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1 Fred Fred

I don't know why kids think that FRED is the funniest thing ever. When I was a kid, I hated FRED and thought it was the stupidest thing ever. When I found out it was having a movie, I thought "Okay, it's just one movie, it's fine". And then it had FRED 2: Night of the Living Fred. And now it has FRED: The Show! I honestly don't know why people hate Disney Channel more than Nickelodeon. At least Disney Channel isn't taking stupid YouTube videos and making them worse!

At least Fred is not as bad as other stuff that is happening today. - GehennaTheSecond

If I didn't have the risk of getting a life sentence for murder, that kid would have a headshot coming straight toward him within a few days. He is the epitome of annoying.

He's back, after more than a year and a half of absence, but if you don't know what happened before, he sold his Fred channel to whiny, more idiotic people, this sounds like good news for haters, about him selling his channel, but somehow, the "fans" missed him so much that he rebooted Fred, but because of him selling that channel, he now does them on the channel that's named after his real name, which got contaminated after he said that he was gay, which might not surprise some, but too late, he returned in December 27, 2015.

Beware that due to the modernized quality, his voice in the new reboot videos is Much, MUCH louder than on his old videos.

You thought he was done forever, but think again, yet this was not his last video, he did one on Valentine's day noon on the channel this video was uploaded on.

That video was made near the END of 2015, and it's a Fred video, the recent one on Valentine's Day was in FEBRUARY 14, 2016, UNBELIEVABLE!

So ...more

I thought he was dead.

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2 PewDiePie PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (born October 24, 1989), better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, more.

1. Fans are annoying. Saying every youtuber who plays the same games copy him.
2. He isn't even funny. When I watched his videos It felt like watching paint dry.
3. VERY repetitive and drags on a lot. The videos I watched were his happywheels let's pat, and all he did was shout "I DON'T CARE" in front of the screen... Not funny... And when he's playing Amnesia and finds a gold statue called, "Stephano" he stops what ever the hell he is doing and creates a fake voice for it, picks it up and literally the next few parts of the lets play is just HIM talking to this golden statue...

Worst Youtuber EVER! He does not deserve 11 million subscribers.

Pewdiepie is amazing and dry humor is the best humor hands down I'm a 16-year-old girl definitely not a little 9- year old and I can confirm this man... this man is it - madisond

I think he is simply the Kardashian of youtube, he is not bad, but he has nothing to offer, he simply got famous first than others and then it got dragged. Proof of the sheep theory that whatever they serve you first, you will eat it and others will see you eat it and they will follow like a herd of sheep. Screaming while playing, trying to be funny etc, he is ok, but nothing special.

I think in his older videos, he's more genuine and sometimes can be funny. I like watching him if I'm bored or something...

PewDiePie's the best! I love his videos and everything about him! If anything bad ever happens to him, I'd be sad for the rest of my life.

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3 JustinBieberVEVO JustinBieberVEVO

WORST. SINGER. EVER. Not even a contest there. I mean, he really sounds like a true girly girl

I hate how my school is putting some of his "music" (it's not even actual music) in the hallways during the four minutes, and I might be okay listening it to the first time, but seriously, the repetition incinerates my ears.

Why is justin beiber top on every list I see? I don't like him but you don't have to put him on every list. There's worse singers than him.

I think Justin Bieber is disgusting where he made a video called what do you mean but his picture made me feel sorry for him. - TerryThebestsoccerplayer

Horrible singing

The only reason no one's been able to flag your comment is because the button gets stuck behind PewDiePie's vote button. No wonder he's in 2nd. Be more explanatory, jeez! - TheComicComic

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4 The Annoying Orange

After about five minutes of it my brain started bleeding. I can't believe my mom was the one who showed me it - queen11

Why doesn't this citrus catastrophe just retire?

His name says it all

Cringe and fruit face

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5 MattyBRaps

He thinks he's so great, he's rather overly conceited and his "rapping" isn't even good. He also does the same "dance moves" in every video. He tries too hard and he's nearly 10 years old... Sad.

