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1 Religious Nutjobs

You are allowed to believe what you wish, but when you try to impress your beliefs on others, then you may be a religious nutjob.

What about atheists or scientists who constantly rant about how "Stupid," anyone religious is.

I'm religious, not the psychotic and obsessed type of religious person, but I think that people who aren't atheist can be hypocritical when they don't realize that some of them do the same thing to the same extreme, but just with opposite points of view

I am a religious person, I guess I will leave it up to others to decide if I am a nut job. I know that I am annoyed when I hear about the "war on Christmas". If there is a war on Christmas, Christmas is kicking ass! I don't believe nativity scenes belong in public parks any more than statues of Buddha do. If you want a nativity scene at Christmas, put one up in your house or your yard, or go to your church. I firmly believe in separation of church and state. I feel my religion is strong enough where we don't have to force people into believing.

Religious people and those who exhibit extreme beliefs in dogmatic nonsense seem to have cornered the market on annoying. These types will quite literally walk up to a starving child in Africa and tell that child that they don't have food and clean water because they haven't prayed about it, manifested it or given it up to Jesus. It's ridiculous. Their beliefs are extremely problematic at best and downright harmful at worst. Religious dogma actually contributes to the loss of empathy, which is such an integral part of the human condition.

Stop trying to force your beliefs on me, goodness! - Jessicarabbit

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2 Stupid Spoiled Whiny Brats

Oh man... I know a few people like this. Their parents must treat them like royalty, because they start whining like mad if any adult tells them no. In elementary school, a kid once got into a school play just because he cried when he didn't get picked. I feel bad for the person who got kicked out because of him. Someone needs to tell these kids that you can't cry your way into life. - Daxflame

Hate these little kids so much! They are so spoiled and get away with anything! Once, a kid like that was over at my house, and I almost killed myself. He had no manners whatsoever and his mom bought him anything he wanted, even though he slapped his mom that day! And he's such a fatty, eating even my portion of food, and if I didn't allow him, he would cry and say to my mom or his mom, that I hurt him. I was doing a poster for a project for school one day, and he ran in the room stepping on it and stuff and he didn't even apologize. My project got all ripped-up because he ripped even more after I yelled at him. I wanted to just sock him in the stomach, but I knew that it would be all over once I hit him. After he left, the house was quieter than ever because his voice was just so annoying and loud. My mom then apologized and admitted herself that she would never allow him to come again. Sometimes, someone needs to slap the heck out of them so that they can realize that the world does ...more

They never learn to be quiet, and think the world is created just to bow under their command. You're upset with me, but you don't have to scream so much! I'm not going to change how I act just to please you. Muzzles should be reserved for these children, not loud dogs. The same could be said for cages.

I know a girl who gets whatever she wants by screaming and crying. She's like 9 and she already has a phone. I would love to punch her, but unfortunately that's frowned upon.

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3 Bullies

Worst people on earth! They are the reason why this world is getting worse! They are selfish and inconsiderate of other people's feelings..they don't feel bad when they are making fun of someone..instead they enjoy doing it! They love bringing people down! They are happy whenever they hurt people! They don't have idea how much they make people lives HORRIBLE..even idi they do..they will not give a damn! Most selfish people and really retarded! Someone should fix their minds!

Bullies are just insecure kids trying to get security from someone else's pain. They are mean and spiteful just for the sake of being mean and spiteful. They can ruin a kid's life, and they usually don't care.

Been bullied my whole life and I can honestly say that I'm not ok.. I'm full of rage and hatred and on more than 1 occasion been institutionalized for homicidal behavior towards others; my therapists have told me "i don't know how to help you" more than once
my point is - the effects that bullying has has very long lasting ripples throughout life. I'm 22 now and still struggle every day with post traumatic stress; I can't even go to a support group without having anger and flashbacks; so if you're a bully and you read this, I hope we never meet otherwise planets will collide... if you're a victim, keep your head high and fight with all the strength you've got (literally if need be); Bullies have no place in the world other than their own and they're miserable with no hope of making their lives any better in any way

Retards that have no friends in real life so they have to bully others...

