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61 People Who Add Justin Bieber to Every TheTopTens List

It does get a little tiring seeing the same people on every hate list. I hate to say it but besides Bieber, the most hated people are usually blacks and women.

Hey! trump should be!

To whoever keeps putting Justin Bieber on every list -

I hate Justin Bieber but please, it's getting old. - Lunala

62 Pessimists

I'd like to make an entry here, but I doubt anyone will like it.

63 Sexists

Horrible People

Aka democrats

By the way, girls can be sexist too. not every guy wants to have sex with everything we see.

64 Jealous Hypocrites

I think it is annoying when someone is being hypocritical. That said, I believe as long as we're all human, we're probably hypocritical about something.

"I hate people who copy tests" says the test copier.


Enough said

65 People who claim that they have issues but they actually have a perfect life

Wow, yes. There's a kid in my class who has a roof over her head, a loving family, a good education, and so many other great things, and yet still thinks her life sucks because she's not amazing at every single talent on the face of the Earth. She's better than me at soccer, but rants that she's not just for attention. At recess, tagged while playing Tag? Leaves the game. She also rants that she's not good at art (when she's actually pretty great at it), but she's never tried drawing in more than one art style. She thinks she's some dark, bloodthirsty monster just because she has a trace of Anger Issues (I have slightly worse Anger Issues than her, anyway). I take her under my wing as a friend, and sympathize, but seriously, if you have minor problems, find a way to deal with it; there are people with actual troubles, you know! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

So true new a girl who was so poor she had to share a bed with three people she was always happy. Knew a girl who was spoiled by her dad was always crying in class. - Lkjh

I hate these people. They claim that they're bipolar, suicidal, or suffers from unstable personality disorder(and etc), but It turns out they have perfect lives! And most of them do It for attention! Do they have any idea how It feels to suffer those? I know, It's just from naivety or wanting for attention,but It's malingering and their actions may offend those who actually suffer these - MLPFan

Ahh so true

66 People Who Talk In Class Way Too Much

This is 95% of my grade mates. Not all of them, but for most of them they're so dang loud and talk so much that it's actually really rude. Plus all of my teachers hate that too, and no I'm not trying to insult my grade. But seriously like shut the hell up. - Anonymousxcxc

I mean just shut the hell up talk to the person during lunch

My annoying friend does this and I have to scream at him so I GET IN TROUBLE.

Nobody likes a douche bag - abc126

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67 People Who Treat Autistic People Like Idiots

I'm autistic and have grades in the A range of classrooms, function like a normal person (at least I don't need some special needs thing and can tell what is and isn't reality), AND I talk normally in full sentences. So yeah I hate those people. - Anonymousxcxc

Most people who hate autistic people are cowards who rely on their friends to bully one autistic person. I'd love to see one actually say how they feel about me to my face, instead of whispering to their fellow pussies.

People with autism are just as intelligent (maybe even more, in some cases) as people without. Jerks bully them because they have autism, but they different from people without. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Most Autistic people are geniuses. So stop making fun of them and saying they are dumb because you're the one being dumb here

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68 Know-it-alls

These are the ones I despise! Especially the kids who I think are too young to even boast their intelligence!

Intelligence doesn't have an age limit, you know. Someone graduated college at the age of 9. - MKBeast

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69 Police

As is often the case, it seems police only get publicity when they're bad cops. There are an overwhelming number of good cops, too.

The most nosiest people in history. I only want them if it's an real emergency. That's when they can make it their buissness.

Police aren't so bad, but that doesn't change the fact that their human too.
If you can be a criminal, so can the police in secret.

You can become a cop...

Always sticking their noses in other people's businesses. Uhh hello. Did I pickup the phone and dial 911 yet?

70 Leeches Leeches Leeches are segmented worms that belong to the phylum Annelida and comprise the subclass Hirudinea. Like the oligochaetes, such as earthworms, leeches share a clitellum and are hermaphrodites.

Just have to hate those parasites. - MKBeast

The lowest forms of Humans I've ever seen.

They aren't people u know - GriffinDoge

I'm looking at YOU, (Name of girl who wanted to use my stationary every 5 seconds last year cus she was too lazy to bring her own). - Lunala

71 Rednecks

Not everyone down south are rednecks, the true rednecks are the ones who live in a dumpy trailer and spend their free time inbreeding, drinking beer, and watching NASCAR

Hey... that's kind of insulting. I live in Georgia and not everyone is a redneck.

