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181 Bosses

Some... only the bossy ones. - Lucretia

182 Lawyers

I've met a number of lawyers in my life, and about the only thing they have in common is that they are all intelligent, all have a great sense of humor, and all are generous, caring people...

Every one would be in jail if it weren't for lawyers and bad people wouldn't be locked up.

I know someone who is a lawyer. And he is not annoying he is pretty nice. And he is like every other person. Acts mature at his job but plays Battlefront when he gets home. I can relate.

They have to be tough... how else do they win? - Lucretia

183 Social Workers

Yes! They are nosy - Lucretia

184 Doctors

What? You need to be grateful for doctors! They keep you healthy and make sure that you are okay. Without a doctor (and parents) you most likely wouldn't be here! Sure they give you shots, but shots can toughen you up and make you stronger and well as healthier. If you think going to the doctor is scary, you're most likely a five-year-old.

They keep us healthy, he grateful, damn it

I haven't gotten fever in a LONG time because of a doctor. - 906389

Only the mean ones... - Lucretia

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185 Disc Jockeys

At least skrillex is not annoying

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186 Newspaper and Magazine Writers

They have to be nosy or else what do they print out, lies? - Lucretia

187 Reporters
188 Opportunists
189 Customers

Um, don't work where you have to deal with them then? - Lucretia

190 Michael Jackson Fans

At least they're not like Directioners.

The most annoying type of person I have ever encountered. Apparently I'm a racist and hater if I do not agree on their stance.

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191 People Who Laugh at Their Own Jokes

It's really annoying, especially when no one is laughing. If everyone is laughing, it's ok to laugh.

Yes. Especially rude jokes... - Lucretia

I do this a lot...

It's ok to laugh at your joke. Just don't make a big deal and BE annoying. - LordDovahkiin

192 Evil Teachers

I'm allergic to nuts, but when ever someone would bring in a snack with nuts she would go crazy about how good it is.

You should let your teacher know that. Just because she didn't know doesn't make her evil. Even if she did know, her comment was probably more thoughtless than evil.

193 Overbearing People
194 People Who Think They're Fat When They're Not

I have a friend that is like that and I don't get it she knows she is skinny and boys keep telling her that she is so sexy and have a hot body is so annoying! And worse my crush likes her ugh!

Do you people know what an eating disorder is? Its not them trying to get pity and compliments from other people, it's a real issue. Telling them to shut up and stop being so stupid is like telling a person with cancer to stop being so sick.

That's why there's such thing as positive encouragement and if they have an eating disorder get them help and still be their friend. - Anonymousxcxc

Like anorexic people thinking they will get fat even if they barely eat. Well, it's similar. - LordDovahkiin

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195 Skanks
196 Bints
197 Skanky Stalkers
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199 Nintendo Haters

I know it's a very specific category, but these people are the main reason why I hate school. They're so ungrateful because Nintendo saved the industry! I'm 15 and I have loved Nintendo since I was 4, so it's really depressing to be judged by arrogant people who think they know everything about games when they only play one game!

Legend of Zelda + Pokemon +Mario would be the greatest thing ever. Oh wait, they made that! Get Super smash bros!

I hate Nintendo and guess what I have 512 games I can play at any time

I don't care what consoles people love or hate, but I do know for a fact I really like Nintendo. I don't care if people hate it, that's their opinion. It's only when they're rude about it.

Pokemon = The Best. - Lunala

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200 Way Too Clingy

When someone texts me everyday, several times a day, and I don't even know him/her, it can get to be really annoying. - Zeebs

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