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4 Politicians

They are given power and responsibility over an entire nation or even just a small community and most of them are full of themselves. They don't give a damn about other people. They are usually liars, users, corrupt individuals, thieves, and some are even murderers. So they are not only annoying, they are hated.

I disagree. Most politicians are in politics because they generally want to make the country a better place. They don't actually get paid that much (generally) and it's a lot of work to get that high in politics. They don't always do what's good for the individual but generally the country. Some politicians are bad, but I don't think all should be lumped into this. - IpodSwagger

I agree that politicians are annoying. However, I would say most of the people I know in elective office are public servants. Most don't have to line their pockets dishonestly, as there are many big businesses and organizations like the NRA that can do that for them legally. The office holders I admire are the ones who don't give in, and continue to represent public opinion. For instance, most Republicans still refuse to make stronger background checks on firearms despite all the violence in our country, and recently GOP lawmakers refused to bar those on the no-fly terrorist list from being able to buy guns, even though public opinion for these measures is over 90 percent. But it would mean defying the NRA and its campaign contributions, which are apparently more important to the Republicans.

I agree, because in my country the politicians are very annoying.

Depends on them. Some people don't deserve power, no matter whether or not they are elected. - Lucretia

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5 Liberals Liberals

Yes, as a liberal I have to take offense at this. We like to just be "correct", political or otherwise, and politically correct is just a catch phrase used by conservatives, usually when they want to offend someone. We don't have to distort the facts because they usually support us. Take climate change. You can believe whoever you want, but I choose to believe scientists, since they have done research on the subject. 97 percent of them say climate change is real. Conservatives meanwhile, chuckle and laugh at climate change every time it snows or gets cold. Conservatives are always putting down intelligent people like lawyers, actors, teachers, scientists, and basically anyone who can prove them wrong. We're more racist than conservatives? Our presidential front-runner isn't talking about banning Muslims or building walls to keep Mexicans out, that's YOUR guy, conservatives! And I am so sick of the NRA and all this "Obama's out to get your guns". How many guns has Obama taken away in ...more

You liberals destroy our nation... your policies suck as well, such as abortion, legalizing weed - 1337

Why are liberals higher on the list than nazis and communists? That in itself just goes to show how radical and hate filled people have become. Why do you hate us so much? You hate us because we believe in overwhelming scientific evidence rather than ancient mythology and corporate propaganda. You hate us because we don't want terrorists and loonatics getting their hands on dangerous weapons intended only to kill. You hate us because we support a woman's right to control her own body? You hate us because we think everyone should be able to marry whoever the hell they want. You hate us because we recognized that we live in a beautiful but flawed country rather than a utopian city on a hill. You hate us because we want a government large enough to actually get things done. You hate us because you refuse to pay your damn taxes once and a while! You hate us, in total, because we take a reasonable, open minded approach to the world while you continue to look at it through a keyhole. We are ...more

Conservatives are insecure about their idiotic views so they need to make fun of people with more intelligence. Conservative people are people with most money but least brains and liberals are people with least money and most brains in my experience. There are a lot of YouTube videos showing republican and conservative hypocrisy, arrogance and ignorance. - LemonComputer

You mean liberals like Jesus Christ? According to Webster's dictionary, liberals are free from bigotry and open to change. He certainly is not a conservative, as they resist change. Who tried to change the world more than Jesus? And sorry, but a conservative would never be crucified on a cross.

They support abortion, feminism, legalize drugs, they freak out if someone is a homophobe which is really not any of there business. And they also don’t see the big picture at all!

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6 Emo Kids

See, real emo people are fine, meaning: you actually have clinical depression, or you just have a really bad life. But if you have a mansion roof over your head, parents who love and spoil you, you are pretty, and have a hot boyfriend/girlfriend, there is absolutely no reason for you to cut. (unless you have clinical depression. ) Most people do it for attention and pity.