I JUST PUKED FROM WATCHING 1 SECOND OF HIM! Ugh he wants to date girls when he's only like 4. His singing is bad.

This child can't rap to save his his life. Untalented. - EvanWellens

Well I don't think he'll practice much when you guys are hating on him and being bullies. - TheComicComic

I personally think he's trying to get his life over with too quickly. He's starting things too early for his age. I don't think he's a good singer, either.

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6 EvanTubeHD EvanTubeHD

The channel is super annoying. He's annoying. His sister's annoying. This kid is getting "famous" because of how "cute" he is. This kid is just going to grow up and realise his whole life was on the internet and not playing games with his friends and going outside like every other normal kid on the planet. And the fans are even worst.

His videos aren't great, but he hasn't negatively affected the site in anyway. He's just another one of the famous youtube kids. - EvanWellens

I like him. He can be annoying sometimes but he's still good. I used to watch him more when he reviewed Legos and played fun video games like Minecraft and Roblox. Now he only plays Fortnite. I miss the old Evan.

Him and his sister scream every two seconds - DrayTopTens

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7 ijustine ijustine

Prior to You Tube iJustine was on a certain website for group chat and live too. Those who tuned into her, she would try to answer questions via her webcam, she was way more personal back in the, I want to say mid 2000 range. But now, every darn thing she does isn't always about Apple products, who cares where she's going, I could give 2 rat's yanks. If she wants better ratings, she should do full reviews and not be talking so damn fast that I can barely understand what she's saying. Many times she's out in public in where ever and I'm tired of most You Tubers (her included) that have these awesome titles but the video just stinks. I could just go to the store myself and see most of what she has sans her channel, not to mention she's totally got way off track with what her views honestly want to see and what she thinks is cool. I agree she loves to see herself on camera, I'm sure many people have told her she's attractive and she get's a ego out of that.. but really iJustine, what ...more

I've been watching Youtube videos for a while but just within the past year or so I started following certain "you-tubers. " Shane Dawson was the first one I watched and at first I was really into his videos, but lately I've lost interest. Next one I started watching was Jenna Marbles' channel. I absolutely love her! She's my favorite! By far I have to say, my least favorite is iJustine... I've given her a chance and just can not stand to watch her videos... She doesn't make me laugh, nor can I relate to what I call "good girl humor" she uses. Jenna Marbles on the other hand always posts videos I can relate to and I am guaranteed to laugh my ass off!

Every single video she makes is just her showing off, honestly I just think she likes how her face looks on camera.

I don’t think she is annoying, I opinally think she is boring. All she do is review products and do boring videos. Nothing exciting or interesting. She needs to do something else rather than reviewing or doing things that are just not interesting. - Honeyreis

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8 jonathanjoly

He sings nonsense all the time, he exploits his kids, he is a sociopath, he is money hungry and creates controversy to gain views, all that matters to him it's money, he is a compulsive liar, he keeps his mouth open all the time, he is selfish, he claims people threaten him and then takes it back, he uses his minions to attack to "haters" and journalists, he asks for food and clothes from his minions, he doesn't shower, he buys old used cars every 2 months to show how rich he is when in fact he isn't, he buys Twitter followers and subscribers, he thinks he has gain all his subscribers due to his "amazing" personality when in fact his kids are the ones that attract subscribers, he is a sneaky weasel, he is disrespectful and a pervert!

A so-called grown man who exploits and milks his children's every waking moments to make a living as he has no talent, skills or brains to be employed on his own merit.

He acts like an imbecile who can't speak or talk without repeating over and over the most embarrassing utter nonsense and tries to pass it off as humor. The man is devoid of any trace of talent or likeability and watching him prance around like an idiot is cruel and unusual punishment I would not subject even the most hardened criminal to this torture.

