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181 Opportunists
182 Customers
183 Michael Jackson Fans

At least they're not like Directioners.

The most annoying type of person I have ever encountered. Apparently I'm a racist and hater if I do not agree on their stance.

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184 People Who Laugh at Their Own Jokes

It's really annoying, especially when no one is laughing. If everyone is laughing, it's ok to laugh.

I do this a lot...

It's ok to laugh at your joke. Just don't make a big deal and BE annoying. - LordDovahkiin

185 Evil Teachers

I'm allergic to nuts, but when ever someone would bring in a snack with nuts she would go crazy about how good it is.

You should let your teacher know that. Just because she didn't know doesn't make her evil. Even if she did know, her comment was probably more thoughtless than evil.

186 Overbearing People
187 People Who Think They're Fat When They're Not

I have a friend that is like that and I don't get it she knows she is skinny and boys keep telling her that she is so sexy and have a hot body is so annoying! And worse my crush likes her ugh!

Do you people know what an eating disorder is? Its not them trying to get pity and compliments from other people, it's a real issue. Telling them to shut up and stop being so stupid is like telling a person with cancer to stop being so sick.

That's why there's such thing as positive encouragement and if they have an eating disorder get them help and still be their friend. - Anonymousxcxc

Like anorexic people thinking they will get fat even if they barely eat. Well, it's similar. - LordDovahkiin

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188 Skanks
189 Bints
190 Skanky Stalkers
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192 Nintendo Haters

I know it's a very specific category, but these people are the main reason why I hate school. They're so ungrateful because Nintendo saved the industry! I'm 15 and I have loved Nintendo since I was 4, so it's really depressing to be judged by arrogant people who think they know everything about games when they only play one game!

Legend of Zelda + Pokemon +Mario would be the greatest thing ever. Oh wait, they made that! Get Super smash bros!

I hate Nintendo and guess what I have 512 games I can play at any time

I don't care what consoles people love or hate, but I do know for a fact I really like Nintendo. I don't care if people hate it, that's their opinion. It's only when they're rude about it.

Pokemon = The Best. - Lunala

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193 Way Too Clingy

When someone texts me everyday, several times a day, and I don't even know him/her, it can get to be really annoying. - Zeebs

194 Anime dislikers

I hate racists, homophobes, and anime haters

195 The Queue Cutter
196 Westaboos

Ugh now I know the names to those people. Well newsflash, the Western Culture isn't the best. There is no "the best" culture, but seriously while the Western Culture does have some pros it has some cons too same with any other culture, but what I don't like is when someone says that their culture is the best when it's not. And I think the definition of culture is a way of life. So technically if someone says that their culture is better then anyone else's then technically they're narcississt because they are basically saying that their life is the best and everyone else's sucks. I don't like that. - Anonymousxcxc

People who are obsessed with western culture and think who their culture is far better than other cultures examples they call Anime fans weaboos if they like Anime subbed or they call Anime fans nerds with no life

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197 Hygienists
198 Jehovah's Witnesses

Good gosh I mean I don't have anything against any actual religion themselves, but for once can I not see a religious comment on the internet everywhere I go. It's getting very annoying and repetitive. - Anonymousxcxc

I'm a Christian and I think it's annoying when jehovah's witnessess knock on my door they should be in the top ten


199 The Guy Who Is Friends With Everyone

I spent lots of time looking for what kind of annoying person my "best friend" is but nothing matches him he has lots of friends only because he forces people to be his friend I am a victim of that he also is a liar he but his is terrible at it when I catch him lying he tries to convince me it is not a lie for the rest of the day he tries to convince me he is not a liar by saying things like "I like it when liars die" and every where I go he is there waiting for me and when I am somewhere he is not his car pulls up and he gets out he also thinks he is the best person in the world and always wants to win at games so he will quit if he is about to lose and he is always saying dumb things like "did you know that dolls are alive and can kill you at any time? " that is all I'm going to put but there is more

Okay, so he is friends with everyone, so he annoys...who?

It sounds like this guy isn't friends with you.

200 Sci-Fi Haters
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