You shouldn't have a reason to cut yourself, even if you have depression. Hell, I have severe depression, and I mean SEVERE, but people who do this are likely posers who think it's cool to suffer the way we have. - MKBeast

Cutting for attention is just disgusting - AlLevine24

Not all demos are depressed and not all cut. Some of us are pretty happy.

Emo is not a subculture, it is a music genre. Just call yourselves people who pretend to be depressed. - 445956

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7 PETA Extremists

Everyone knows what they do. They falsely accuse Mario of animal abuse (Have they EVER played the game and learned of it? ). They get an entire religion upset because Johanna Krupa was buck naked in her "Be an Angel for Animals" poster. And they play dead on the land we proudly walk on nude. Worse, the nude protesters are in cages or bloody meat packages. The worst thing PETA's army of naked people can do to you is deface you in blood-colored paint, falsely accuse you of animal abuse and strip you buck naked by tearing your clothes. They also make us be vegan, which will ruin the economy because all restaurants serve meat foods. You do not need nudity to convince people about animal cruelty. They are also uncivilized, busting in certain restaurants in the nude and try to wreck it. They might be the reason a KFC restaurant in my city closed:those naked restaurant destroyers. We have rights to eat meat, PETA! You can't tell us what to do! We have common sense. The war against this group ...more

God. I knew they were bad, but this? I've never heard of this level of absolute stupidity! Thanks for giving me more of a reason to hate them. - MKBeast

PETA is quite possibly the most misguided organisation in western history. Their cause is a noble one, that can't be denied. But they go about promoting it in all the wrong ways.

They forgot, if they ever knew, rule one of being a non-profit organisation: don't alienate people to your cause. By doing those nude marches, by making those condescending video games, by actually ATTACKING people and buildings, all they're doing is making people look and say, "jesus, these people are insane, dangerous even". These forms of protest amount to one step foreward and twenty back.

What's more, their primary targets is making people vegetarian. This is simply unrealistic. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING, is going to turn the human race en masse vegetarian, except for complete extinction of all other animals on earth. Yet they pump so much time and money (i'm guessing that those comic series and video games were far from cheap) into achieving this goal, which they are about as close to as ...more - SquallAce

They aren't real animal lovers. Just look at them. They campaign against so-called pro animal cruelty video games like Pokemon of super Mario bros while there are a lot of stray pets out there.

The winter olympics started and they started hoeing around in the comment sections on instagram, Facebook, twitter pissing everyone off and they keep saying “BOYCOTT PYEONGCHANG 2018”. Wow I just wanna cuss them off. Seriously. They are doing a good job on pissing everyone off

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8 Extreme Feminists

They are huge hypocrites and what they call equality is really only female supremacy. Don't let them have too much power people! Since they became very prominent, watch how the birth rate has dropped and how many divorces are filed. - zam67

Oh no, are you annoyed that your rape jokes and sexism isn't ok anymore? Well then, better go back to the 17th century.

Jesus Christ, no group is more hypocritical than extreme feminists. Always whining and complaining about not having equal rights, except they forgot, in most developed countries: THEY DO! If they want gender equality (which I'm fine with, by the way) go to Libya or somewhere like that, where women don't have equal rights. Protesting for equal rights in a country that already has said rights is stupid. Also, saying men are the worst beings on earth is not only sexist and stupid, but also extremely hypocritical. These extreme feminists aren't feminists,they're merely man-haters. Also, it seems all media companies are sucking up to them, so these extreme feminists are just stupid, misguided, hypocritical women who ruin everything for stupid reasons

I'm a female and what women are trying to say is that they want to be able to do and have the same opportunities as men. We just don't get the same opportunities as men. When we do get opportunities it's stuff that doesn't show us in the best ways, such as Victoria Secret. I'm not saying women don't get opportunities at all. There are many female CEO's and business women, but they don't get paid as much as men. Extreme feminists are annoying, like the ones who are all like why can't we pay for our own meals? Be grateful that you don't have to spend money. But at the same time, girls are taught to keep their virginity and if you get pregnant, you're a disgrace. But how is it like when a guy gets a girl pregnant and leaves her? Not saying that all guys do that but still.

