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41 Star Flower V 1 Comment
42 Shrewclaw

He's such an annoying bully, and plus, he's the father of Onestar

Sorry didn't put in the die in my last comment

I like Shrewclaw. - Stormyblaze

Shrewclaw is not the father of one -star he is the father of mudclaw.

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43 Tigerheart

He's not annoying in the slightest

Tigerheart deserves Dovewing more than Bumblestripe.Not that I like Dovewing I hate her.


44 Firestar Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet

I like him, especially in the early books. But being such a frequently mentioned character, there are plenty of opportunities for him to annoy me.

I'm sorry, but I can't help but laugh a little when I hear people constantly calling him a "GaRY-STU! ". Oh oops. Forgot that 90% of the Warriors fandom doesn't even know what the hell a gary stu/mary sue is. A lot of main characters get this kind of treatment, It's even more hilarious when the character is a flipping cat.

NOT ANNOYING AT ALL! I really hate any little # who doesn't love him!

Firestar. An annoying kittypet. A bossy leader. Involved with almost every prophecy. Letting kittypets into the clan. Too much of a goody-goody. Heck, he killed his own half-brother (Scourge)! He fed RiverClan with his own clan's prey, he kept pestering Graystripe to stop meeting Silverstream, he brought some RANDOM cat (Yellowfang) into his clan! I'm only on The New Prophecy, but heck, I hated him from the start.

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45 Blackstar

I can't wait for Blackstar and Stonefur to see each other in Starclan though

Where should I even start with him? He killed Stonefur, followed Tigerstar, lost faith in Starclan which almost led his clan into destruction. I see nothing good in him, he did not deserve to be leader in the first place, he didn't deserve Starclan and he didn't deserve being mentioned in the books so much. I dislike him for all the bad things he had done and yet he gets to join Starclan. It is unfair.

46 Foxheart

Ugh I remember feeling imminent rage when I read her name in Yellowfang's Secret. She was so ANNOYING - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

Well, Foxheart is a Foxheart

Idiot. She is the worst!

Total idiot.

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47 Goosefeather

He did get a brain infection and probably went insane because of his powers so I don't blame could he know that battle would kill Moonflower?

I love him, he's' my wife. - SkyGamer

He is just insane

Everyone who comments saying: GOOSEFEATHER'S SO DUMB HE KILLED MOONFLOWER OMGGG! clearly has not read Goosefeather's Curse. Do you KNOW why he was so crazy? As a kit, apprentice, even, he could see dead cats, and interpret the future. He could SEE the near destruction of ThunderClan in leaf-bare. If you could see dead people and see the future destruction of your family, I doubt you'd be secure at all. He was disliked by nearly each and every cat because he acted a little mental, and they (even his own sister, Moonpaw) treated him like downright DUNG. I think Moonflower deserved to die; she was the most sickly sweet, stereotypical mother there was. ~Rocky

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48 Oakheart

Oakheart was nice but I like his brother better.

I liked Crookedstar

Because not everyone likes canon shipping arguments

49 Gray Wing

Seriously Gray wing what is the matter with you

Grey wing is awesome. - SkyGamer

He’s just kind of boring

50 Tinymoor
51 Onestar

I hate Onestar and now look what happened to Heathertail!

He is a total jerk! ThunderClan fought for him, to help him become leader, and how does he repay them! He doesn't deserve to be leader.

52 Heatherstar

She is release TUNNELERS! She don't make tunneler apprentices! Worst leader.

Worst leader in the WORLD! She could still have the tunnler tradition going on! (Also so STUPID AND DUMB).

I bet this cat was one of the worst leaders in the world. She actually ruined a tradition that was called tunnelers. But She also thought that tunneling was bad but it wasn't,and she didn't even give one tunnerler a apertince! Wow so dumb.

53 Longtail

When Firestar first came into the clan, he taunted him and is a coward. Also he was Tigerstar's friend and blamed Firestar for his apprentice not becoming a warrior! - Tigertail

Longtail for most of the books was annoying and mean, and only in Power of Three did he start to lose his arrogance.

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54 Cloudpaw

Refer to him as Cloudtail. Defiant characters like him can be pains, but he grows out of it, but I see why you wouldn't like the Cloudpaw version.