The wife and mother of these exploited children is without doubt the sorriest excuse for a grown woman and mother I have ever seen in my entire life. She is incapable of even the most basic nurturing or attention to these children that were obviously bred for the strict purpose for what they could make off their backs. She is incapable of speaking a complete sentence or carrying out a simple conversation. Anything other then herself and her comforts are an ...more

He is a desperate, fame-seeking little gnome with an ultra vain, lazy wife. Turns a blind eye to the pedophile sites using images of his daughter just to continue to make money by pimping his children on YouTube instead of finding a job that doesn't involve putting his children at risk. He and his wife are always complaining about how busy and overworked they are yet they do nothing day in and day out. They have a cleaner, a daily babysitter, and never walk their 6 untrained dogs. Despicable human beings.

He is despicable, a pervert, pedophile, and exploits his children to make a living on YouTube. His wife is just as bad as him on top of being lazy, overfeeds her daughter with unhealthy junkfood, and withholds breastfeeding her newborn because he interrupts her sleeping and does not fit into her schedule.

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9 Benji (itsJudysLife)

No job, spends his wifes money like water, but "regulates" her spending, know it all, loser father, loser husband, tiny dick (that he's proud of), doesn't care that his wife isn't satisfied, its all about him. COMPLETE LOSER!

From my observations, it seems as if Benji comes across as controlling at times. For instance, there was a vlog where Judy decided to go for a new hairdo. A person has the right to style, let alone change their hairstyle however they want. In this vlog, Benji gets upset with the fact that Judy cut her hair a little bit shorter and colored it. Honestly, her stylist did a wonderful job re-touching up her hair. It gives people the impression that he has an image of what his wife should like. To me, that's a complete turn off.

Those types of men are domineering and they are the type that always want to have a word in everything. That is also scary too since you'd never know what may really set them off.

Besides Judy's hairdo, Benji seems to not appreciate the wonderful things that his wife, sister (Mel), and his in-laws do for the family. At least a compliment or saying thank you, would do!

Arrogant, selfish douche that thinks the world revolves around him while he does nothing but live off his wife, grocery shop and cook the same three things over and over. This man is a disgusting human being.

Whether he's trying to explain to you how breathing is good for you (especially if it's organic breathing and not GMO breathing), whining about "babysitting"his own children, lying about working, mispronouncing every single word that comes out of his mush mouth, stealing other people's recipes and calling them his own, acting as though eating starch, dairy, and cheese for every meal is healthy, claiming green juice as his own creation, making other people wait justoso he can get some attention at the airport, swinging his tiny taquito in his daughter's face, or criticizing his wife at every turn, there's very little to like about Mr. Judy's Life.

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10 TotalBiscuit

Can't wait to report your death

Totalbiscuit (or Totalhalibut) should stop treating his opinions as fact, because they're not. Just because you hate a game doesn't mean everyone else does and it certainly does not mean it shouldn't be sold. Your opinion isn't the end all of opinions and therefore shouldn't be treated as such.

TotalBiscuit is an annoying, arrogant twit who only thinks about himself and is selfish and he think he us better than everyone else just because he has a YouTube channel and he gets paid for his videos and just because he has alit of money. That is my opinion.

One of the most condescending and narcissist channels I have ever seen on YouTube. He takes his word as fact and his fans take his word just the same. If a indie game developer makes a game he just so happens he doesn't like and he does a "review" on it, those developers careers are basically over because his fans are like a lynch mob.

To define cynical(bare with me..): 1. Believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity.
2. Concerned only with one's own interests and typically disregarding accepted or appropriate standards in order to achieve them.

