Top Ten Most Annoying Types of People

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241 People Who Want Gun Control
242 Overprotective Boyfriends
243 Guilt Trippers
244 People Who Ship You with Someone Every Time You Talk to Someone Opposite Your Gender

Me: Oh hi, -insert name of someone opposite my gender-.
Annoying, boy-crazy friend: OoOoOo! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

245 People Who Shove Shippings Down Your Throat Every Second
246 People Who Tickle You All the Time
247 Disney Fans
248 Studio Ghibli Fans
249 Burglars
250 Basic white girls
251 Transphobes
252 Biphobes
253 Manchildren

Manchildren such as Chris-chan seriously need to grow up, or at least seek help. - drdevil

254 Socialites
255 Critics
256 Jesse Ridgway/McJuggerNuggets Fanboys
257 Afrocentrists
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