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201 Jelly

Quite possibly the most annoying YouTuber. Doesn't deserve nearly as many subs as he has, the only reason he has so many is because he got a shout out from a fellow YouTuber. From fake reactions to cringe worthy annoying faces and comments while he plays games, this guy clearly has a 5-12 year old age demographic. Utterly impossible to watch through an entire video while he screams and makes annoying faces. Oh, I almost forgot, his entire fan base is full of autistic elementary school kids trying to defend him from people who actually have a decent brain and sense of humour.

He is rude to the people who make the videos possible.

Jelly is a VERY ANNOYING Gamer and YouTuber. Why anyone watches his videos, is beyond me.

His the best YouTuber

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202 Jimbothy

One of the funniest and loudest YouTubers of all time. I love his Easter egg videos, even though they aren't real Easter eggs.

203 VeganGains

He tried to exploit his Grandfather's death by recording him die; so he can "diagnose" his Grandfather's cause of death: being a meat-eater. No explanation needed.

He just isn't a good person. he makes fun of people who have cancer, and he has pretty much made a live death threat on the internet

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The narrator talks too fast. Slow down. - madoog

They made videos about feminism (cAncer) and how gay men are more masculine. smh.

205 Toy Freaks

I don't know what is worse about this channel, the fact that the dad records his daughters dressed up as babies or that he pretends to be a baby with them. Or it could be the disturbing bath tub videos and don't get me started on "Spatula Girl". I still don't see how they have almost 3 million subscribers and I suspect a good chunk of them are pedophiles. - Beautifullush

Retarded dad shooting videos of his aggressive daughters who are not babies.

That show is deranged' the dad only shows pranks how rude?

Please every one kindly visit that page and report it to you tube. join us in closing that channel down. I've done my part, please do your's.

206 PhantomStrider

Easily one of the least entertaining/informative review channels I've seen, and the saddest thing is he works genuinely hard on it and isn't a troll channel. He's just obnoxious.

Wait what he is amazing

No he is ok. I just don't like how he hates people who don't like frozen.

Why Is He Here?

207 AuronPlay
208 BlastphamousHD

All he does is commenting another youtube for money, he has no talent and wasthing youtube server's harddrive with his big bald turtle head shape.

209 Eugenia Cooney

She needs to eat.

Starving herself for attention

She weighs only 88lbs and she's 23. what she's doing is very stupid. it's very unhealthy. she needs to eat and stop starving herself for attention.

210 Tana Mongeau

Fake ass bitch who posts fake storytime just so she can get views. All her content is a lie.

211 BridgetteWest

BRIDGETTEWEST HEARE! So annoying… - railfan99

212 jameslikecoulter

because he is very annoying and stupid

213 SeriousFailDude

I hate this bitch but he keeps on trolling others but then I trolled that sucker. Laugh out loud it was fun. He got what he deserves. I think I will do it again. I showed him who is boss. Now he won't mess with me again. Now I am going to troll him again

214 911andyou

They are like, what- 10? 9? And they have a completely unfunny account, they actually made fun of 9-11, but the thing that crossed the line was that:
THEY. MADE. FUN. OF. KSIOLAJEDEBT. The best youtuber on earth. They are SO not funny.

A. Your not funny
B. Your 9 YEARS OLD and
C. You take the mick out of ksi. - Mushroom99

215 Glozell

A sad middle-aged lady who tried to make it in showbiz and ended up on YouTube. She can actually sing fairly well, but now makes a living wearing green lipstick and acting like a fool on the internet. She's more annoying than funny, and her "career" is like a cautionary tale forecasting the future for most of the current crop of marginally talented YouTubers.

Shes just weird as hell

She's More Better Than Miranda Sings

I just don't see her appeal.

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216 PimpinMast3rDX
217 xzd2bp
218 ADoseOfBuckley

Wha wha wha, everyone is stupid because my opinion of how they think is stupid. I get that a lot of music really sucks, but all you're really about is being a cynical Canadian who thinks he's in some sort of position of authority to evaluate everything.You aren't. To any smart person, you're just an idiot who likes to curse everything you don't agree with in your closed off single-minded world.

Biggest hypocrite on the internet
Made a video slagging off george zimmerman regarding the shooting of trayvon martin, really laying into him and treating him like the scum of the earthyet in another video he rants on about how we have to give unquestioning respect to all members of the law. Moans about absolutely everything, the most trivial nonsense eg a random story about the kardashians saying something dumb, he made such a big song and dance about it, calling her the c word and other obscenities. Constantly rants about the state of music today. Nearly every single recent song he sticks his nose up at them, just a pretentious idiot if you ask me and to add insult to injury he thinks he's some sort of old wise man, constantly putting down young people simply because in his mind he thinks he some sort of wise old enlightend soul, come on mate your 30, stop whining and whinging and get a real job

He's always so angry and loud in his videos.

219 Bryan Lanning

Lies about donating to charity! Puts his child in a play pen all day. Stuffs his face with fast food as he's too lazy to cook! Sings out of tune the whole time! Goes on and on!

Doesn't help out at home at all, his wife does all the work and he's always "busy". It doesn't take a whole day to edit one video. Probably slacking off. Also, hate it when he sings. MUTE IT!

You guys suck you don't really know Bryan, Missy, Oliver, and Finley you idiots

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220 CaptainSparklez

Everyone thinks he's this 'good guy' but in actuality, he doesn't respect any of his friends and will refuse to record with them unless it's for his own personal gain.

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