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121 12-14 Year Olds

Oh yeah, just like 40-100 year olds. And 0-11 year olds. And 15-39 year olds. Not all 13 year olds like Lil Wayne, we like actual good music. Not all 7 year olds play Call of Duty 24/7. Not every teenager smokes, drinks, and has sex. Not all 60 year olds are stuck up.

As a 14 year old, I find this offensive. - 906389

I'm 13/14 years old. It's just an opinion so I don't really care, but still a little crude. - Lunala

Please note that not all 12-14YO are annoying. - LordDovahkiin

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122 Anti-Bronies

No doubt this was posted by a Bronie.

I guaruntee that a Brony added this to the list. - Anonymousxcxc

Bronie alert!

I hate MLP, but I laughed at this one. - IcetailofWishClan

123 Snitches

Yes! These people are the worst. Snitch on you for everything. You can't do a single thing around them


124 Pretentious People
125 Paparazzi

I don't know why some people care about extremely rich people. I only care if they do extraordinary things. For example, if someone is doing ground breaking research, or got famous for being an amazing singer/dancer/actor, etc. did something heroic or discovered/ invented something important or is positively impacting the world. I hate it how stupid people are getting famous just because they have a big ass or big lips. People are getting famous for dumb reasons and those who DO deserve spotlight seldom get it. The paparazzi just follow whoever's hot around. It breaks my heart how many people with incredible talent are being overshadowed by people who only got their fame from looks alone. - SmashPrincess

Why on Earth does anyone care about the lives of a few rich people on the other side of the country? Are they doing world-saving scientific research? Are they trying to make peace in the Middle East? No! And yet some people stalk them, assault them, and try to literally get every bit of their mundane lives. Why?

126 People Who Make a Big Deal About Everything

Like all those people putting comments on this list?

Everyone's parents should be the actual name

127 Europeans

They always like to blame Americans for everything even though they use American stuff, and one more thing, they like BASKETBALL, which is a Canadian-American sport. Lol

At least we are really living in free countries. You Americans think that you're living in a free country and you don't. You even don't have a proper Healthcare system.

At least we can defend ourselves by owning guns. Unlike England. - LordDovahkiin

Not all of them are like that! - BorisRule

Ok guy who said "You don't have a free healthcare system" at least we aren't getting assraped by Muslims.

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128 Rapists

Rapists are the scum of earth.

You sicko. Hope your joking

Nothings wrong with being a rapist!

Are you kidding? You're either a creep or have a twisted sense of humor. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

129 Morons
130 Anti-Fascists

Hypocrites who say they are against intolerance attack conservatives for having different opinions - DoroExploro13

They are violent and act as fascists themselves

131 NFL Boycotters

They distract from the sport and push their politics into others' enjoyment

132 White Trash
133 Overly Perky People
134 Leftists

Now that's just hand-ist

I know, we annoy you because we're right so often...

135 Celebrities

How can you say all celebrities are annoying? That would mean you find every actor in Hollywood, every comedian, every political figure, every newscaster, every member of every pro sports team, every musician, every villain, every hero, every business tycoon, every Nobel prize winner, every religious leader, and countless thousands of others annoying...

Yes, Paul McCartney is annoying. Florence Welch, a kind, funny, beautiful woman is annoying.

By the way I was being sarcastic.

What about Kevin Hart? He's a cool guy. - AllAboutLists

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136 Talk Show Hosts
137 People Who Talk About One Thing Twenty-four Seven

I once met this guy who moaned on and on and on about expensive plane travel. I found it bloody hard to stay awake. - PositronWildhawk

This is exactly what people on TheTopTens do when it comes to Justin Beiber. I get that he is annoying. I never was a fan of him myself. But it is more annoying when people constantly talk about how much they hate him.

Me to my friends: I just finished decorating my bedroom like the StormClan camp, and finished a ton of Warriors art in full color, and I love Warriors so much, blah blah blah blah-"
Friend: Okay, WE GET IT! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

138 People Who Pity Themselves

So I have this friend. She always invites me to her pity parties. She's always like "I was a mistake, my mom doesn't even like me because she didn't get me those shoes I wanted! " And then she's like "My life is the worst I got a B in Math! "

I deal with that so much, too! A friend thinks her life is dark and terrible for dumb, first world problem things! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

I can get it if it's all someone does, but some people can't help that, like myself. Severe depression is just something only a few people can fight against. - MKBeast

139 Radical Anti-Theists
140 Democrats

I know, we annoy you because we're right all the time...

No. Because you're wrong, but you THINK you're right. And you don't shut up about how "right" you are. - LordDovahkiin

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