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201 People Who Hate Anime

It's my opinion. I hate anime.

To each their own. - MKBeast

Anime sucks.

Uh oh! WEABOO ALERT! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

202 Arrogant and Hypocritical Atheists

I don't think anyone who is arrogant and hypocritical is probably very nice to be around, regardless of their religious beliefs...

Really I'm constantly targeted for being an atheist and I'm not Evan vocal about it

These people are just like religious nutjobs constantly shoving atheism down others throats, just like the religious nutjobs shoving religion down others throats. - SapphireGrim

Take for example, atheists such as:
Peter Singer
De Sade
Karl Marx
Frederich Nietzsche
Joseph Stalin
All of which are arrogant.

203 Creepers
204 Agnostics
205 Neat Freaks

Teacher accidentally writes a "u" that looks like a "v".
There is always that one nitpicky scum of the earth who complains. One of my worst pet peeves are people who freak out over the smallest typos and mistakes and shove it in our faces until the teacher fixes it. - Lunala

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206 People Who Call Adult Dogs Pups

Am I the only person annoyed by this?!?!

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207 People Who Think Rape Is the Worst Thing Ever

Rape is horrible, but not the worst thing ever - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Rape is sick, not sexy

This reason right here is so offensive.

Mabye it isn't the worst but I think a RAPIST put this here.

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208 Bipolars

This is actually really offensive, seeing as how I have Bipolar. Bipolar is far beyond one's control, and it doesn't work like that. The stages of Bipolar can last for days, months, or even weeks. There is that manic phase, and the depressed phase.

Nobody needs someone in their life who is screaming at you while they enter the house, and say "bye, love you" as they leave, 5 minutes later

209 The Askers for Favors, who don't give you time to reply

"Hey, can you do me a favor? Can you take these bags downstairs for me, and grab my credit card on my bed? "

(but I didn't even get a chance to tell you "no, do it yourself")

210 People Who Think Rock/Metal is the Devil's Music

They are calling Harry Chapin Devil's Music? INEXCUSABLE!

My Nazi crackhead to reborn Christian neighbor is exactly like this. She used to make jokes about me being "dark", and calling me "dark forces" because I listen to classic rock.

211 Parents Who Let Their Kids Consume Inappropriate Media

In 5th grade, a kid in my class used to draw sexual things on white-boards, then erase it before the teacher could see, and also mentioned that she watches porn. Yikes! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

My cousin, who is only 4 years old, I'd already addicted to pornography and nobody gives a rat's ass. - IcetailofWishClan

Ugh! Good thing that never happened to me. - Anonymousxcxc

It's not even their fault. seriously though, why are they watching the Walking Dead and rated R movies?

212 Television Writers
213 Nicki Minaj Fangirls
214 Wiggers
215 People Who Fart in Public

How about people that act like a fart in public?

216 Porn Addicts Porn Addicts

I don't exactly understand why. Hey man, some of us can't help looking up your girlfriend online (MOM GET THE CAMERA). Seriously though, it's natural for a male to do this type of stuff (doesn't mean females don't like it). I can understand if that's all they do, but not everyone can help this type of stuff. - MKBeast

Marshall bone does it everyday

I'm more of an addict to porn stars. I love mia khalifa but not because of her videos, shes just an amazing person lmao

217 Sex Addicts

There are times when you just gotta catch a break. Sex is a healthy little activity, but don't go crazy about itm - MKBeast

218 Simpleminded People
219 Ghetto People

This is why racism is in the top 10. - MKBeast

220 CreepyPasta haters
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