The definition of cynical both describes his mental thoughts towards other people and of himself. I couldn't imagine what this guy thinks of everyone he lives around IRL. That being said I sincerely believe this guy is a harm to people who watch YouTube, the gaming industry, and whatever else he sets his sights on. Lets all be thankful TotalBuiscuit, "The ...more

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? Heath Hussar

His vlogs are too shaky & even his livestreams are too. How could someone who watches livestreams from a still camera enjoy shaky livestreams or focus on what he says with shaky hands holding a camera. Some people get dizzy you know. Not cool. - SamanthaRosie

? Zane Hijazi Zane Hijazi

His vlogs are extremely shaky past the point of being nearly impossible to watch & causing dizziness to many. His editing work is staged & he acts crazy. His storytime videos are subpar as well. What is up with him? - SamanthaRosie

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11 Onision Onision Gregory Daniel Jackson, known by his YouTube username Onision, is an American YouTuber and Internet personality.

He is literately insane. I saw people being very respectful and expressing their opinions and then he just goes ahead and calls them retarded.

This guy literally told an abused girl she was whining. Literal human compost, this guy.

Yes he thinks he's perfect and say's melanie martinez is some 6 year old on crack but look at him he over here thinking how perfect he is

I understand some of his opinions but seriously he says to people with depression to get over it. He puts all of his problems on social media so people can re-assure him telling him that he is right about everything. It is good that he has a warning at the start of all his videos saying that if you do not like offensive content you should not watch his videos but people are allowed to have opinions and whenever something negative is said about him he throws total fits.

You're joking, right? There are SO MANY RUMORS about him! If he really "throws total fits" then he would've killed himself by now - Her_Fabulousness

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12 Dora Rocks

Can someone give me a link to his Channel? I want to see how retarded his videos are. - ScottishEmperor843

Gr, I hate this channel! He always makes people become Dora fans, makes videos showing his reactions to Dora getting cancelled and Justin Bieber getting arrested, and it's always NO! He even said he was going to leave YouTube, but guess what? HE DIDN'T! He lied to his haters! He showed his reaction to bondfan94's channel getting terminated which was "YES! YES! " Bondfan94 is back on YouTube, which is good. His "Free Dislike Videos" are all free like videos, and his "Free Like Video" (which was a bunch of Dora stuff by the way) was a free dislike video! He also tried to ground his haters, which he doesn't have the authority to do! And the worst part? He does it to annoy people! That's right, he doesn't do it to be funny, but he does it to annoy people, which he really does a great job at! How does he have 74 subscribers or any subscribers for that matter! He is one of the worst things that has ever been created!


More like dora sucks.

I don't even know this channel but because of its name you can be sure it's pretty much retarded as Dora

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13 Sam Pepper Sam Pepper

Why isn't this rapist higher on the list? He should be number one.

He deserves a high five.
In the face.
With an axe. - RoseWeasley

He pretty much made the entire prank community look like trash. After his one prank I saw him get so many death threats it's not even funny. Then he went and faked his apology. He should easily be number one. - EvanWellens

The heck. I know Felix is annoying but this guy deserves the #1 spot instead of Pewdiepie, at least he does ACTUALLY care about his fanbase. This guy just basically harasses people for views and clicks

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14 Nicole arbor

No Offense, But you guys are overreacting,
That "Dear Fat People! " Video was actually RIGHT.
She was trying to be funny, but failed, BUT
She proved valid points,
#facts - Critideal

She is not funny. She is such a try-hard that it makes me cringe. She over edits all her videos -- she wishes she was as witty and funny as Jenna Marbles, but she will never be that talented. I actually feel bad for her -- she's so delusional and pathetic.

She is a waste of space, flesh, and oxygen. She ABUSED Matthew Sontoro, one of the sweetest YouTubers out there, other than Markiplier. Her content is inappropriate and offensive to many individuals. Dear fat people? Really? She is disgusting, inside and out. She sucks at life, and being a comedian. Her 'jokes' are not even jokes... Need I say more?


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15 Jake Paul Jake Paul

Not only is he extremely obnoxious & cringey, he is also a horrible person.He's rude to Team 10, was abusive to his girlfriend (he also cheated on her & had the nerve to disrespect her in It's Everyday Bro), abusive to his dog (how could anyone abuse a dog, or any animal? ), racist (I bet that fan hates him), & he doesn't care about his fans (it sickens me because they helped him reach his fame). Do NOT watch this guy. - RoseWeasley

Easily the biggest douche bag on YouTube right now, besides that guy who's getting advertisers to leave the site. - EvanWellens

My narcissistic ex-friend loves him.

