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21 Trolls

Even Worst Kind Of Trolls Like An Internet Troll - CuteGirlJigglypuff

My favorites. - Therandom

Trolls are false haters.

Rosalina haters - yunafreya648

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22 Amy (Total Drama) Haters

She got a lot of hate because she was a b#### with her sister Samey (Sammy) but at least she had a nice story with her sister and she got what she deserved, characters like Jo or Chris or Blainley were way worse than her and Jo or Sugar did bad things without a punishement like the Amy one. - DaisyandRosalina

23 Grammar Nazis

I can use improper grammar if I want to, that's what school is for.

Some just do it to help, but there are also the ones that do it just to be an arrogant punk.

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24 Anime haters

Gosh, I hate anime haters. If they don't like anime, you know what? Fine. I don't care if they hate anime. They don't mind me, I won't mind them. But if I repeatedly get bombarded by those anime haters just for liking anime, then they seriously need to shut the hell up! Seriously, I stopped hating anime haters a long time ago, but I would have never thought I would have to bring up the topic of anime haters again! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

If there's one thing I hate about these kind of haters is that they want everyone to know about their hate for anime. If you don't like it don't talk about it. It doesn't make you cool to hate everyone. I have no problem with anybody who dislikes/never watched anime, but the haters are obnoxious. - izackak

I'm so sick of them... Especially since anime is partially inspired by your precious western animation from the past.

Anime haters are so so immatrue ans stupid, even hating anime for stupid and pointless reasons, that make Weeaboos look like great people (not really, but haters can be worse, honestly). - BorisRule

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25 The ones with a following V 1 Comment
26 The ones that jump on a bandwagon to look cool

Donald Trump haters in a nutshell - bobbythebrony

Rosalina haters - yunafreya648

27 Undertale haters

They have no reason to hate it other than "THE FANBASE SUCKS! " - DCfnaf

No they excuse rule 34. And Toby Fox is also aware of the Rule 34 content. - Aguythatpeopleignores

28 Apple haters

I don't hate apples, the only ones I hate is the sweet soft mushy parts.

They are losers. - njalabi63989

29 The ones that don't respect opinions

They only respect opinions as long as it matches with their own. They try way too hard to persuade people to hate what they hate just because they hate it. I ran into a hater who thinks that everyone should hate anime just because she hates it. Nobody told her that she has the rights to dictate what others love. The world doesn't revolve around people. This may upset some who think that it does

Especially when they defend their rights to an opinion while bashing on those who disagree with them.

Absolutely obnoxious and irritating people to deal with.

Nintendo fan base in a nutshell - pugiscool

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30 Nintendo haters

Nintendo haters suck. Most of them are just a bunch of brats who think they're all mature just because they play M-rated games.

Fans are just as bad

Nintendo haters are mostly trolls Because nintendrones doesn't let anyone critisize them. - Aguythatpeopleignores

31 Mario haters
32 Breadwinners haters

If they don't respect opinions of the fans, then I guess this is true. I'm not a fan of Breadwinners, I'm just pointing this out.

33 The ones who hate on popular movies because they think it's cool

I've always said that any popular thing will inevitably get haters, not people who legitimately dislike it, haters, there's a difference, these people basically just hate on something popular just for the sake of being "cool" or "different" like that 1 guy on this site who, on every list involving Disney, goes out of his way to announce that The Lion King sucks, and every popular movie goes through this too, Frozen, in less than 2 years, has garnered 1 of the most infamously large hatedoms I've ever seen, same with The Lion King, The Avengers, hell, even Zootopia has a growing hatedom now

They think their opinion matters when literally nobody else cares.

Case in point, all the people hating on the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Except that The Lion King deserves to be hated. Don't criticize the TLK haters. Everyone has their own, differing opinions.

34 The Lion King haters

No they're not. The Lion King haters are one of the worst people on the planet. They always just complain about the Lion KIng no matter what, they always use that stupid hyena excuse

You're taking that a little too far, not one of the worst people on the planet, but worst people on this site... - PeeledBanana

TLK haters are not one of the worst. They actually have good evidence and reasons as to why the hate the film or think it's bad. The hyena excuse is a FACT, not just an opinion. Seriously man, Disney got SUED by a hyena biologist for making the whole species as evil henchmen, which was very much a defamation.

They get triggered in this website - hunnyqueen09

Um, to all the people defending TLK haters, you guys do know that calling yourselves haters means you don’t actually have good reasons for disliking the movie and are just trash talking it because it’s popular right? That’s what the definition of a hater is, so I don’t think calling yourself a hater is a very smart thing to do

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35 The ones who hate on a video on how good something is

"Just because some people like something more they think no one should enjoy what they don't like."

Rosalina haters - yunafreya648

36 The smart haters that fans bash on because fans are stupid

Someone put em here? Daisy haters?

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37 The ones who hate George W. Bush

Why is this here? It makes sense that people would be angry over someone who openly perpetrated and now defends war crimes and general crimes against humanity. Anger from injustice is not hate.

George w wasn't perfect, but he's much better than Obama. - Therandom

These haters are horrible. All he wanted to do is to defend America against terrorism.

These people people are just like the Obama and Clinton supporters, all three need to kts for being terrorists - bobbythebrony

38 Sesame Street haters

Sesame Street is a masterpiece - 445956

Why I hate Goatworlds.

39 Pokemon haters

These peeps are wasting their time hating on what many consider to be an awesome and successful video game franchise. You don't have to like Pikachu or any Pokemon if you don't want to, just don't be such a butt about it. Okay?

I try to respect the opinions of Pokemon haters, but most of them are just dumb. Its always,"It's for kids." Just because it's for kids doesn't mean you can't like it. There are feenagers nowadays who are info Sofia the First which is a show aimed towards toddlers. So I'm just like, why?

40 Teen Titans Go haters

TTG might suck but the haters are SO immature. They have everything that's on this list! - Aguythatpeopleignores

I Love Teen Titans Go! Haters!

The hell with you Teen Titans Go fans! You're no better than its haters! It's ironic that you called them immature and told them to stop whining when you're immature whiners yourselves! They have every right to hate that damn remake of Teen Titans. So leave 'em the hell alone and get on with your damn lives!

Teen Titans Go is terrible. - LordDovahkiin

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