That's EXACTLY what we're trying to say. I'm not an extreme feminist, most of the time men are fine. (You know who's "not fine," right? It's nobody on TheTopTens.) - FennikenFan9

When the Kill all men hashtag circulated, why didn't the police do anything? - 445956

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9 Racists

This is perhaps the most ignorant post I have seen on this list so far. It is so sad. "Young black men, with a tiny minority acting as a glaring exception, do not have any goals other than to have an Escalade with spinners and to become wealthy from "rapping" and basketball. Otherwise, their idle lives consist entirely of smoking marijuana and "just chillin" when they aren't otherwise engaged in such things as "the knockout game" and lying to the mainstream media when one of them ends of up after attacking a police officer." Sounds like you read this out of a book of stereotypes. I am African American, but my uncle is a young black man who is a fan of rapping and basketball, but on the other hand, is a stockbroker who just bought his own $40,000 car WITH CASH. He has never smoked, drank, or had a criminal record whatsoever. You are perhaps the purest example of a racist I have ever seen. You should go sit down somewhere before you poison more ...more - xMagnoblade

"Racism" is such a trite, overused, politically-correct accusation that it has caused serious, unintended consequences. Law enforcement now report such ridiculous examples as people failing to report crimes for fear of being called "racist." Blacks are not whites with different skin, there are a whole plethora of differences in matters such as cognition, reasoning skills, ability to communicate and impulse control, in addition to organic physical differences in brain size, musculoskeletal composition, and neurological differences.

Political correctness and a desire to claim an equality that does not exist has resulted in a culture that literally fears giving "offense" when blacks commit the overwhelming majority of violent crime, and when they pose a threat to themselves, to others and to law enforcement.

Fortunately, the pendulum is swinging back, and more and more people are showing signs of fatigue from incessant claims of victimhood, ...more

The most trite and overused expression I know of is "politically correct". It's just a phrase conservatives drag out when they want to make a point but know they can't prove it. Seriously, you never hear liberals use the phrase. It's always conservatives saying that we use it. Racism is never correct in any way, shape, or form. I live in Minnesota where in just the past month we have had two very ugly racist incidents. In the first, a woman was speaking in a foreign language while eating at an Applebee's, when a white woman told her to speak English then smashed a glass bottle in her face. In the second, an Arabian-looking man was approached by a fan at his first ever Vikings game and asked if he was "one of them refugees". The Arabian-looking man had actually lived in Minneapolis for four years, and had been born in New York. Tell either of these people that racism is "trite" or "overused". Unfortunately, I'm afraid racism is alive and thriving.

Racists are stupid, no doubting that, but most of them are just sheep who worship Hitler or William Pierce like deities and make cringe-worthy posts or videos on the internet. In other words, they're just too pathetic to get upset about.

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10 Homophobes Homophobes

Why do they hate Homosexuals? They think it's something disgusting. You know what's disgusting? Your personality. Go and call beetle larvae disgusting, loving the same gender is ABSOLUTELY FINE YOU IDIOTS!

True, and even if I'm not Homosexual, I understand how it feels being mocked like that. - Frost182

I hate homophobes. That's all. I hate them. They are bullies and racists wrapped together as one. Who are they to judge whom others can and cannot love? They just really tick me off.