55 Sandstorm

What is she doing on here? Sure she was harsh to firepaw but how would you feel if you lived under some strict rules and you can NEVER break them and then this person who your family is supposed to reject comes wandering in, breaking all of the rules (exaggerated here) and barely gets punished? She loved Fireheart because he saved her and she realised that he may not have warrior blood but he is a true warrior. She became more fond of him as he proved himself over and over again. If Fireheard didn't like her he wouldn't of become her mate idiots. She was one of Firestar's most trusted and best warriors and the best hunter in the forest. Sure she had some bad traits as an apprentice but would you prefer her to be a Mary Sue from square one? "Oh forepaw is so hawt, I'm so nice and kind we'd be perfect together! " No. Its nice to have this storyline as its unexpected and shows you that not everyone is an open book. She matures once she becomes Fireheart's mate which really helps her to ...more

She never loved Firestar, he only started giving him attention and love when he became a 'hero' and an early warrior because of his battle against Shadowclan, she abandoned Dustpelt completely as if he didn't exist. A typical snob cheerleader princess girl in now days. I did not like the fact she was Firestar's mate, she didn't deserve him, she didn't love him truly. I do not like her and never will. And Squirrelflight reminds me of her, she is cocky, rude, self-centered and it's always about her. I do not like either of these two.

Not to be mean but this cat was a real pain in the tail when fire star moved into thunder clan and on fire stars quest gosh don't let me go there

I think that she should have been a medicin cat then cinderpelt

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56 Squrrilflight

I HATED her smug little attitude as an apprentice, your not my mentor so stop acting like it! But when she becomes a warrior she becomes ONE of my favorite cats.

I mean, what has she improved from her apprentice life? She is still smug and she thinks she deserves Brambleclaw as a mate and then she goes off with her dumb sister, lies to her whole family and clan. She is selfish, and I just can't stand her. I was waiting for her death.

Come on, she is easily the most annoying, she is stubborn, selfish, boastful and annoying! She is so up herself, and always thins she is right, she is EASILY the most annoying cat ever!


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57 Jayfeather Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds . He is blind .

Jayfeather...ugh! I think it's annoying how he acts like a ' superhero, and even bounces off like "Durr lets go beat up foxes! Who cares that I'm tiny and blind and I'm not even half a year old? " And I know he's "unique" because he's "grumpy," but I don't dislike him because of that. I dislike him because he handles situations poorly by being blatantly rude; heck, he gets made when people mention his blindness, then acts like they should tiptoe around him. "How dare you remind me that I'm blind! How do you except me to do this, I'm blind! " And how he was so bratty to Brightheart! I know he's in a bad situation, but she's had a hard life too. You should respect that instead of calling her "useless." ("Let's lump all the useless cats together and hope a tree falls on them! ") Jayfeather just might be my least favorite Warrior cat.

Jayfeather... where to begin? He is so rude to everyone who's trying to help him. He jumps to conclusions that they think he can't handle himself. JAYFEATHER THEY ARE JUST TRYING TO HELP! Also, he was so rude to Brightheart. She's just trying to be a good mentor, and she and Longtail have skills that would be useful? Also, he's like, "I KNOW how to sense stuff! This is too easy! Do they think I'm dumb? " Well, Jayfeather, why don't you just TELL them that instead of complaining? He keeps saying, "I'm not a kit," but he sure acts like one. He's just too grumpy and rude and complains too much. Also, he's so sarcastic. And why does he think Willowshine is being smug? SHE'S NOT! I HATE Jayfeather!

Don't hate on him just because you don't understand him. He dreamed of being a warrior and his dreams where crushed right before his eyes. Sure, he sounds like a carbon copy of Cinderpelt but instead of getting crippled he loses his sight, but Cinderpelt kinda just sat around, relaxed, helping Yellowfang out. While Leafpool expects too much of Jayfeather and forces him into things he doesn't want to do, and almost everyone doesn't trust his judgement including other Clans just because he's blind.
He seems like a bitter and distant character because he's fully aware everyone pities him.

Was very whiny then just became an overrated Gary Stu.
The most overrated of the three.
In the beginning: whine whine and more whine.
Later: Alderpaw I'm so perfect so get Twigpaw out of the way!

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58 Mudclaw

I hate this cat.

59 Runningnose

The only thing annoying about him is his name

He was a good cat...

Lovely cat

Awesome cat.

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60 Mousewhisker

Is this cat a Shadowclan cat?

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