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21 Lakitu: Mario Series

They piss me off so much. There is almost no way to avoid them and they throw spiky creatures at you.

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22 Headcrab: Half-Life

These face humpers are not too dangerous, except for the poisonous one that TRIES TO REDUCE YOUR HEALTH TO 1% and when you get hit by those, watch out for the fast ones, they will take advantage to kill you instantly

For short: Poison Headcrab + Fast Headcrab or others = INSTANT DEATH

The only way to avoid 'em is to shoot it with a shotgun or a magnum, do not worry you'll now when they will attack when they emit a monkey screech or a pvz imp scream.

More annoying in half-life 1 try it

23 Giant Tortoise: Terraria
24 Koopa: Mario Bros.

They are annoying because once you kill them their shell goes everywhere and they are hard to catch. They also kill you easily with there shells gliding everywhere.

25 Metroid: Metroids
26 Papa Pigs: Angry Birds

They are those fat pigs with mustaches. They are a bit hard because some of the certain birds cannot kill him fully in one shot. Papa pigs are always usually built in steel or ice made towers, which makes EVEN more difficult.

27 Metroids: Metroid Series
28 Giant Knights: Sonic and the Black Knight
29 Space Pirate: Metroid Series

Seriously, it's incredibly annoying when they come in multiples and they're all shooting at you at once in a game where you can only focus on one enemy at a time. They are responsible for about 90% of my deaths in Metroid Prime!

30 Droideka (Destroyer Droid): Star Wars Battlefront
31 Floor Master: The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker
32 Big Eye: Mega Man
33 Hunter: Resident Evil
34 Medusa Heads: Castlevania

They float up and down while coming at you, making it difficult to jump over or walk underneath them. Until you get past them, they will just keep spawning and coming at you, and the time in between spawns is only about one or two seconds.

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35 Elite Soldier: Half-Life 2
36 Lava Bubble: Mario Series
37 Hammer Bros: Super Mario Bros.

The Fire And Ice Bros Are Even More Dangerous

Should be in the top ten

How are Koopas and Goombas above this one? - Martinglez

38 Enemy Pyros: Team Fortress 2

Particularly if you're a Spy. - xandermartin98

39 Hellhounds - Dragon's Dogma

I looked up what people mostly consider what in the most annoying enemy in Dragon's Dogma and the Hellhound was the winner (or loser? ) Anyways its easy to see why people hate them so much. first off: they are just like Wolves and Direwolves by being in groups of 5 to 8, running around in circles around you and your Pawns and constantly jumping in to bite you, except that they are WORSE! They are twice as fast and have far more health than Direwolves, it is very hard to hit them or even stagger them both because of their speed and that they are more sturdy and they do heavy damage to you, even when you are high leveled. And it gets worse: unlike Wolves and Direwolves they can constantly spit fireballs at you that take a lot of stamina to block and can easily stagger you in the process which will leave you wide open for another one (dodging will help a lot (if you can)), and if they knock you down which they can easily do: they will latch onto you and instead of staying in place like ...more

The reason I hate using pawns! Pawns waste my healing items, don't save you, or are too busy getting killed by them as well.

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40 Gatherer: Amnesia

These things are horrifying!

They are like any other enemy in this game, Amnesia, but they make loud noises that scare the F**k out of me and then next thing you know you look behind you and they just kill you.

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