Jake Paul is actually the best human in the universe!

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16 Miranda Sings Miranda Sings Miranda Sings is a fictional character created on the Internet in 2008 and portrayed by American comedian, actress and YouTube personality Colleen Ballinger.

I used to think she was funny. But I unsubscribed several months ago. All her videos are the same now. She doesn't know how to be constant with her character of Miranda Sings. Miranda used to be just a trashy, strange girl that recorded low quality videos in awkward angles. Now that's gone. I don't know if it's because of how popular she became, but suddenly Colleen made Miranda's lack of proper vocabulary go out of control, even the sound of her voice has changed, and she just seems to have evolved into a different character altogether. Not funny, not even in the slightest. Yet very very annoying and obnoxious. When I've seen her on stage in YouTube videos, it's impossible to watch through the whole thing. I can't see anyone except 13 year olds with too much time on their hands subscribing and being her fan base.

I've seen enough and not many to know that Miranda, and she says just this, she does her "comic" (and I use that term loosely), routine for her "alt". because she's making fun of all her friends wrapped up into one character. Only 1 person in her life said it would be "brilliant" and her acting for this would be terrific. This isn't her true self, and personally she should have WAY more feedback from professional actors if she wishes to continue on with something better for the audience. What is wrong with who she really is anyway? She should really just cut that out all together with this "Frankenstein" character who really isn't funny and be her natural self, I'm sure she'll certainly get much less hate and more grown up just being who she is sans any dribble or garbage with doing what she's doing with this "character" she makes fun of based on her real friends. I'm sure she's old enough by now (hopefully) to know that she just looks like a mental patient in public dressed this way, ...more

Miranda is sooo annoying! She puts on a fake voice and thinks she is sooo amazing but she isn't so I hate her!

Your fat and stuff and should stop, me unhappy gowaay

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17 BridgetteWest

Amazing, I love her so much

BRIDGETTEWEST HEARE! So annoying… - railfan99

18 Violette1st

Watch the day light savings meltdown.

I guess that’s why they don’t post anymore videos the ran out of ideas to steal from people

I hate violette1st! Especially William! He is so mean! They deserve no subscribers, you know why? Because they're rip offs from oh shiitake mushrooms!

WWWIIILIIIAAAMMM! - every video in a nutshell

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19 RayWilliamJohnson

Someone once took entire episodes of his and edited him completely out of them, thus condensing it to the clips we wanted to see without the barely-amusing commentary. He filed copyright infringement on the person behind it... Despite the fact that anything he actually owned was removed... Which was the entire point.

Ugh... Always steals videos from people, doesn't talk about something interesting and always makes fun of people

He actually used to be funny, then he started doing these boring pod casts that no one cares about - Her_Fabulousness

An old channel with uninteresting content it will slowly fade away until rwj either comes back to his own channel or it will become more corporate garbage like ijustine

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20 Skydoesminecraft

Typos strike again - RawrBirb

He's as unintelligent and omnipresent as and invertebrate. His fans act like he knows what he's doing despite his admissions that he doesn't. His fans' average age is around ten years and all they're capable of doing is making incoherent, fallacious and stupid argument while screaming about an element in a game called Minecraft; gold. They call it butter. He (Skydoesminecraft) has a monopoly on mod reviews for this game and even though his videos are admittedly high quality they're still generally unbearable to watch when his falsely contrived spontaneity that his fans insist is "randomness" (they've a notion that this word has a good connotation) or even wit. His fans are worse than his videos and I recommend that he quits YouTube.

Meh hr ain't that bad - RawrBirb

I don't get it like he's just a guy who is obsessed with minecraft he's not that cool. People say "oh sky is so awesome cause he calls gold butter" but guess what? He's not cool. I mean what's so funny about the word butter?