It fills me with rage when homophobes casually ask a gay person "well can you just...not be gay? " I mean come on, that's like going up to a Christian and asking them to foresake their religion, or going up to a black person and asking them to not be black, same goes with homosexuals, they can't just not be gay, and I hate when they say it's fine, as long as they don't kiss each other or anything like that, they shouldn't have to restrict themselves because you don't like it

I still don't see the reason for the Proud To Be videos. But whatever you identify as, it is who you are. So just live your life happily - 445956

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? Rude People
? Dog Lovers

And what in the world is wrong with loving dogs? Dogs are the best and everybody knows it.

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11 Inconsiderate People

These people to me are people don't consider anyone's opinion. They are just plain ignorant. I was once with a group of friends and we started talking about political issues, and separation of church and state. All of us agreed except this one girl who said she was confused because she said God did create us so why wouldn't we teach that. It wasn't that none of us beleived in God, it was just that we respected the fact that other people don't and we can't tell them what to believe. She kept arguing and eventually we just changed the subject. But I found this really annoyingly ignorant and inconsiderate. This person is a good friend but can be ignorant and hypocritical. She kept telling people during class to speak up even though she was completely quiet except her completely irrelevant interjections.

Take time to view things from another perspective; don't blind yourself with a one-dimensional opinion. - PositronWildhawk

The biggest example of inconsideration is in the USA, and I live there! They think that all Muslims are bad people, black people are getting special treatment, gay marriage is evil, and they can't even consider someone else's point of view. - MKBeast

True. I mean I live in the US and I know that good and bad does not depend on what religion, race, sexual orientation, etc but rather a person's personality but dear god there are so many people that I've met here that think that Africa is just all poor man's land when countries like South Africa are actually pretty ' wealthy. It's insane. - Anonymousxcxc

Yeah. They are rude, and annoy people who don't deserve it. They need to learn manners. - Lucretia

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12 Hypocrites

There's this girl who sat at my lunch table last year. She would always try to make me feel bad for eating meat and how it's animal abuse, when one day she was eating meat. I asked her why, and she replied, "because it tastes good." What? Are you serious?

"Don't eat meat" He says while eating a hamburger

"Oh my doge, are you eating meat?! You should never eat meat! It's cruel and animal abuse! " -he said, taking a bite out of a chicken sandwich- - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Boy: *drinks some Dr. Pepper with a side of fries.*
Girl: Don't eat and drink that! It's unhealthy *has chips and pizza (yes, pizza is unhealthy.) next to her.* - TeamRocket747

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13 Vegans

I respect the rational side of Vegans. But I don't like it when extreme Vegans have to shove it in everyone's faces that they're vegan. I enjoy most meats, I enjoy most dairy. I do love animals, and I don't like it when they're killed in an inhumane way, but I enjoy eating meat and dairy. Not that I lack empathy, it's just my diet choice. I just don't like it when Vegans shame people who eat meat and think that we're stupid that we don't know what goes on. It's just really unfair when the extreme Vegans are droning on and on about the poor animal has been tortured and killed. I respect their choice in diet, so when will they respect mine?

These people are extremely annoying. They don't eat anything with a face and they tell you what to eat and what not to eat, which I find really unfair.

I'm not against the types of vegans that just want to eat healthy. I'm against the ones that point out everything if you eat junk food.

I don't know. My mom is vegan, and she didn't do anything. I guess that's one person. - Puppytart

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14 Liars

I'm starting to think liars is a synonym for Obama haters. Seriously, you read any rant against our president on any of these websites and I don't think people even care if they're telling the truth. Unemployment has been cut in half under Obama and we have added jobs every month for the last six years, yet the haters still insist the economy is terrible. They'll say he has violated the constitution but never offer any proof of any instance where he has. Obama is a constitutional lawyer, and I think he would know better than anyone on this website whether he was violating the constitution or not. If I see a rant against Obama on any of these websites, I might read like the first sentence or two, but then I stop reading because I realize it's all lies and no one even seems to care.

When you know someone is lying and they skill keep it going... Ugh it annoys me so much!

