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101 Anti-Isrealis

You spelt it wrong. - MKBeast

What is an Isrealis?

102 The Food Taster
103 Very Non-Religious People

How is this anoying as long as they are not telling you your god is false there ok

What, so we all have to follow your religion? - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Is this even a top ten list anymore

This includes:
Sacreligious people
Militant anti-theists

104 The Dumb Actor V 1 Comment
105 People who accuse you of racism just for saying "black" or "white" in colour context

I hate these people. My brother says I'm racist because I like Pokemon Red more than Pokemon Blue.

I got in big trouble at school because some one said I was racist because I said the word "black" - GriffinDoge

I mean liberals?

Boy who sits behind me in class:What's you favorite color?
Boy who sit behind me in class:AWW YOU RACIST!

V 5 Comments
106 People Who Call Others Gay to Insult Them

They have nothing Else to say and it's a natural thing (i'm not gay by the way)

Gay isn't an insult anymore so you can shut up and think of something else to insult people.

Worst insult of the 21st century, it's right next to the other atrocious excuse for an insult known as "noob"

107 People Who Chew With Their Mouth Open

Like Dora The Stupid Explorer

I laughed my ass off when I saw this on this list.
I don't know why. - LordOfTheOnionRings

108 Clinton Supporters V 3 Comments
109 People Who Think They're Funny

I absolutely hate this! My friends at school go around saying stuff like "Just do it", "John Cena", "420 NOSCOPE", etc. I'm glad I have friends who don't do that. - AllAboutLists

110 Stalkers

Creepy full stop. They stare at you all day to find out what you do everyday. It pisses the almighty crap out of me. - ArpstaAmy333

111 Southerners

You idiots don't get it. Southerners can be good people. We just get a bad rep for the bigoted Nazis who think they're cowboys. - MKBeast

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112 Journalists

If you're famous or part of a story, they invade your personal space and exadurate everything in their stories.

113 West Coast People

Well, that means you hate about 55 million people. And that's not even counting Central or South America, or British Columbia...

The one west person that know is uncle Paul why because he is from California crazy person racist man._.

I live on the west coast (in the USA) does that make me a bad person? - RockFashionista

Hey... I live on the west coast! In Washington state.

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114 Millionaires

They're only annoying if they brag about their money

They are only annoying if they talk about their wealth all the time. I have a few friends that are very rich but they hardly ever mention their money.

Depends on what they do with their millions. Some, like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, are actually pretty cool...

115 Posers

Especially wannabe punks and hippies, they go around labeling themselves and don't even realize that the origins were a protest against the Veitnemese war, and make fools of themselves and don't acknowledge the fact that in the time, especially the punks actually died trying to protest, yet they think that shopping at hot topic and listening to Avril Lavigne and Simple Plan makes them just as badass

Fake punk rock fans who like Avril Lavigne and and My Chemical Romance. Also people who try to be cool, when there is no definition of cool.

The worst people I've ever met. They act like they're cool and smug, while in reality they're f--king annoying. - SwagFlicks

The worst kinds of posers are the ones who pose as military veterans

116 Bubsy Fans V 3 Comments
117 12-14 Year Olds

Oh yeah, just like 40-100 year olds. And 0-11 year olds. And 15-39 year olds. Not all 13 year olds like Lil Wayne, we like actual good music. Not all 7 year olds play Call of Duty 24/7. Not every teenager smokes, drinks, and has sex. Not all 60 year olds are stuck up.

As a 14 year old, I find this offensive. - 906389

I'm 13/14 years old. It's just an opinion so I don't really care, but still a little crude. - Lunala

And now I'm 15, so I'm no longer in that category.

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118 Snitches

Yes! These people are the worst. Snitch on you for everything. You can't do a single thing around them


119 Pretentious People
120 Paparazzi

I don't know why some people care about extremely rich people. I only care if they do extraordinary things. For example, if someone is doing ground breaking research, or got famous for being an amazing singer/dancer/actor, etc. did something heroic or discovered/ invented something important or is positively impacting the world. I hate it how stupid people are getting famous just because they have a big ass or big lips. People are getting famous for dumb reasons and those who DO deserve spotlight seldom get it. The paparazzi just follow whoever's hot around. It breaks my heart how many people with incredible talent are being overshadowed by people who only got their fame from looks alone. - SmashPrincess

Why on Earth does anyone care about the lives of a few rich people on the other side of the country? Are they doing world-saving scientific research? Are they trying to make peace in the Middle East? No! And yet some people stalk them, assault them, and try to literally get every bit of their mundane lives. Why?

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