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21 LeafyIsHere LeafyIsHere

I actually like him to be honest. I think the stuff he says are just for entertainment. - Crizz

Finally someone realized how annoying he is! He cusses in every damn sentence!


Hey look, the brat with no chin. - GehennaTheSecond

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22 SammyClassicSonicFan

Okay, while I'll admit his original videos weren't great, after his long absence Sammy came back and was... mature? Yeah, it may be hard to believe, but Sammy did a complete 180 and became an entirely new person, one who still loved sonic, but was mature enough to not let other peoples opinions get to him. He got a summer job, graduated from college, and now resides on instagram answering questions. Sammy is one of the very few annoying Youtubers to admit that they had a problem and fix it. I think we need to stop bashing him for his past actions, because he's not even the same person anymore. Sammy is a prime example of how even the most immature of people can change for the better. - EvanWellens

He had problems leave him alone - Crizz

He is a complete psychopath he throws stuff around his room and yells.

"" this, "" that... SHUT UP! God he did a video with this 11 year old girl, and the girl's voice was DEEPER THAN HIS. what?!

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23 CookieswirlC

My sisters used to watch her videos but luckily they stopped since they grow up. Man she has the worst, fake voice and her contents are so repititive that it's all LOL, Barbie, or whatever girly toys found on the market. Her content is very unbearable that I even tried taking our computer down to prevent my sisters from watching those crap. - ConeHat

Yep She Really Does Suck The Moment When She Started Playing Roblox I Cried Cause Now Roblox Is RUINED. ;-; Since When She Joined Roblox Is Ruined And Plus Her Toy Reviews Suck Her Voice Is So High Pitched HOW CAN A 41 YEAR OLD MAKE THAT HIGH PITCHED VOICE?!

My sister watches her a lot. Even worse, she watches her without any sort of earbuds or headphones on. I feel like I'm getting a disease every time I have to listen to it. - Thevideogameboy

She is more annoying than FGTeeV and gallant gaming

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24 Jojo Siwa Jojo Siwa

Yeah, so entertaining to listen to a 15 year old who probably still plays with Barbies screech ("sing") about...whatever she's talking about. Yeah, CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS! You're a top unicorn bow model model...for American Girl. Amazing. People a third of your age, who probably still go to preschool. think you're the best singer ever, while anyone older than 9 thinks you sound like a dying animal. Big deal. There are way more people that are good dancers and singers than just her. And besides, professional dancers take take it seriously and don't show up for their routine wearing a sequin tutu with a glittery bow and shoes. So fascinating to watch a little kid try to sing, who's just a younger version of the annoying Ariana Grande. She's just a pop star wannabe. - my_account107

Her songs suck, she is so annoying, she thinks she funny, and she looks like a 7 year old. She sucks.

People say don't hate on the "adorable" 15 year old she just 15 - jackjack1

She is rude actually and spoil - Crizz

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25 Chris Crocker

Note the last name.

His fifteen minutes ran out a few years ago. He's now become the poster-boy for "irrelevance".

I actually thought he was a girl until now - mimimelon987

Why should we leave brittney alone when shes all autotune laugh out loud

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26 James Charles

It doesn't matter becAUSE I'm a CeLEbrity

You guys need to sister stop. James is the best. - Smash64

Bruh, his voice is so annoying and he talks way too fast. I have nothing against his content but I think he's so hard to understand sometimes.
~ AlphaQ

Sucky overrated idiot - Maya159610

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27 MileyCyrusVEVO

She should be more hated..

She turned into a slut

28 Jinx

He is a good guy but not really good reaction channels and not even edited the original videos

I'd rather watch grass grow, at least EWNetwork has actual reactions, and doesn't steal other people's content by watching viral videos.

I have nothing against Jinx... but in his videos... he does... nothing. Absolutely nothing. - redhawk766

I bet everyone's pretty mad now that you reached 1M subs. The dude is a legend.