It is both hilary and trump


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15 Thugs

I know a fake thug he be getting on my nerves, he used to be my cousin but I disowned him a long time ago, I mean I'm a girl and I'm tougher then him... He's so bald he looks like a corndog with eye brows, but one day he will learn his lesson

I live in a really ghetto neighborhood. Everything is vandalized and a lot of the kids on my block are just fake teenage school drop out wanna be thugs. Then they have the little kids who are just following their lead.

I'm accused of being a thug for wearing a hood all the time and listening to metal. I try not to be a thug and just be myself but people always accuse me of being one - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Rap sucks. You live in the ghetto and your a gang leader. Shut up, rock is king.

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16 Feminazis

I don't mind being for women's rights, but they are so annoying.

Feminazis suck

HEIL HIELTA! (i know a woman named hielta who is a feminazi and it sounds like Hitler)

17 Conservatives

I am a conservative and I am gonna answer all questions these Liberals have. I am not pro - choice because if you combined all the babies killed due to abortion, that number would be the biggest genocide in world history. To respond to the top comment I am not a homophobe because I like the transgender ban. Forty-one percent of the transgender persons in the United States attempt for suicide at least once in their life. I am not a racist because I am a "White Supremacist". I am not even White and I believe the It is okay to be white movement. I am not a feminist because there are literal biological differences between men and women and some things men do well and some things women do well. Like women are a little worse at sports because of there amount of testosterone in there body which is much less than the average man, and testosterone determines aggressiveness, muscles, energy, chest hair and a deeper voice. That is why women who take anabolic steroids have the same ...more

Ok, I am a conservative and I get branded as racist, a homophobe, and a terrorist. Thanks liberalism. First of all Trump's Transgender ban was reasonable because And I quote "Forty-one percent of the transgender persons in the United States attempt for suicide at least once in their life".Perfectly good transgender people are fine. The military pays for transgender surgeries and the military does not have to buy surgeries for transgender that are a lot to pay, and is wasting taxpayers money. I am not a racist because I like "White Supremacy", in fact I am not white. I am not a terrorist because I believe in the right to have guns. Guns do not just grow arms and legs and start killing people, as another user mentioned. People started killing people with bombs so the killing will never stop. Will you ban kitchen knives if people start killing each other with them? Comment if you have more questions, liberals.

Before I begin my rant, I would just like to say I am pro-choice, not homophobic or racist, a feminist, I don't believe in the death penalty, I believe in saving the environment, I believe no one should be permitted to bear arms and I encourage stem cell research. If any of the readers can't associate my political views with a definition, I am a liberal. Also, I know not every conservative is judgmental and disrespectful towards minorities, those who practice other religions or women. Donald Trump is the worse representation of a conservative humanly possible, and this message is targeted towards anyone who shares similar beliefs to him.

Conservatives piss me off to an extent. Not the actual conservatives, even though their viewpoint is an indication of a potential religious-nut or racist, but their ideology. How conservatives believe the government shouldn't separate church and state concerns me. They believe everyone practices Christianity, even though less than 50% of the ...more

I was agreeing with you until the no-guns part. How are we gonna protect ourselves? - MKBeast

Death penalty is deserved when you kill people.
Do you think someone who killed eight people should not get Death Penalty? Do you think El Chapo should not get death penalty? Ridiculous.

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18 Communists

Ahem... my school - 1337

The "Vanguard Party" alone is enough to turn me off. Not to mention the whole redistribution of wealth business...

19 People Who Don't Respect Opinions

Especially these top ten retards who get offended for everything. All of you twelve year olds need to grow the hell up.

I'm 12. You are being offensive to age. So many people associate 12 with lame or bad taste in music. It's wrong. - lovefrombadlands

Opinions are not facts - PeeledBanana

Go around the order of a political compass to find them.

Libtards in a nutshell - USGC

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20 Hipsters

The most unlikable and annoying people of all time, calling themselves "so differend and unique" every single second of the day when they are not bragging about their macbook.

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