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221 Emma (Kittiesmama)

The little spoiled brat. Skank in the making, I tell ya. And annoying as heck.

She's 10 and spoiled, wears makeup wherever she goes, her parents like her better than her 2 brothers and she says YOUTUBBY! She has a chipmunk voice. I HATE her so much.


So spoils needs no makeup is a little brat amen

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222 TC9700Gaming

He thinks he's so smart, using big words then repeats 90% of what he says. He's voice is hella annoying you can also tell he has no social skills he also can't form a sentence with out pausing to think about what he's going to say

His voice is so annoying and he's really bad at commentating like I can't stand him

223 DarkSydePhil V 2 Comments
224 Grace Helbig

Grace pretends to be dumb because she thinks it's cute. Unfortunately for her, she's not still in high school, so it's annoying as can be. The tone (or lack thereof) of her voice is strange and makes me feel like I am trying to take history class from a bimbo.

Marginally funny. Likeable to an extent, but her appeal is extremely limited. She really doesn't have a lot to offer, and she knows it.

She is perfect and I get that a lot of people don't get her dry humor. She is also from New Jersey my state, and she is soon sweeter when you meet her in person

Wait why is she here take her off this list.

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225 Sawyer Hartman

Films are completely uninterested, seem to get his fame only from being roommate with Joey Graceffa.

Rich boy financed by his mama. Talentless and boring, and his voice sounds like scrap metal scraping down a cheese-grater.

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226 Alex Jones

Most radical political creator on YouTube. Blames the government on every terrorist attack, But it was funny, when he went off on Piers Morgan.

227 Piinksparkles

Has been caught lying multiple times, boyfriend is having an affair behind her back and she refuses to acknowledge it.

228 JoshuaDTV

Too old for YouTube. He's like a boy-band reject thirsty for fame. His constant burping, farting, and poop jokes pretty much sums up his "talent".

Boring, used to be funny but he's not anymore. Jokes are pathetic and stupid.

Really negative and very whiny

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229 Kalel Cullen

She clearly knew she had no talents and thus couldn't make a popular YouTube channel, so after she met Anthony she quickly got into a relationship with him just so she could hijack all his fans to get some subscribers for her channel, throughout the years Anthony has basically been the life source for kalel's channel, and she dated Anthony just so she could snatch some of his fame, despite the fact that she is the single most commitment-troubled human on the face of the earth, she couldn't stay in a relationship for over a year if she really tried. Why are tons of subscribers stupid enough to still watch her videos after she broke up with Anthony? He was the whole reason we watched them in the first place, it really pisses me off that now kalel continues to make videos by herself with no substance, quality or anything worth watching whatsoever, but all the dumbass subscribers who chose to still watch this channel after Anthony left are still giving the channel life. Kalel at this ...more

After watching Kalel adopt six different personas over the past three years, it's become glaringly obvious that she's as fake as her name (her real name is Kristen Smith). Her current incarnation as a snooty Barbie-doll wannabe L.A. chick is her worst one yet. She'd be way more likable if she'd stop being so fake and obsessive about her image. She often comes across as entitled, insensitive, and preachy, and she's nowhere near as clever or pretty as she thinks she is. A large dose of humility and self-awareness might help.

A spoiled brat that gets easily upset when she doesn't get what she wants.

I've met toddlers with a better grasp on reality than her

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230 DashieXP

OK I'm cool with DashieGames in the list but DashieXP in the list that crosses the line man sure he can be loud but that is what make him funny since he started he kept it like that unlike other YouTube's who change every couple of Months or so

HI MY NAME IS AUSTIN MY BIRTH day is tomorrow my MIDLE name is Randall I was born in 2002 o yes my MIDLE naME is Randall my YouTube channel will be CALLD RANDALL 123 ps can you tell you're fans about me PLEAS PLEAS and if you do thank so much so yes by man o and yes I will be 13 if I just dead that

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231 LionMaker Studios

Why he plays hide and seek and he also puts a lot of effort

He makes completely repetitive videos, just like all of the other YouTubers, trying to copy all of them. His voice is also SOOO annoying, it sounds like he's high!

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232 Camila Coelho

I'm surprised I bothered to read this many comments

233 Tai Lopez

HET GUYS JUST HERE IN MY GArAgE JuSt BoUgHt A nEw LaMbRoGiNi or whatever never cared for this dude just knew of that add and despised it

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234 ChestnutDread
235 Two Best Friends Play
236 Verlisify

Okay like seriously we get that cheating is bad, can you stop making redundant videos and have your fan base attack people you accuse of cheating on a constant basis and be a decent human being?... who am I kidding? You won't. You are getting money from it and your fanbase is easy to manipulate and don't actually look into why people hate you so much.

He bashes other Pokemon YouTubers in his videos. Foul play buddy.

He is a really annoying Pokemon YouTuber and am surprised he isn't on this list since every Pokemon YouTuber openly dislikes him.

237 Stevie T
238 3456raven

Comments on videos that have like scripts eg: car: time to go for a drive (revs engine).

Gets on my nerves commenting on nearly every video to do with T.V. shows, T.V. idents etc. Using scripts e.g. If the was a T.V. thing on YouTube to do with the sun they would type, Sun: here comes the sun (shines) GETS REALLY ANNOYING! >:(

239 Rodrigo Estrada Movie Productions

I never saw any of his videos, but today he randomly put a stfu and almost harassed me on the annoying orange video comment I posted two years ago. I think he is trying to put up a fight on me or something ���" - wariolady

240 Vanessa Marie
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