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201 Skrillex Vevo

Skrillex is good... His three hits, I mean.

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202 DeadloxMC‎

Because we... Do? Seriously what do you EXPECT people to say on a list like this? Get out kid.

Used to watch. I don't hate him I just don't watch his videos. I'll occasionally watch.

Very low quality videos, just another Minecraft YouTuber with no personality.

From Minecraft to annoying and losing all his try not to something challange

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203 DSPGaming

Obviously should be number 1 on this list... Then fred

The most stupid egoistic on YouTube. Blames fans for not getting him more views.

204 MileyCyrusVEVO

She should be more hated..

She turned into a slut

205 Velvetgh0st

Definitely a bully, compulsive liar and a bit of a psychopath. She blocks any fans that don't kiss her arse. Nasty nasty little brat

A deluded girl who thinks she's all that but she's not. Only sucked up to Zoe to get what she wants

Gabby is a self centered bully who licked zoella's ass to get popular on YouTube.

Gabby is a horrible bully who lied about having a operation to gain innocent teens attention and sympathy. Shes a pointless brat who blocks anyone who gives her the slightest bit of hate and doesn't lick her arse. She begs it off all the big YouTubers such as Zoella and is a nasty bitchy talentless cow who shouldn't be aloud to make videos.

206 GudjonDaniel

Used KSI to gain subs then acted like he was too good. He joked saying he didn't know him and ditched him and gain subs. It's good that he lost heaps of subs because of KSI. So GudjonDaniel the arrogant back stabber should be in top ten

207 Marcus Butler

The youngest middle-aged grump on YouTube. He's only in his early-twenties, but he comes across as a humorless, dour, extremely bitter 55 year old. He's neither cute nor funny, and his five minutes are thankfully almost up.

Use to work at his software development firm, and he used to make me work from 8:00 to 6:00 and pay was very poor, and would always travel, and leave the Employees to run it.

Why why why why why

Marcus is amazing yo

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208 Nash Grier Nash Grier Nash Grier is an American Internet personality. He became known for his online Vine videos in early 2013.

A disgrace to social media. Talentless, homophobic and incredibly arrogant are the only 4 words that can describe him.

How the hell is Nash lower than Dan Howell when Nash is a sexist and homophobic ass with such high standards for women.

He should be higher up on the list, he is a complete dickhead and is racist and sexist... His vines and videos are stupid and not even close to being funny and he relies on young, horny 13 years olds for %90 of his popularity. He's good looking but that's practically the whole package.


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209 coverkillernation

How is he bad. He has 28,000 subscribers. Making him probably the most famous heavy metal YouTuber/reviewer. He is my favourite YouTube. Good luck with your dream of owning a music store! - IronSabbathPriest

What sick person would dare put CKN on this list?

Whoever added my boy CKN here is crazy - FettiMC

210 Kalel Cullen

She clearly knew she had no talents and thus couldn't make a popular YouTube channel, so after she met Anthony she quickly got into a relationship with him just so she could hijack all his fans to get some subscribers for her channel, throughout the years Anthony has basically been the life source for kalel's channel, and she dated Anthony just so she could snatch some of his fame, despite the fact that she is the single most commitment-troubled human on the face of the earth, she couldn't stay in a relationship for over a year if she really tried. Why are tons of subscribers stupid enough to still watch her videos after she broke up with Anthony? He was the whole reason we watched them in the first place, it really pisses me off that now kalel continues to make videos by herself with no substance, quality or anything worth watching whatsoever, but all the dumbass subscribers who chose to still watch this channel after Anthony left are still giving the channel life. Kalel at this ...more

After watching Kalel adopt six different personas over the past three years, it's become glaringly obvious that she's as fake as her name (her real name is Kristen Smith). Her current incarnation as a snooty Barbie-doll wannabe L.A. chick is her worst one yet. She'd be way more likable if she'd stop being so fake and obsessive about her image. She often comes across as entitled, insensitive, and preachy, and she's nowhere near as clever or pretty as she thinks she is. A large dose of humility and self-awareness might help.

A spoiled brat that gets easily upset when she doesn't get what she wants.

I've met toddlers with a better grasp on reality than her

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211 Tyrone Magnus

Wonderful guy, priceless impressions, and shares meaningful food for thought after his reactions. Gotta love Transformers.

Why is he on this list? I find him to be pretty cool.

Why he is in here he still slightly better than amazingphil

He is like jinx, talentless idiot.

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212 Jimbothy

One of the funniest and loudest YouTubers of all time. I love his Easter egg videos, even though they aren't real Easter eggs.

213 Pyrocynical

I think he's great

A great YouTuber but his voice gets annoying that is all

Horriple keemster was right

214 VeganGains

He tried to exploit his Grandfather's death by recording him die; so he can "diagnose" his Grandfather's cause of death: being a meat-eater. No explanation needed.

He just isn't a good person. he makes fun of people who have cancer, and he has pretty much made a live death threat on the internet

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The narrator talks too fast. Slow down. - madoog

They made videos about feminism (cAncer) and how gay men are more masculine. smh.

216 Toy Freaks

I don't know what is worse about this channel, the fact that the dad records his daughters dressed up as babies or that he pretends to be a baby with them. Or it could be the disturbing bath tub videos and don't get me started on "Spatula Girl". I still don't see how they have almost 3 million subscribers and I suspect a good chunk of them are pedophiles. - Beautifullush

Retarded dad shooting videos of his aggressive daughters who are not babies.

That show is deranged' the dad only shows pranks how rude?

Please every one kindly visit that page and report it to you tube. join us in closing that channel down. I've done my part, please do your's.

217 AmandasChronicles
218 AuronPlay
219 BlastphamousHD

All he does is commenting another youtube for money, he has no talent and wasthing youtube server's harddrive with his big bald turtle head shape.

220 BridgetteWest

BRIDGETTEWEST HEARE! So annoying… - railfan99

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