Most Annoying Words

The Top Ten

1 Swag
2 Racist

This word is so overused and annoying - christangrant

3 Cringe

Don't get me started on This word, it is the most GOD AWFUL ESTUPIDO, ANNOYING word out there on the internet, This word spreads as more and more people use it. I think people should use a totally different word!

4 Gay

Seriously though? It's so offending.

5 Bae
6 Apple
7 Horrible
8 Horror
9 Dude
10 Ankle

The Newcomers

? Noob
? Cancer

I hate this offensive word worst word ever.

The Contenders

11 Scissors
12 Pail
13 Random
14 Awesome

My friend uses this word so much! It annoys the crap out of me!

15 Randomness
16 Banta

Dear user can you please stop saying that - Officialpen

What does this word mean - wrests

This word is evil

17 Pearl
18 Paste
19 Potato

People have used it "randomly" so much so they can sound funny, so the word has gotten annoying.

20 Comedienne
21 Glue
22 Lame
23 Like
24 Neither
25 Either
26 Vlog

This word is evil

27 Blog

This word is evil

28 Vine

This word is evil

29 Escort
30 Crap
31 Haters
32 Sorry

I find it on every and game I play. For example: when you want more coins and you watch a video it says "Sorry! No more videos are available." They are not even apologizing. When sorry is used like that, it means "too bad, ha ha ha." to me. - Officialpen

33 Booty
34 Ratchet
35 Sucker
36 Clobber
37 Quirky
38 Overrated
39 Moist
40 Annoying
41 Selfie
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