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41 Dub Haters

How many times did I encounter these idiots. First is at and second was at an anime review. They always argue that a faithful translation should have both the orignal idea and original translation. For reference I will use a bit of The Silmarillion to determine the faithful the translation is to Japanese. Did they faithfully translate the elvish names like Celebrimbor, Annatar, Feanor and others? No. translating Celebrimbor's Japanese name is "Celebrin Ball", Well that's original translation out the window. About the original idea. I will use any anime like SAO for reference, We have Death Gun introducing his guns's and his name to the public. They both captured the thought so what are you talking about you morons. - YourWaifuSucks

42 The ones that are attention whores

This is why it's important to avoid being one of these. It's better not to whine for attention and just do what you enjoy doing, just be yourself, without begging for attention.

Anti bronies. They always flame over a pony profile pic, and always flame over a split second footage of a pony, then ignite an unwanted flame war.

Daisy haters - yunafreya648

43 The ones who hate your favorite movies

The ones who say the Transformers movies suck, but forget the 1st one was a good must-see-movie.

44 Those who think hating on something makes them a bigger fan of something else

You're allowed to dislike something, but it won't make you a better fan of anything else. Hating on Frozen won't make you a bigger fan of old school Disney (for an example). You can like both.

Daisy and Rosalina haters - yunafreya648

Daisy and Rosalina Haters. FNaF Haters. Undertale Haters. Sonic Haters. Mario Haters. - DCfnaf

45 Sesame Street haters

Why I hate Goatworlds.

46 Haters who call fans 3 year old fanboys

I hate haters who go up to random people and accuse them of being 5 year olds. I once posted a review on a game saying "...overall, the game was very fun and unique 9/10". The next thing I know someone has replied to me "You're just a little peice of **** 5 year old fanboy. Who likes this game it's stupid. I bet the developer didn't even do anything to make it."

This pretty much sums up FNaF and Undertale haters.

47 Microsoft haters who want Rareware to leave Microsoft and be re-bought by Nintendo

What a bunch of annoying, narrow-minded brats who can't accept changes that had to be made because of some legal issue. Xbox is a good console, too, so Nintendo is not the only one who creates good games and consoles for the gaming business. Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, their first/second party developers, third parties and all those indie developers... They're all good. So why complain about any of them not being what you want them to be?

P.S. Microsoft bought Rare back in 2002, which was 13 years ago so it should be nostalgic by now. And they did not ruin them, assuming that they're willing to rerelease their classic games on the new console a la Rare Replay. Just because Rare isn't part of Nintendo anymore, doesn't mean that they suck now.

48 4Kids haters

I have these people. They're just a bunch of anime fan brats who always hate on this company just for making anime for kids. I'm an anime fan, but still, 4kids doesn't care if their audience knows what anime is or not. They just want to entertain people. NOT EVERYONE IS AN ANIME FAN!

These brats were common in the old days back when the 4Kids actors were voicing Sonic characters (i.e. Sonic X). They're not even voicing Sonic and company anymore, so why complain? Heck, some of their shows, namely their video game-inspired anime series (i.e. Sonic X, Kirby, even F-Zero), were actually good.

49 Zootopia Haters
50 The ones that accuse anyone who likes something they hate of liking things nobody likes

Someone accused me of liking ISIS when ISIS is the worst people ever made. - njalabi63989

Like something I don't like? You must like Dora the Explorer, Foodfight, Barney, Adult Party Cartoon, Sanjay and Craig, one of those direct-to-DVD "cheapquels" from Disney, etc.

51 The ones who make "Things Haters Would Say To _______" and "Characters That Hate _______" lists

Rosalina haters - yunafreya648

52 Dog haters

How could anyone hate such a faithful, loyal animal? I understand they have their opinions, though, but... I don't agree with them. - Blight

53 Wendy Koopalings Haters
54 Nickelback Haters
55 People who play the jealousy card
56 The ones who say their videos are funnier, cooler, etc. than the one whose video is actually cool

Nigahiga, SkyDoesMinecraft, PewDiePie, and others get people like this all the time. Each one of those haters are never funnier or better than the one their hating on

Danisnotonfire is GOOD. So is Amazingphil. - FennikenFan9

Meanwhile they don't actually have videos. - DCfnaf

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57 Rocko's Modern Life haters
58 Pop haters

Anybody who hates Pop is so rude to the fans who do like it. They say that it's all about drugs. Have you heard Taylor Swift? Ariana Grande? One Republic? None of their songs are about drugs. And Adele is probably the best singer ever.

We have a right to hate bad music - bobbythebrony

59 Justin Bieber haters

JBL alert! JBL alert! Get the guns! Prepare the machines! PREPARE. FOR. WAR!

Wow... Just wow Nice troll! - Aguythatpeopleignores

The hate for JB is plain ridiculous. People keep saying he should die act as if they're the most perfect human beings ever.

Have you seen the about of "KIll JB" levels on Happy Wheels? They're getting out of control!

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60 Luigi Haters V 2 Comments
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