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21 Juggalos

I honestly don't understand why everyone hates these people. Because they often throw wild parties and perform a lot of, ahem, acts? They aren't harming anyone, they aren't offending anyone, they're just there in their own little world. If anything, they are actually one of the better, more peaceful fanbases out there. Heck, I'd say people who hate this culture are actually much more rude and aggressive then people who enjoy it.

They're just having party like normal people do. What? If one of your friend are Juggalos and they invited you to their wild party, what's your choice? Sometimes, but not often, you might don't want to, but people often want to get to a party. I think it's a serious people who hated Juggalos so much, like... they are so-called-logic and is anti-social (Not mocking anti-social). - Frost182

Are you kidding? Juggalos are actually fairly nice people.

What is a juggalo?

In a

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22 Self Centered People

Mainly the ones that are constantly talking to you about crap you don't want to hear and then don't even care if try to say anything.

Narcissists and hypocrites are the people I can't stand

I am somewhat selfish and I agree, I can be annoying.

A kid I know, whose name is Jayci, she is horrid, she is at my school

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23 Homosexuals

Ugh, why do homophobes have to be everywhere? Why can't they just stop being pieces of trash and start being decent human beings.

Oh god I just realized you said homophobes and not homosexuals I didn't mean to dislike I swear I'm not a homophobe I'm bi - Mindblownpro

It scares me a bit that Homosexuals are this high, and Homophobes are in last place. - CreamOfConnor

My pastor has said in our church that homosexuality is a sin, and that may be what the Bible says. But then how are homosexuals supposed to live their lives? Does the church expect them to live their whole lives without love? I am heterosexual myself, but I believe homosexuals are born homosexual because I don't know why anyone would choose to take the crap they have to take. And if people are homosexual from birth, isn't that the way God made them?

No. This is stupid, there's nothing wrong with being homosexual. - Puppytart

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24 Wannabes

Ugh, I can't stand them. They think they're so cool and tough by swearing and listening to horrible rap music

People who listen to rap. They want to be cool. They can't play guitar so they just take up the only instrument that comes to mind. Computer.

Nicki Minaj Fangirls In A Nutshell

LemonComputer is right. I love rap, GOOD rap, and you accuse me of trying to be cool? I play recorder and piano, too. How about you emo kids, huh? Metalheads. Slow talking, dreary voice, some electric sound. Maybe a violin, for all it sounds like to me. Then you try to act all cool. Not all of you. But hey. How would you feel if I said, flat out, "you just listen to rock and metal because u think it's so cool and makes you tough"? You're the wannabes here. Also, I'm one of the smartest kids in my grade.

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25 Politically Correct People

People who use the term, more like. People only use 'You're PC' in an attempt to prove a point that they can't prove. It makes conservative and republican people look more idiotic. - LemonComputer


All Ways

26 Braggers

Okay, I know that confidence is a "great" thing and all and I never had a problem with braggarts... until I met this kid. Sure, that kid seemed to be all nicely-nice but there wasn't one hour where she wasn't bragging. For an example, when the teacher says something like "You guys never read in your free time! " she'll be like, "But Mrs. So-and-so I always read every single day! " in a really loud and annoying voice. It's especially annoying when you're in a bad mood and then a bragger has to say something completely extraordinary about themselves. I was taught to not be a hater but these are the most annoying people. They are the definition of annoying.

So annoying, most times the reason why people brag is because they're really insecure and need constant boosts and compliments from others. Another annoying one is relationship braggers, likely their relationship is bad and they know it bit they want to give off the impression to others that their relationship is great, when it really isn't.

Reminds me of rainbow dash.

There's a huge difference between confidence and constantly rubbing in people's faces that you're the best when you're really not, Kanye West!

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27 Social Justice Warriors

These bunch of insecure snowflakes are easily offended by just about everything and will always somehow find some stupid reason for it. You name it.

So many of them need to chill out. A lot of the stuff some of them say isn't even remotely valid. - drdevil

Don't even get me started about those people...

Tried to get someone to commit suicide over Steven Universe - Lunala

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28 People Who Record Their Every Move On Facebook and Twitter

I follow my friend's dad on Twitter because he lets his son (my friend) post on his account because he doesn't trust him or something, I don't really know. Anyways, I was on Twitter one day and the first thing is a video of my friend brushing his teeth. I DON'T NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING, DUDE! And if that's not proof enough, every Wednesday he goes to football practice and always films himself doing it. That may not seem that bad, but the reason he takes the videos is to prove that he's better than me. THAT'S WHAT THE flippin' DESCRIPTION SAID! He's no longer my friend. - AllAboutLists

I'm a teen and I don't even have Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or anything! But I do admit that It's annoying... I'll be with my friend hanging out, and all she does is go on social media websites while were watching a movie... We don't even talk when I sleep over!