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29 Benthelooney

He's always raging and ranting about stuff that isn't even from the 90's!

He gets pissed at so many things that aren't that bad what the heck why does benthelooney do that he also has a dumb drawing of himself!

Finally someone hates benthelooney he rants about stupid stuff has a dumb character makes fun of T.V. shows

He hates adventure time and regular show, but likes wonder over yonder? What?

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30 RobinThickeVEVO

A rapist combined with a VEVO. What more to say?

Blurred Lines has some of the worst/most uncatchy/annoying tunes in music, EVER!

Blurred is a porn producer not an artist - sissy

Some ass who only has 1 popular (not even) song

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31 Misha

His content is always the same. Him saying the same lyric every 10-15 seconds along with him "dancing". His dancing consists of random movement and flailing. People think he's so cool and follow him saying he's so cool and how he is such a talented singer, when his voice is so annoying and screechy. Most of. but his fan base is just 9 year olds who play fortnite.He is very annoying and I want to punch him so hard that his teeth become straight. AND ALSO WHO THE HELL GAVE HIM THE RIGHT TO DISS PYRO?

I want to kick him in the balls. - GehennaTheSecond

Not a human

The Pokemon Go Song
Enough Said

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32 T-Series T-Series

T stands for Terrible - Tgamez

T series is stupid - Dvafan2

Subscribe to pewdiepie, t-series sucks big poo poo

Sub to pewdiepie cause he has original content!

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33 macbarbie07

I used to like her, then I stopped. Watched a newer video, questioned my life, and got off the computer.

To me, she's just another beauty guru that acts all "cute and innocent" and well, we know what's happening next... - kaitlynrad11

She thinks shes so cool but shes just a stereotypical girl who wears the same thing everyone else wears. looks basic and loves to show off her "thigh gap"

Showing off her thigh gap, I got a damn knee gap but I don't go around saying, Hey guys you wanna go look at stuff through my legs because they so skinny.

How old is she? She acts like she's still in grade school

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34 Anita Sarkeesian Anita Sarkeesian Anita Sarkeesian is a Canadian-American feminist media critic, blogger, and public speaker. She is the founder of Feminist Frequency, a website that hosts videos and commentary analyzing portrayals of women in popular culture.

It is most likely that Anita Sarkeesian actually defends female disempowerment. After all, she is a bastard in general and yet I have not learned much about her. I can't believe what positivity (she has no good traits, we understand that) I saw in Anita Sarkeesian as a teenager! - The Ultimate Daredevil

I really want to punch her in the damn face

Jesus take her

Anita, please just stop.

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35 Shoe0nHead Shoe0nHead

She is a joke

It was a joke channel. Yall can chill. - EvanWellens

36 NickiMinajVEVO

What a douche

Pure disgrace to humanity that's what this is.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

37 GlitterForever17

She's so ugh. Enough said

She's so annoying thinks she's pretty and funny I don't think she is at all also I hear she lost a lot of subscribers due to disturbing content her fans who she calls 'Glitter Critters are little girls and is a terrible influence don't subscribe to her

There's proof of her snapping at fans and being an absolute jerk to her viewers. She's money-hungry and crazy.

I unsubbed to her channel because there was just something wrong with her channel. Her tampon videos are so repellent.

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38 SofloAntonio

Grand Theft Auto 6 - EvanWellens

39 ArianaGrandeVEVO

I love her musics and wrong she is not annoying

Overrated trash - sissy

Overrated and horrible singer.

Wrong she’s amazing singer

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40 Logan Paul Logan Paul Logan Alexander Paul is an American social media entertainer and actor. He first gained fame through videos shared on the internet video service Vine, in which the athletic Paul engages in physical comedy, including slapstick pratfalls and public splits.

Logan Paul is a absolute idiot who might as well stop youtube

Why Does He Always Smash Plates?

The only guy I know who'll milk a suicide for views and money. - EvanWellens


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41 Shane Dawson Shane Dawson Shane Lee Yaw, known professionally as Shane Dawson, is an American YouTuber, writer, comedian, actor, director, musician, and media personality.

