - DylanheBuilder

5 Sanjay and Craig Haters
6 The ones who insist that fans of whoever they're hating on are retards

Aside from people wishing death on fans, this is the one that I loathed the most.

I once came across a blog post reviewing the design of a character my favorite anime. And well, he didn't like the design, the character, and the anime itself. My opinions pretty much contrasted his, but people had their own opinions yes, so I stayed chill.

But then he goes straight into saying that everyone who likes the character and the anime itself are idiots and that fans in general are idiots. Straight. In. Everyone. Who is reading the blog's. Face. I've seen countless people who said something like that, but at least they are trolling.

This one on the other hand feels complete serious, and it drives me nuts. I mean, I like the anime and didn't even resent or mean harm for him for not liking it. None of the fans of said anime means that to him either. To be honest, I think this person had issues...

I'm a book/video game/T.V. show fangirl, and I don't appreciate people coming up to me every five seconds in school and saying how I should spend my day listening to Justin Bieber instead of reading. I don't think it's good for me.

Not mental retard. The haters say TOTALLY RETARDS. I ain't shouting or whatever. The one I am hating on is pretty much bad in terms of... gender of characters and terms of place. - SwampertBABY

Remember people, this kind of haters use the internet as a shield to protect them from the consequences of their words, but won't protecting them forever.

calling a fan a retard, a cancer is easy to say on the internet, but imagine if they said it, outside of the internet, then yes, nothing could protect their speach without consequences.

it's okay to hate a celebrity, animated character or the whole serie, but when is called by names, this is where I draw the line.

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7 Anime haters

Gosh, I hate anime haters. If they don't like anime, you know what? Fine. I don't care if they hate anime. They don't mind me, I won't mind them. But if I repeatedly get bombarded by those anime haters just for liking anime, then they seriously need to shut the hell up! Seriously, I stopped hating anime haters a long time ago, but I would have never thought I would have to bring up the topic of anime haters again! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

If there's one thing I hate about these kind of haters is that they want everyone to know about their hate for anime. If you don't like it don't talk about it. It doesn't make you cool to hate everyone. I have no problem with anybody who dislikes/never watched anime, but the haters are obnoxious. - izackak

I'm so sick of them... Especially since anime is partially inspired by your precious western animation from the past.

Anime haters are so so immatrue ans stupid, even hating anime for stupid and pointless reasons, that make Weeaboos look like great people (not really, but haters can be worse, honestly). - BorisRule

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8 Serena haters
9 Rosalina haters

Everywhere and can't accept the fact that she's popular and respect opinions - ParkerFang

A bunch of crazy haters that want to send death threats to Rosalina fans. Most worship Daisy.

All over this website. To prove it: Daisy Haters are number 5. - DCfnaf

They are so immature and rude

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10 Princess Daisy haters

Do you want a group of hiperactive haters who thinks they're always right, their opinions are facts, attack every fan, judge a character for ONE sentence, think that a character is super useless when it isn't, think that a character is just a clone when it isn't, they've found like 10 -20 annoying fans so they think everyone is automatically bad and they want to kill every fan? Here you go! - DaisyandRosalina

Always assuming that every Daisy fan attacks those who dislike her. They're hypocrites that attack those who like her - ParkerFang

Daisy haters are generally people who like to assume all Daisy fans act exactly the same as each other or that anyone who claims to like Daisy is actually Michaeloll or Memoryman. They also have some of the most pathetic reasons as to why Daisy is a bad character, and they believe they are always right no matter what. If they want to dislike Daisy then that's fine, but they don't need to be so rude to the Daisy fans that did nothing. It's also possible that they may worship Rosalina or Waluigi.

It's just a quote hi I'm Daisy. People just make a big deal about it

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? Modern music haters

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11 The ones that insult and condescend those who disagree

That is extremely close-minded and annoying.

Some people can't solve a problem without rude words. Was called an ass for saying that cats shouldn't eat ice cream.

Yeah, I got hated on a game called Superstars and I went on this list to hate on haters.

