Top Ten Most Annoying Types of People

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241 Obama Supporters
242 Spoilers
243 Text Acronyms Users

TAU are always trying to fit in with the cool kids, or the ones who act cool for popularity and attention when they are really just a piece of crap who wants to better themselves.

If you're trying to text faster, no problem. However, it's a bit of a pet peeve when they use it in real life, especially when the acronyms have more syllables than the actual sentences, defeating the purpose.
By-the-way vs bee-tee-doubleyou. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Some abbreviated words are fine if they looked so obvious to be the word that it was supposed to be or the common abbreviations people used to use when texting, like 'u' = (you) 'r' = (are) 'tnx' = (thanks) and many more. It's so annoying for those people who use so much acronyms it makes the kids dumber and dumber these days like they use these all the time, forgetting about the right spelling of the words. And one more thing is that when you type acronyms like 'wyd' (what you doing) for like in an off topic or for an opening message, some people who doesn't use so much acronyms especially the older ones and the 'wyd' is not actually and usually being used when speaking orally, it will left them asking the acronym user what the hell does 'wyd' means or maybe not ask them because some people are too embarrassed to ask things like that that would made them looked stupid, so, they would waste their time thinking what does this mean or searching for this three words on the internet, ...more

244 Digimon Fanboys
245 Minion Haters

They're Evil

246 Abortion Supporters
247 Pop and Rap fans who make fun of people who listen to Rock and Metal V 1 Comment
248 Barney Fans
249 Siblings
250 Neighbors
251 People Who Hate Gays

I don't hate the person. I hate the person's choice. - LordDovahkiin

252 Westerners
253 People Who Want Gun Control
254 Overprotective Boyfriends
255 Guilt Trippers
256 People Who Ship You with Someone Every Time You Talk to Someone Opposite Your Gender

Or worse. They even might ship you wih a female character. (Such as Nicole) - BorisRule

Me: Oh hi, -insert name of someone opposite my gender-.
Annoying, boy-crazy friend: OoOoOo! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

257 People Who Shove Shippings Down Your Throat Every Second
258 People Who Tickle You All the Time
259 Disney Fans
260 Studio Ghibli Fans
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