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61 The Police: Grand Theft Auto Series

I like doing that in Grand Theft Auto just going around killing cops for fun - bobbythebrony

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62 Rats: The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker

They are easy to kill, but some spawn in small hordes like Keese, making them more of a hassle to kill. - aarond9010

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63 Nitro Crates: Crash Series

Those things get annoying.

64 Turrets - Portal

This is also the only enemy in the portal series besides Glados and wheatly.

Turret : Will you come over here.
I then use a portal to do something that kills them. - Skullkid755

65 Goomba: Super Mario Bros.
66 Servant Grunt: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Still terrifying, always will be.

No wonder he can't get a date.

67 ReDeads: The Legend of Zelda Franchise

They are so annoying the worse part is when they scream they can't move and the way they attack you is just perverted

They look like they're raping your upper body when they attack you...

That scream gave me nightmares for days. - aarond9010

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68 Yakuza: No More Heroes
69 Spiky Parabuzzy - Paper Mario
70 Sour Pinatas - Viva Pinata
71 Balverine: Fable II
72 Metal Golem: Dragon's Dogma

There are two types of Golem in Dragon's Dogma, the regular Stone Golem (Golem) is pretty easy. You just have to climb up it's body and destroy all of the glowing amulets on it, and throughout the battle it attacks very slowly and don't do much damage unless you enrage it by destroying the amulet that glows more than the others which causes it to freeze for a while and then makes the Golem angry for a while until it calms down. But then there is the Metal Golem, which I never want to face again. Why? Well for starters: the amulets that you have to destroy are not on the Metal Golem's body, but instead are scattered throughout the area you fight it in. Now that wouldn't be so bad except for the placement of the amulets, The first Metal Golem most people got to fight who played this game (me included) was in the Witchwood after completing the side quest "Witch Hunt" and the 7 amulets are in some of the worst places imaginable: one is behind a tree, one is in the far end of the ...more

73 Grimgoblins - Dragon's Dogma

Yet another enemy from Dragon's Dogma? Well yes. Now remember: I love Dragon's Dogma, It's fun, addicting, entertaining, there is a lot of stuff to do, great graphics and music and lots of fun battles (for the most part). Most of the enemies in the original Dragon's Dogma (not counting the expansion Dark Arisen) were very manageable and at times fun to battle. There are of course some exceptions like Hellhounds, Metal Golems, Saurian Sages, Cockatrices and well Grimgoblins. The problem with these guys is that while they don't have a lot of health, they still have much more health than Hobgoblins and take a few hits each to kill and like Hellhounds and other Goblin subspecies: they appear in groups (sometimes up to 10).

But the worst part is when you go up against them, because they - big surprise - do a lot of damage when they hit you, and just like Hellhounds: they are very resistant to being staggered let alone getting knocked down and have a high chance of staggering or even ...more

74 Suicide Grunts - Halo

Why, oh God why? Always blowing you up and screwing you over.

75 Succubus - Dragon's Dogma

Continuing with the most annoying enemies in Dragon's Dogma, I give you: The Succubus! And just like Hellhounds and Grimgoblins: Succubi appear in groups and are the upgraded versions of two weaker subspecies. In these girl's cases: they are the upgraded versions of Harpies and Snow Harpies. And as you would have expected of them, they have all the basic Harpy moves, (aside from always flying almost always out of reach of melee weapons) like singing, where instead of putting you to sleep they either blind you: which causes your screen to be covered in black fog so you can't see anything, or curse you: which lowers you attack and defense, both are much worse. And they have the traditional swoop down and either scratch you or pick you up in an attempt of dropping you from high up to cause serious falling damage, in which you have to struggle to get loose (which isn't too hard). But the main problem with them is that aside form doing more damage and being tougher to take down and out of ...more - Virtualman

76 Spiteful Crow - Earthbound
77 Zombine - HL2EP1
78 Psycho - Borderlands 12
79 Snowplows - Turbo Dismount
80 Birdo - Mario 2 Birdo - Mario 2 Birdo is a dinosaur that is well known for her (or his) confused Gender. It was originally stated that Birdo was a male who believed he was a female, but this was changed in later games. Birdo is commonly referred to as a girl, however, they are in a relationship with Yoshi. Birdo first appeared in more.

Is it a boy? Girl? BOTH?

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