I could log onto Facebook right now and give you a 50 page biography of my friends.

Only social media I'm allowed is facebook. I don't like it. People take pictures of their food. WOW. - Lunala

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29 People Who Think They're Cool

My little sister likes to act like she's so cool, but it's just really annoying. She's like, "Oh yeah, I got cut on a rock and I'm bleeding. Meh. No biggie, I can handle it."?!?!?! YOU ARE BLEEDING! YOU COULD HAVE AN INFECTION! DON'T ACT LIKE YOU'RE SO COOL FOR IT! In my opinion, someone truly "cool" wouldn't get cut trying to run up a steep hill in flip flops at night; I think that's kind of dumb, but that's just me. And if they did, they would at least put on a band-aid.

Or she'll try to act like she knows anything about "cool" stuff (aka rated R material. ) Which, being nine, she of course doesn't. It's so annoying when someone says balls in a sentence like, "pass me the tennis balls", and she smirks like she's so cool and says, "You know, I have a very dirty mind, and you know what I thought of? " NOBODY CARES. And most people don't honestly think that's cool. My idea of cool would be someone who travels around the world ...more - pandagirl

Can't stand this. I'm not cool, and I know it. All my friends are a bunch of crazies. And then, there's always on kid from my class, not gonna mention names, who tries to hang out with them popular kids (who I can't stand but feel bad that they got a stalker chasing them 24/7), even though he's super creepy and freaky. Really annoying kid to. Cries over everything, right in class... And don't take what I say and make it like I'm vain. I'd like to say I'm very sorry, but it's true.

A group of kids at my school always go outside and just hang around the basketball court. The girls in the group gossip. The boys in the group act tough. I walk by them, and I can't tell you how many times I heard a cuss word come out of their mouth (can't act like it's okay, I can't stand cussing). They're ALWAYS violating the dress code. The guys wear incredibly baggy clothing, and the girls wear incredibly exposing clothing (I'm talking tops that are practically bras and shorts that are practically panties, THAT'S HOW EXPOSING THEY ARE). I will never be a part of that group. - naFrovivuS

People at my school, when we are walking home in the snow, they say "You guys are slow! 1! 1! 1 It's hot out bruh! 1! 1" And they wear jackets and short pants trying to act like they're hot. what? - Puppytart

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30 Sports Fanatics

Or the other annoying side of this group, the fitness nuts, look, I agree that physical fitness can be a good thing and if you genuinely get enjoyment out of it, that's fine, go for it, but stop trying to force it on everyone, it's not the only way to live, in fact, if everyone did live like that the world would be a boring as hell place, I live in a big family and everyone except me, my brother, step brother, step sister, and maybe my dad and stepmom, are totally obsessed with fitness. In fact, I've pretty much made up a name for them when it comes to what they eat, The Food Nazis, It also annoys me how they think that just because they're so physically fit they're invincible, which is totally untrue, everyone gets sick or injured every now and then no matter how healthy or unhealthy they live, you could be the most buff, healthy person in the entire world and still possibly have a short life span, it's called dying by natural causes, such as car crashes, getting murdered and many ...more

They're everywhere

Also known as EVERYONE IN THE U.S.

That’s right, I voted sports fanatics over religious nut jobs

31 Anti-Westerners

Yeah! Not all of us are bad. - Anonymousxcxc

By yeah I mean that I dislike anti-Westerner people and am noting that not all Western people are bad. (Yeah I ruined the previous comment) - Anonymousxcxc

"ughh western society is horrible! " you would be killed for believing in no god/different god if you were in a different society?


I don't try to defend the USA etc.
But I have to say these Anti-Westerners are VERY ANNOYING!
I know a guy who is a Western hater and one time we spoke about cars and he said I never buy U.S cars because they aren't cool or when we speak about politics than every time he says NATO USA UK etc. Are bad!

I recpect their opinions but if they hate NATO USA UK etc. than they should shut up and keep it by theirselves - METABOLICA

32 Narcissists

The "wannabe" narcissists. I really cannot abide those who rate themselves so highly. - Britgirl

And with our luck both of our presidential candidates fall into this category.

