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41 Shrewclaw

He's such an annoying bully, and plus, he's the father of Onestar

Sorry didn't put in the die in my last comment

I like Shrewclaw. - Stormyblaze

Shrewclaw is not the father of one -star he is the father of mudclaw.

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42 Tigerheart

He's not annoying in the slightest

Tigerheart deserves Dovewing more than Bumblestripe.Not that I like Dovewing I hate her.


43 Firestar Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet

I like him, especially in the early books. But being such a frequently mentioned character, there are plenty of opportunities for him to annoy me.

I'm sorry, but I can't help but laugh a little when I hear people constantly calling him a "GaRY-STU! ". Oh oops. Forgot that 90% of the Warriors fandom doesn't even know what the hell a gary stu/mary sue is. A lot of main characters get this kind of treatment, It's even more hilarious when the character is a flipping cat.

NOT ANNOYING AT ALL! I really hate any little # who doesn't love him!

Firestar. An annoying kittypet. A bossy leader. Involved with almost every prophecy. Letting kittypets into the clan. Too much of a goody-goody. Heck, he killed his own half-brother (Scourge)! He fed RiverClan with his own clan's prey, he kept pestering Graystripe to stop meeting Silverstream, he brought some RANDOM cat (Yellowfang) into his clan! I'm only on The New Prophecy, but heck, I hated him from the start.

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44 Blackstar

I can't wait for Blackstar and Stonefur to see each other in Starclan though

Where should I even start with him? He killed Stonefur, followed Tigerstar, lost faith in Starclan which almost led his clan into destruction. I see nothing good in him, he did not deserve to be leader in the first place, he didn't deserve Starclan and he didn't deserve being mentioned in the books so much. I dislike him for all the bad things he had done and yet he gets to join Starclan. It is unfair.

45 Lightpollution
46 Foxheart

Fox heart wasn't even a leader, was he?

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47 Goosefeather

He did get a brain infection and probably went insane because of his powers so I don't blame could he know that battle would kill Moonflower?

I love him, he's' my wife. - SkyGamer

He is just insane

Everyone who comments saying: GOOSEFEATHER'S SO DUMB HE KILLED MOONFLOWER OMGGG! clearly has not read Goosefeather's Curse. Do you KNOW why he was so crazy? As a kit, apprentice, even, he could see dead cats, and interpret the future. He could SEE the near destruction of ThunderClan in leaf-bare. If you could see dead people and see the future destruction of your family, I doubt you'd be secure at all. He was disliked by nearly each and every cat because he acted a little mental, and they (even his own sister, Moonpaw) treated him like downright DUNG. I think Moonflower deserved to die; she was the most sickly sweet, stereotypical mother there was. ~Rocky

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48 Oakheart

Oakheart was nice but I like his brother better.

Because not everyone likes canon shipping arguments

I liked Crookedstar

49 Onestar

I hate Onestar and now look what happened to Heathertail!

He is a total jerk! ThunderClan fought for him, to help him become leader, and how does he repay them! He doesn't deserve to be leader.

50 Heatherstar

She is release TUNNELERS! She don't make tunneler apprentices! Worst leader.

Worst leader in the WORLD! She could still have the tunnler tradition going on! (Also so STUPID AND DUMB).

I bet this cat was one of the worst leaders in the world. She actually ruined a tradition that was called tunnelers. But She also thought that tunneling was bad but it wasn't,and she didn't even give one tunnerler a apertince! Wow so dumb.

51 Longtail

When Firestar first came into the clan, he taunted him and is a coward. Also he was Tigerstar's friend and blamed Firestar for his apprentice not becoming a warrior! - Tigertail

Longtail for most of the books was annoying and mean, and only in Power of Three did he start to lose his arrogance.

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52 Cloudpaw

Refer to him as Cloudtail. Defiant characters like him can be pains, but he grows out of it, but I see why you wouldn't like the Cloudpaw version.

53 Runningnose

The only thing annoying about him is his name

He was a good cat...

Lovely cat

Awesome cat.

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54 Mousewhisker

Is this cat a Shadowclan cat?

55 Briarlight

I love her! I hate anyone who thinks she's annoying!

What is wrong with you?

Me and my sister ship Jayfeather and Briarlight.

56 Cloudtail

I want him to die to be honest. He really annoyed me in Dawn when he payed more attention to Daisy than Brightheart.

The way he begged for food was so annoying, it was even worse when it turned out he thought it was okay!

Cloudtail stop paying attention to that over protective good for nothing cat!


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57 HawkHeart HawkHeart

Hawkheart was grumpy, but he was really nice! - Stormyblaze

Hawkheart is a heartless mean grump.

Hawkheart was not annoying. Yes I do agree it was wrong that he killed Moonflower but he was only trying to protect his clan. Russetfur made an attempt to kill Firestar, Blackstar killed an innocent cat and still went to Starclan, he lost faith in them and he couldn't care less in killing other cats and leading his clan into not beliving, he followed Tigerstar and almost did no good and still went to Starclan not to mention the other medicine cats such as Yellowfang (no offense I have no hate for Yellowfang) who did have kits which is also a breaking rule but still went to Starclan yet Hakwheart went into the Darkforest just because he tried to protect his clan. I know it was huge since he was a medicine cat but he only did one bad thing just to protect what he loves. It is unfair.

58 Dawnpelt

She wasn't annoying. The dark fores manipulated her. She was so nice when she was a kit and apprentice..

Who would even believe Jayfeather killed Flametail? A medicine cat will NOT do that

She made everyone think Jayfeather killed Flametail! Jayfeather's one of my favorite characters!


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59 Honeyfern

I don't not like honeyfern, she is just annoying when she moons over Berrynose

Honeyfern get out of here I don't like you and you might as well have Hawkfrost as your mate if your going to be mate with that bossy fishbrained Berrynose.

Why is she here? She gave up her own life for a kit, she was so innocent and did nothing bad but just loving Berrynose to a level that she wanted to devote her life to her. Nothing else.
Whu is she here?


60 Poppyfrost

Poppyfrost wasn't that bad. She didn't 'steal' berrynose. Honeyfern wouldn't of wanted him to be alone forever. He was too young to never find another love and his heart could heal. She was just upset and Berrynose was a great comfort and distraction for her. If ya know what I mean ;3

Well she did not care that Berrynose was her sister previous mate and went with him even though they didn't seem to know much about eachother. I do not know Poppyfrost this much but I dislike that.

I like poppyfrost


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