Benji (itsJudysLife)


Arrogant, selfish douche that thinks the world revolves around him while he does nothing but live off his wife, grocery shop and cook the same three things over and over. This man is a disgusting human being.

Annoying douche. Consistently asks his wife for sex in their vlogs. Called his daughter fat. Always calls his children drama queens when in reality he's the biggest drama queen of all. A perfect example of a useless human being.

This guy is the most prideful, arrogant piece of donkey dung out there. Everything he does he fails at and he's the biggest moocher and leech around. He's a moocher and leech of his wife's money and success and also leeches off of Julian trying to pass himself off as a real estate agent, just look at JUDY'S house that he became involved in planning, what a moron. He also lies about working. All he does is book travel plans in that doll house in the back yard and grocery shop for hours. He's totally useless. Then he leeches off of Sean by trying to be a success at video influencers, why is he even there? He contributes nothing and his spelling and speaking skills are atrocious. And finally, he'll be bald on top in two years, the arrogant ostrich. I say ostrich because it's the stupidest animal on the planet and that's BENJI TRAVIS.

Narcissistic, rude, obnoxious, controlling, lazy... He is just repulsive.

Hides out in his Wank Shed pretending to be working when we all know he's just looking a Porn. If he's not looking at porn he's sulking over the fact his brother is having a baby boy and he's stuck with three girls. Can't cook and passes off other people's recipes as his own inventions. Work is not a word in his vocabulary but doesn't mind mooching off his wife for the rest of his lazy ass life. Just doesn't get it why people can't stand him because he thinks he's the best husband and father on the planet. Thinks it's OK to take huge bites of food and eat with his mouth open and is working on perfecting the art of eating, burping and farting at the same time. After showing his ridiculously small penis to the world doesn't have the decency to go hide and never be seen again. There is nothing about that man to be proud of, he is The Biggest Douche Loser on the planet.

Dude called his infant daughter slow in the head and fat. Talk about a douche!

The man has no job, no diploma, no intelligence, and no class but thinks that shipping at Nordstrom and Express will make everyone forget that. He also wants his wife to fit the 1950s housewife role but sees nothing wrong with living off her income and spending it on pots and his never ending collection of baby blue shirts.

Benji has such a high opinion of himself that he now has his own Wikipedia page where he takes all the credit for his wife Judy's YouTube success and his brothers thriving Real Estate business, how much lower can a person get. The man has succeeded at nothing in his life but faking it.

He's so lazy he will make a forty-five minute sauce into a six hour sauce just so he has an excuse to not take care of his kids.

Arrogant, narcissistic, chauvinistic, know-it-all (who knows NOTHING), with a "little man" complex... He's so obnoxious, he makes his lazy, selfish, spoiled brat diva of a wife look good by comparison.

I can't stand him at all. I feel sorry for his family. Not in terms of money because we know they have because of YouTube. It's more on being a father and a husband is where he is failing badly. It's sad to watch how he treats his wife and children. Lots of viewers can hear and see how he calls them names like drama queens, couch potato and lazy. I just wish he can tone down and for once be a "father" not a guy with a "sugar mama"(sorry.. I like Judy but that's how I see him with her) to feed and take care of him.

This "man" has the nerve to call his newborn daughters dq's (drama queens) when he's the biggest DQ of them all! They're hungry so they cry! He's repulsive, sexist, controlling, a know it all, who ackshee (his word) knows nothing. He's abusive to his wife, he demeans her, invalidates her, calls his daughter fat and slow in the head. He's just a disgusting vile pig who thinks its ok to shake his teeny weeny in his baby daughters face. He also farts in her face and constantly complains about having to "babysit" his own children. He doesn't work, but lies and says he does.. He lives off of his wife's YouTube earnings. There are just so many things that make Benji Travis the most annoying person on YouTube. It's Benji's world!

This annoying man doesn't work and mooches off of his wife who makes all of the money for the family but doesn't want to help with the kids either. Poor Judy!

He's rude and lewd. He has no tact or class. He acts like he knows everything about everything but can't even spell his own daughter's name. And he's the one who picked it out!

Acts like he's a chef but doesn't know what mise en place means. Thinks he's a foodie but thinks burritos are Mexican and chop suey is Chinese.

Any man who treats his wife like a sex object instead of a person is a jerk.

Cawfay Monday. CAWFAY MONDAY!

The sound of cats having sex is less annoying than this guy's voice trying to sound cool.

He has the most disturbing smile I have ever seen. How can someone in their early 30's have so many lines on their face? He thinks he is hot but he is ugly and has a small weener. So lazy that he does not work because his wife pays for everything.

So many reasons...but at the top of my list is that he pretends to enjoy spending time with his daughters.

He is so annoying with his need to overcompensate for what he deems are his sexual short comings. I blame judy for telling the world she fakes it. And not to mention people going off on the size of his man parts.

He thinks he's entitled to YouTube fame.

Complete idiot, tool, who blissfully has no idea how stupid he is. Contributes nothing to his family, but expects "his ladies" to do all of the work. Demands gratitude and praise from his toddlers for giving them something to eat.

He's gross! What married father of three leaves dirty cups all over the bedroom and bathroom and car, and cloth diapers full of piss and crap sitting for days and then thinks he has the right to complain about his wife? Benji Travis.

Benji is the "Tom Arnold" of Youtubers -- i.e., a no-talent hack riding the coattails of his minimally-talented wife. Uses his inflated sense of "name-recognition" to glom free stuff, sometimes to a ridiculous extent (who the hell needs 10 years worth of chewing gum?! A food-obsessed man-child, that's who! ). As Judy's "manager", conspires with her to do even more glomming under the guise of "free advertising", hence the daily footage of their kids playing with Play-doh, the free "test drives" of high-end automobiles, the weekly donning of Seattle Seahawks merchandise, not to mention all the free cases of ice-cream, candy, steaks, etc (all obsessed "foodie" Benji's idea, I guarantee it). The latest case of begging: managing to latch Judy onto Whirlpool appliances--I guess the foodie wants a new refrigerator! Ego so inflated, that he believes he warrants his own Wikipedia page (currently being considered for deletion, as the smarter-than-he-is users clearly see that it's completely ...more

Benji is so full of himself! Always bragging about how he can afford to buy the best foods available! I hate the way he goes on about healthy foods as if no one else knows about it. Yet he's still not in great shape and the wife is quite heavy! He also has no manners when eating! That stupid mouth showing all the food he's chewing! I ALSO THINK HE DRINKS TOO MUCH AND SO DOES SHE!

The dude is a sexist, jobless, ignorant, dumb piece excuse of a man!