A so-called grown man who exploits and milks his children's every waking moments to make a living as he has no talent, skills or brains to be employed on his own merit.

He acts like an imbecile who can't speak or talk without repeating over and over the most embarrassing utter nonsense and tries to pass it off as humor. The man is devoid of any trace of talent or likeability and watching him prance around like an idiot is cruel and unusual punishment I would not subject even the most hardened criminal to this torture.

The wife and mother of these exploited children is without doubt the sorriest excuse for a grown woman and mother I have ever seen in my entire life. She is incapable of even the most basic nurturing or attention to these children that were obviously bred for the strict purpose for what they could make off their backs. She is incapable of speaking a complete sentence or carrying out a simple conversation. Anything other then herself and her comforts are an ...more

This guy seems to think people are remotely interested in his random, incoherent babbling, when really everyone is waiting for the train crash. He makes money off his children, spends stupid amounts of it on junk food and cars for himself, yet begs subscribers to send in clothes for the kids. Exploitation much?!

Disgusting little man. He scams AdSense, buys Twitter followers, and talks like a teenage American girl. He exploits his children for views, including putting them in unsafe situations.

Creates drama while exploiting his children. His wife is a cold fish who cares more about her carrot cake m&m obsession rather than her 2 children. YouTube's worst parent award goes to...

He does everything for fame. Buys fake twitter followers, used and old cars and exploits his poor kids.

A copy-cat, a pervert, a pathetic excuse for a man, dirty, fake, sociopath, money hungry dirtbag. Makes me sick to think of all the young teenagers who watch him and think his life is anything like real life.

His voice. His massive ego. His behaviour. His feelings of entitlement. His attitude. His laziness. His editing. His drama creation for views. His rockstar complex. His lack of style. His lack of knowledge. He thinks he is. relatable when almost no-one who watches his videos has a life like his, thank god. His accent.

This guy doesn't know when it's better to just shut up. He is a little slimy worm who lives from selling his childrens privacy.

Just an idiot, who says sexually explicit things to his child, looks like a potatoe, sounds like his underwear is squeezing his balls too tight, buys used cars and acts like they're new, rents every house they've lived in, have 6 dogs - who are ugly, due to their owners own severe hygiene problems... Why is he not #1?

He is greedy, selfish, a liar, has no friends so talks crap to a camera all day, exploits his children for views and money.

He only cares about himself. He repeats everything 3x in a row. He entices perverts/child molesters/baby role-play fans to his 19 month old daughter with perverted scenes. He exploits his children to make money so he doesn't have to get a real job. He is an inauthentic, unscrupulous, and smelly gnome.

Cannot find any excuse for a "man" "selling" his children (and their privacy) on a website. He hasn't any paternal protective feelings towards these innocent babies,. Because if he did he'd at least obliterate their faces in the vlogs! Nope. If anything he puts them at risk, to grab viewers attention. Any site/company actively involved with someone like this, must also be deplorable, lacking in morals etc. I have ZERO time & respect for either... :(

At first I thought he was retarded and I was impressed that he made it that far on YouTube but then I found out that he actually just tries to be funny

Pure trash. He seems to think the term "a fool and his money are soon parted" will never apply to him. I've heard someone talk SO much, but say SO little.

Another little worm exploiting his two kids for money

He thinks he is funny, he is not. He thinks he is good looking, he is not. He thinks he can exploit his children, he should not! He thinks he can sing, he can not. He wants to be appear super rich by buying old, used cars, but he is not. He thinks he can say whatever he wants, his viewers believe it, and then change the facts later on...

This so called man needs to get a real job and stop using his children for $
His wife Anna needs to put their children first while they are so very young. Feed your son based on his needs, not a schedule meant to be convenient to U. Support the infant's head... how can you possibly NOT know to do that?!?

Stop forcing a learned love affair with food on your daughter. That will lead to all manner of problems very soon.

So short and stumpy couldn't reach the kitchen cabinets also is a car lover in the fact he loves them more than being a gnome

He's just a wanna be American that should put the camera down and take care of his family. But his priorities are completely backwards because he sees dollar signs instead of love for his family. What a useless waste of a person.

He and his wife are vile human beings who exploit their children for views, his wife makes herself out to be a great dog lover but hits her 6 dogs or ignores them, they pee on the floor because she is far too lazy to walk them when they are not with the dog walker.

As well as the dog walker they have a nanny, who they are currently trying to edit out of their videos, I guess because she received positive feedback from their fans. However you can still see and hear her at times. Oh and Jonathon tried to break the present the nanny gave his daughter for her birthday out of spite.

They also have a cleaner and most recently a cook who they try and hide, but she has been seen. They try and pass off her food as their own creations, but we all know that Anna can only manage tasteless pasta meals.

They also have a personal trainer who, apart from the dog walker is the only other person they happily show online.

I hope the YouTube dream dries up and they are forced ...more

I can't stand this gnome! Or his beige lazy wife what two freaks! As someone would say!

Creepy, creepy pervert. Who would say you want to have a threesome with your wife and baby daughter or that you're in the mile high club because you changed your daughters nappy on a plane. Exploits his kids, controls his wife, talks nonsense, lies, scams and is just the creepiest man I've ever seen. Deserves number one!

HE HUMPS KITCHEN COUNTERS! No, he really does. He wants to impregnate chicken fillets. This guy...

Just dives you crazy! Is a selfish man towards his children and even his wife ( who without him would be less annoying) don't watch his videos!

Total mental case married to Mommy Dearest!