Say "yall" again. I DARE you. Learn to speak proper English and quit hating on city folks!

Yes, dumb racists with your stupid confederate flags.

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72 Smokers

Smokers should quit because it ruins my image of those people no matte how nice they are.

I love smoking pot.

73 Beliebers

This should be SO high on this list because he is SO OVERRATED!

Diagnosed with Beiber fever. I feel bad for these people.

How can anyone love such an awful singer?

Girly girls have no taste.

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74 Teachers

I have two brothers who are teachers and they are both cool people. Seeing as how most of the people voting on these sites are much younger than me, I can get the point.

This should be way higher on the list; when I was younger one teacher in particular always told me to "get a life."

They aren't paid enough to deal with your crap. Get over it. - MKBeast

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75 The Annoying Crybabies

My brother who always cries. I have to clean up the whole house with my sister and he's just playing video games on his phone. When he loses, he is so annoying.

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76 Trump Supporters

I'm tired of people making big deals about very small things Trump does! Hillary Clinton lied to America multiple times but I see nobody getting mad at her about that - DoroExploro13

Trump is a very mean, racist, sexist man he does not deserve to be president

He's a racist man who will do nothing but start wars. He doesn't deserved to be president especially since he was most likely banned in the UK.

I hate Trump, he is racist and ugly. He looks like a bird pooped on his head. He looks like Gumshoos and Yungoos pokemon. - Lunala

77 Dumbasses

Also known as the people who say stupid reasons to hate metal

Also known as Directioners.

Everyone who can't read and is in 8th grade. Legit half my grade cannot read the word "discombobulation"

Also known as Weaboos - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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78 Chavs

Chav's aren't annoying in the least. They're put on this Earth for normal people to have a jolly old laugh at. Know what I mean though, innit blud? - Britgirl

79 Overly Sensitive People

These are those who take jokes so seriously even it's too overt that the joke is literally a joke, or even you just said something a little off and then they would react so badly like they would be depressed as hell, kill themselves, backstab you, having so much hatred etc.

And what is wrong with being overly sensitive?

Learn to take a joke

80 Perverted People

There's a pervert at my school who is SO ANNOYING. I had to sit next to him once, and he described in-depth his lucid dream about... you know... with the other star of the dream TWO METERS AWAY. !?! He would spend the whole period making sex jokes, some of which just made no sense. Once someone mentioned milk, and he turned to me and started staring at my chest. Worst day to wear a v-neck. The worst part is, we had to do a play of Romeo and Juliet, each period getting one act to perform (Stupidest play layout ever, I must say. ) We got the balcony scene, and guess who were the "lucky" stars of the show? Us. We got to watch a video of the whole play, but one girl was upset by the swordfight, so she and the teacher walked out of the room. Big mistake, because our act was next. The balcony scene came, and it had a five minute part of JUST SEX. He was staring half at me, half at the screen the whole time. I never heard the end of it, especially after he confessed to another ...more

There's one at my school named Keith, he's not exactly a pervert but he is a bit creepy. I (unfortunately) sit next to him in math class but (fortanutely) that's the only class I have with him. There is this really creepy rapist face he made before though. While I was doing my work once, he tapped my shoulder and said "Hey Madeleine is this face creepy? " It was. The kind of face to appear in my nightmares. He stared at a few girls before until they told him to stop. I caught him staring at me in the corner of my eye a couple days ago. He's always looking at girls and he even followed a couple (thank god I'm not one of them). I don't like him, he's weird and extremely unattractive and if I could switch seats in math class I would in a heart beat. He always tries to talk to me but I usually ignore him by continuing to work or looking at a conversation happening somewhere else in the room.

There ware so many of them at my school... They are a combo of perverts and just plan inappropriate and annoying, At lunch, they throw food at the girls, use uber dirty language and they say really gross things like "Do you like in and out? " It was really gross cause he was making like an in and out thing like.. In an inappropriate way. They also cuss at you in different languages. Also they are rude to teachers. They alsodo the thing where they hold up two fingers and lick between them, eww. They also make a licking face at girls... So pervy...

Too many of them at my school. At lunch, hotdogs were served, and a group of creepy boys were.. um.. putting their mouths over the lunch foods and singing disgusting songs. Also, a weirdo in my class stared at my chest for like 3 full minutes. I told him to derp off, but he lingered around. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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