Self centered Leos in a nutshell. They want to be better than everyone else. Please stop this...-Vestalis

I love how my hair always looks so perfect! When other people see my hair I think they are jealous because it's so shiny and long and theirs is dull and short. I mean, like I always pick the best products while they are so poor they buy like the cheap junk from the dollar tree, I truly am awesome!
- every narcissit I have ever met - Lucretia

33 Druggies That Suck Off of Welfare

Especially the ones in America! Yesterday I went to see if I would qualify for braces, and the dentist said I didn't. They can pay for druggies but they can't pay for dental care for kids?! - Pikachulover1

These people take taxpayer's hard earned money. If you want a nice house, you have to work for it. Want to go to college? Get off your ass and get a job to pay for it. Want an expensive car? GET A JOB! PAY FOR IT. We shouldn't have to. - SmashPrincess

Yes. Welfare isn't for the lazy people who expect hard working middle class's money they don't deserve to be used on them because they are black or something and they don't have a job. - Lucretia

I love that there's a safety net for workers, but people tend to abuse this. - MKBeast

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34 Overrated Singers

Justin Bieber, One Direction etc are terrible!

Yes, finally someone who understands I'm tired of people treating them like they are music gods, and I am also tired people saying they are the new kings of pop their is only one king of pop people... THE ONE AND ONLY KING OF POP Michael JACKSON.

Beyonce is stupid and so is Beiber and Miley Cyrus. And many others

SHEERAN - GrapeJuiceK

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35 Fake Bitches

They try to hard you don't have to like everything I like

One day they like you, the next day their just mean to you.

Meanwhile in California... - SirSkeletorThe3rd

like tye

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36 Westboro Baptists

They are not real Christians. Preaching hate is not what Jesus would do.

These people are just plain evil. - SapphireGrim

By a wide margin, the two words used most by Jesus were "love" and "peace".

Ah, Westboro baptists. People who took homophobia and turned it into a religion.

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37 Kids

Ugh! Don't blame kids, blame what kind of crappy parenting some of them are being exposed to and what channels like Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network have on that's inappropriate (99.99 repeating% of their shows). It's not their fault, it's whoever raises the certain bratty kid, it's not all children, but some though it's sickening how the number of spoiled brat kids in the population are growing. I'm still technically a child (age 13), but I have great parents who actually are parents who discipline their children and I'm not a spoiled brat so this part of the list offends me. Attention to parents of children who act like brats and don't do anything about it: DO YOUR JOB AND DISCIPLINE YOUR KID AND STOP SUCCUMBING TO THEM, YOU'RE OLDER THAN THEM. - Anonymousxcxc

Shut the hell up, Dude, My 7 year old sister knows Division, Multiplication, etc, Plays a lot of games and never rages, Quiet and Funny, really Nice, and is NOT fooled easily.

Some kids can be irritating (I know quite a lot of them), but a lot of kids have done really cool things, and are really nice. You can't judge someone by their age. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Imagine a 8 year old who watches Breadwinners, Teen titans go and Sanjay and craig and on Youtube he has subbed to DanTDM and Pinksheep and is a Jake Pauler who always gets his way. He screams “HATER ALERT! ” Whenever someone bashes something he likes. And he squeals “HACKER! ” When he dies in a video game.

A lot of kids (both sexes) are like that these days because irresponsible parents. - Lunala

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38 Party Parents

These parents are the reasons that kids grow up to be drunks and spoiled hipsters who aren't satisfied with anything

These parents don't even have dinner with their child, do literally ANYTHING with them, and not even talk to them. It makes me so flippin' angry. - AllAboutLists

39 Progressives

I lean left politically and I would have to say that I often agree. Certainly not all progressives, but many insist that their political candidates be perfect. Bernie Sanders supporters are really great for the most part, but some are just so down on Hillary. I agree she is unquestionably to the right of Sanders, but if she gets the nomination, I feel anybody who is a sincere supporter of Bernie should have no problems voting for Hillary, and vice versa. As John Fugelsang (who is a Sanders backer) says, "Someone you agree with 60 percent of the time is far better than someone you agree with 0 percent of the time". The next president will make at least two appointments to the Supreme Court, and that alone is enough reason to get out and vote.

Pretty sure if Anonymous calls her out as a liar, I wouldn't trust her, either. - MKBeast

40 Pedophiles

Poor kids...they didn't even get any candy!

Me and my friend were always messing around and calling each other 'pedo bear' until I realised how big an issue this is. It's messed up to be sexually attracted to kids.

My Language Arts teacher when she was little, was going trick or treating once, and a pedophile followed her. True story. - TeamRocket747

Why is this so low what? These are one of the most disgusting people - Puppytart

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