Extreme Feminists


These aren't the old feminists, they are hypocrites who only want supremacy. You make a joke, sexist, Flirt, Sexual Harassment, disagree with them and Jesus Christ the result. 80% of female divorcees are feminists and not to mention they're huge hypocrites too. If a man is homophobic or racist, everyone hates them and they are charged, but if a woman gets charged for the same thing, they would be campaigning and protesting. Also, about men being paid more, it's because we work harder. Females were equal decades ago, now they just want supremacy(Which is never going to happen, ever)

All right so all the woman saying they need equal rights, consider this. If you truly got equal rights, legal and societal, you would:

Get hit back by men, and have to accept that no strangers will stick up for you unless your first assault was called for.

Get equal custody of children in divorce cases.

Either not be able to insult men without being shunned by everyone within earshot, or be insulted BY men with everyone within earshot either not caring or advocating it.

Be able to show your breasts in public.

Get paid a little more.

What they consider gender equality is (from what I've seen) female supremacy, promiscuity, laziness, and bigotry. They have equal rights. They've had it in America for almost a century now. They can vote, they can hold any job, and they can run for office. What more do you want? If you want equal rights, then you get all the right men get. If they're allowed to hit each other, they're allowed to hit you. Not saying you should, but if you ever catch a girl acting childish because they don't have equal rights, be sure to pinch them and tell them they do. - naFrovivuS

That's basically what me and my dad do whenever they say "Women need to be in more STEM jobs" over the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. - DreamWorks2005

Now as a male I 100% believe that men and women should have equal rights but come on, because some men treat you in one way doesn't mean all men are chauvinists, just because you have suffered injustice in your life doesn't mean you have to take it out on all men, and sometimes I wonder, is it really equality if I open a door or give my seat for a woman to be a gentleman? I mean I would do it anyway because it's right but let's just leave that for thought.

Should definitely be higher on the list. These types of feminists piss me off. They act like all men are horrible and they act like they're the only ones being disadvantaged. And fyi, domestic abuse does not only happen to women, it happens to men as well. At my school, they had this long discussion with some "important" woman and they were talking about domestic violence but not once did they ever bring up the fact that men were victims as well. I'm a girl by the way. I'm so sick of this.

Honestly, feminists are okay. They just want equality.
The people you hate are the ignorant teenage girls who have completely missed the point, and think feminism is about women being better than everyone else.
That's literally the opposite of what real feminists are trying to achieve.

So no, you don't hate feminists, you hate fourteen year old girls who have a Tumblr.

My god. I absolutely hate extreme feminists. They're not actually fighting for equal rights, but they're just crying for special privileges just because they have a vagina. As a girl, I am truly disgusted by the hypocrisy these people display. In my opinion, there's no need for feminism anymore. Why are people fighting for rights that they already have? - SmashPrincess

They get so worked up when it's a relatively innocent topic. I'm a feminist and a female myself, but can you please take a slight chill pill and not hyperventilate over it. School prompted debates over feminism are the worse where you can see some girls dramatize which makes me just want to actually cringe.

Actual quotes: "women are equal to men! " "All men are pigs! " That is the most retarded thing ever. Yes, women need equal rights, but don't shove it up my ass.

Apparently, it's okay to hit a man, but not a woman. That's unfair. And apparently, women can get into jobs just by their looks. Are women taking advantage of men? Jerks!

These fools are ruining everything they touch, such as the meaning of feminism, gaming, society, and I can name a whole lot more, but those are big examples. - MKBeast

I'm pro equality! Teach men not to rape! That's the sexist equivalent to saying teach blacks not to steal.

Feminists need to realize that all boys don't treat girls bad. I treat my female friends like I would treat my male friends.

I want equal rights for woman too, but when it gets to the point where its like : "Girls RULE" then it gets annoying

All gender are equal. Feminists mixing with Ancient Greece would be a nightmare.

I support feminism but I find it unfair that they preach about girl power when it's meant to be EQUALITY. It's even CALLED feminism.

Feminism is supposed to be about equality, not female superiority. They think everyone who has an XY chromosome is a rapist, and are calling everyone a misogynist when they're being a misandrist. They're way too easily offended, and when they see a model on a magazine cover, all hell breaks lose. - ethanmeinster

There are no need for feminists in the U.S. anymore, they're here to make things worse. - Therandom

Real feminists believe in equality. Extreme "feminists" are more like female supremacists. Also, extreme feminists only address the concerns of white, heterosexual, cisgender, middle/ upper-class women.

This sort of thing made sense maybe 100 years ago, or in the middle east, but in 21st century united states this is a non issue! These days women have just as much a chance to get into college as men do, so stop!

I am a girl but I hate girls who sway in church and snap at people and have no use whatsoever

They blame EVERYTHING on video games!

Since the pay gap was debunked your comment is kind of useless...

Ok girls, you want to be just as equal as men? Ok, well just know this, you're no longer allowed to use the "You can't hit me, I'm a girl" excuse, you will now be expected to work, just like men, and you can't use the gender excuse to avoid any problems that you run into, sorry, if you truly want equal rights you have to live like this

Some feminists aren't too bad, but a worryingly large proportion are just odious, brain-dead hyprocrites.