He shags cats

How Dare You!

Take This Off!

He/she is probably not going too. This man deserves to be on here. - EvanWellens

I think Shane Dawson seems nice.

Delete this list :C - Crizz

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42 Riley J. Dennis Riley J. Dennis

Riley Dennis is what you would get if you converted pure-poserness into a human being. I never felt ashamed to be trans until Riley and her minions started talking.

43 Jack Doherty
44 FGTeev

This is so annoying that I will watch 24 hours of every other annoying youtuber than this

So annoying and cringey - myusernameisthis

Stupid auto clips


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45 Feminist Frequency

She is quite literally the dumbest person alive. Nothing to see here.

I'm a woman and I'm against this. Feminism is so stupid with how they go about it. Everyone wants to be equal, realize you're not the only one with issues!

Anita Sarkeesian has to be the most hated person on YouTube, how come shes not here?

That's her channel, but she doesn't allow likes or comments, what a coward -_-

Feminism is the death of equality

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46 KeemStar KeemStar Daniel M. Keem, better known online as Keemstar, Killer Keemstar, and formally DJ Keemstar, is an American YouTuber and online news reporter, best known for being the creator, producer and host of the YouTube drama show, DramaAlert, a source for news within YouTube. He is also one of the founding members more.

Film Theory: Hold my beer - RawrBirb

*grabs a shotgun* - GehennaTheSecond

He said sml should be banned I unerstand sml has bad stuff plus jeffy but he has no right to say that

God his videos have so much click bait in them seriously when I heard all this drama about him I went to check his channel and found that there are like 20 videos that are 4 minutes long or something claiming to be a debate between someone popular and someone else popular but its just him saying something about the whole thing I see why he's disliked

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47 Jay Schuerman

Jay is the most laziest and disgusting looking man! You can't respect a guy who doesn't even try to work to support his family, lives off of his wife's income, walks around the house all day in pj's or paint splattered clothes, constantly picking his nose and can't even be bothered to shower or shave... Seriously, he looks like a big hairy Sasquatch! He just looks like he would smell. The only thing you hear or see him do on a regular basis is go the the gym to get his "swole" on so that he can then turn around and eat a big plate of dog food slop that he makes for the kids and himself. The worst is when you hear his wife tell him how "hot" he looks... Seriously, what the hell?!

I definitely agree about his life style. I think they lack conversational skills. so silly. I don't know what they saying to each other. blah, blah. I am concerned about Phoenix. Pitiful. Neither sam nor jay speak English to them. How are they going to learn proper English. Mostly every word Phoenis speaks comes from his mother's mouth. Unless they get those children out socializing, they are in trouble. The screaming is nuts not cute at all. I cannot understand how people enjoy their channel. Their viewers are strange.

Jay is a loser who will do anything to avoid working. I can't believe a grown man is not bored to death sitting around the house all day with his wife and kids. He and Sam do nothing to try to educate their children or help them grow. I'm concerned about what is going to happen to this family once the few views they have dry up because clearly, Jay and Sam refuse to work. Sam can barely be bothered to put a bra on before noon.

Jay looks like he smells of stale McDonald's, sweat and shattered dreams.

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48 Woahh Vicky

She takes color blind to a whole new level.

49 MakeupbyMandy24

14 year old who is constantly talking about all her Mac and other higher end beauty products, always showing off new clothes, and she doesn't even go to school... She's a rich spoiled brat and loves to brag.

She can NOT do makeup at all. She's absolute rubbish at it. Nearly all of her videos are sponsored, and on top of that there's no effort in her content (that she rips off someone else). Shes all about popularity and partying. On a side note, the backlash she receives in her comments are hilarious.

Ikr! In her back to school series, she bought some supplies and she said can always exchange stuff or buy new things...


50 SeaDisney1998

A fake VHS opener that needs to be terminated this instant! - EpicJake

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