Most Annoying Video Game Characters

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181 Goldeen - Pokemon Goldeen - Pokemon
182 Groose - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
183 Tidus - Final Fantasy X
184 Princess Daphne - Dragon's Lair
185 Paul Phoenix - Tekken
186 Sergeant Johnson - Halo 2

My god... This guy was HORRIBLE in Halo 2... He talked every 2 seconds and yelled at you if you didn't do stuff fast enough... AND YOU COULDN'T KILL HIM FOR IT!

187 Kyle - South Park: Stick of Truth
188 Trevor - Grand Theft Auto V
189 Duke Nukem - Duke Nukem Series Duke Nukem - Duke Nukem Series

I'm old-school, and I personally like when Duke belts out a Bruce Campbell 'Ash' line. BUT I DESPISE WHEN HE CRACKS HIS KNUCKLES when I have to stop for a few seconds.

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190 Cortana - Halo: Combat Evolved

Shes annoying for all the opposite reasons... She never tells you what to do or gives you waypoints or ANYTHING! She simply expects you to read her mind and gets mad when you don't know what to do...

191 Grunts - Halo Series

WOW! A lot of halo people... Says something eh? Anyways they ruin stealth and when you kill them they scream "AHHH HFSOAHOFHADOSFH" and alert everything...

192 Johnny Cage - Mortal Kombat Series

He's arrogant.. Ugly... And has an ego the size of the Hulk.. Need I say more?

193 Francis - Left 4 Dead

Every couple of seconds its "I HATE THIS" or "DIE DIE DIE" We would be better off without these asss intoxicating our brains with non-intelligence...

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194 The Announcer - Halo Series
195 Porky Minch - Mother 3
196 Money Bags - Spyro Series
197 Falco Lombardi - Star Fox 64 Falco Lombardi - Star Fox 64
198 Jr Troopa - Paper Mario
199 Creeper - Minecraft

They follow you around and explode. They'll wreck your statues that you spent hours making! - SheepBuggy

They destroy everything you build (except obsidian)

200 Enderman - Minecraft

"Teleports" then slaps ya in the face! My FACE!

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