I agree with this one.

people need to chill if someone likes something they hate and respect different opinions. If you can't respect that someone likes something you hate then your opinion isn't worthy of respect. - RedSpiderLily

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12 Princess Peach haters

Peach isn't the only character that "sucks" and "we can hate if we want". No haters of any kind are "like the best thing ever" (not even ones who hate things I personally hate or the rare person who hates something people are practically required by law to love). I'm not going to pretend Rosalina haters are any worse than Peach haters (I could vote for both that and this if it were technically possible) nor am I going to pretend Rosalina fans are any better than Peach fans.

There's nothing sexist abut her. Shouldn't this whole feminism thing about women being able to act how or wear what they want? Believe it or not (and this is coming from someone who last they checked had a uterus) some women CHOOSE to be "girly". And as long as it's what they themselves want, we shouldn't judge them. And maybe "speaking up" (read: going on and on and on at every opportunity and creating opportunities where there aren't) about how terrible Peach "is" and declaring anybody who dosen't agree with your opinion (hence why "is" had the quotes around it) doesn't make you evil per se, but it does make you annoying and immature.

You know who else is actually a very sexist character so we are free to dislike her whether her fanboys like it or not? Actually I'm not going to say who, her fanboys will act as if I insulted their mother if I do. But point is, Peach is hardly the worst female character out there, and there are things she gets called "terrible" over while other characters get away with or are even praised over.

I hate peach but I use ingame facts most peach haters just make up facts to hate the character - ikerevievs

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13 The ones who click dislike on every one of the person's videos

We get it hater. You don't have to dislike everything. Gosh - DoomFire12

Once I went onto a video by this one guy and in all of the comments on each video it said " I disliked before the video started" seriously?! Like I used to hate dan and Phil but now I'm obsessed with them! :3

I have no idea why people do this...

Youtube as example, if someone dislike many video form a specific youtuber, Youtube "thinks" that they like the channel (it find recommended videos based on what people have watched, not what people have liked or disliked), result in more video from that specific channel in the recommenced list... While they received those recommended video, they may dislike the channel even more...

Hence, it is not a good idea to dislike every video from a specific channel if the video haven't been watched.

Why they do this?...

Take YouTube as example, if they dislike many videos from a specific YouTuber, YouTube "thinks" that they
l ike the YouTuber's video ( The system only checks what video they have watched, but not what they have
d isliked) so more similar videos or videos from that specific YouTuber are recommended in
"recommended" list...

It is a loop:

Found someone's video.
Hate it. <<<----------------------------
v |
Dislike their video. |
v |
Find videos from them, and dislike it. |
v |
YouTube "thinks" that you like their video. |
v |
Recommended their videos... -----------

Hence, if hating a video, simply don't watch it anymore and watch the videos that is enjoyable.

14 Arthur haters
15 Clarence haters

The haters of clarence should go die in the pits of hell

Insert "into the fire" 80's music

16 The ones who get thumbs up

Pfft. I don't care how many haters give a thumbs up to negative reviews of SAO on MAL. If I like SAO, then I like SAO. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Haters support fellow haters. Enough said.

Just because someone's hate comment gets so many likes doesn't mean that it is automatically right.

17 The ones who bully

We don't need a world full of bullies.. Cyber bullies real bullies same thing

The fact that the internet makes them anonymous makes it easy for them to insult someone. I bet they would be too scared to insult others if they met them in person.

WHenever I disagree on something people like they tell me to cut myself or or to kill myself and I just say that those aren't anything to joke about and then I find any misspellings or improper grammar on their hate comment and telll them off for that. - AnonymousChick

Daisy and Rosalina haters for example - yunafreya648

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18 Autism haters

People like this who stupidly insult others with autism are the lowest scum of the Earth. Do they even know that Albert Einstein, one of the most intelligent people, had that?

People who use it as an insult should die

Do the haters even know what it IS? Idiots trying to seem cool by hating on everything.

It's not "hating." I only joke about the worst type of autism. Because I know all autistic people aren't like thst. I have a friend who is autistic, and he's not like that. - LordDovahkiin

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19 The ones who spam the same hate message on said person's channel

That, my friends, is counter-intuitive

20 Muslim haters
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