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221 PimpinMast3rDX
222 xzd2bp
223 ADoseOfBuckley

Wha wha wha, everyone is stupid because my opinion of how they think is stupid. I get that a lot of music really sucks, but all you're really about is being a cynical Canadian who thinks he's in some sort of position of authority to evaluate everything.You aren't. To any smart person, you're just an idiot who likes to curse everything you don't agree with in your closed off single-minded world.

Biggest hypocrite on the internet
Made a video slagging off george zimmerman regarding the shooting of trayvon martin, really laying into him and treating him like the scum of the earthyet in another video he rants on about how we have to give unquestioning respect to all members of the law. Moans about absolutely everything, the most trivial nonsense eg a random story about the kardashians saying something dumb, he made such a big song and dance about it, calling her the c word and other obscenities. Constantly rants about the state of music today. Nearly every single recent song he sticks his nose up at them, just a pretentious idiot if you ask me and to add insult to injury he thinks he's some sort of old wise man, constantly putting down young people simply because in his mind he thinks he some sort of wise old enlightend soul, come on mate your 30, stop whining and whinging and get a real job

He's always so angry and loud in his videos.

224 Bryan Lanning

Lies about donating to charity! Puts his child in a play pen all day. Stuffs his face with fast food as he's too lazy to cook! Sings out of tune the whole time! Goes on and on!

Doesn't help out at home at all, his wife does all the work and he's always "busy". It doesn't take a whole day to edit one video. Probably slacking off. Also, hate it when he sings. MUTE IT!

You guys suck you don't really know Bryan, Missy, Oliver, and Finley you idiots

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225 CaptainSparklez

Everyone thinks he's this 'good guy' but in actuality, he doesn't respect any of his friends and will refuse to record with them unless it's for his own personal gain.

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226 Emma (Kittiesmama)

The little spoiled brat. Skank in the making, I tell ya. And annoying as heck.

She's 10 and spoiled, wears makeup wherever she goes, her parents like her better than her 2 brothers and she says YOUTUBBY! She has a chipmunk voice. I HATE her so much.


So spoils needs no makeup is a little brat amen

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227 TC9700Gaming

He thinks he's so smart, using big words then repeats 90% of what he says. He's voice is hella annoying you can also tell he has no social skills he also can't form a sentence with out pausing to think about what he's going to say

His voice is so annoying and he's really bad at commentating like I can't stand him

228 DarkSydePhil V 2 Comments
229 Grace Helbig

Grace pretends to be dumb because she thinks it's cute. Unfortunately for her, she's not still in high school, so it's annoying as can be. The tone (or lack thereof) of her voice is strange and makes me feel like I am trying to take history class from a bimbo.

Marginally funny. Likeable to an extent, but her appeal is extremely limited. She really doesn't have a lot to offer, and she knows it.

She is perfect and I get that a lot of people don't get her dry humor. She is also from New Jersey my state, and she is soon sweeter when you meet her in person

Wait why is she here take her off this list.

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230 Sawyer Hartman

Films are completely uninterested, seem to get his fame only from being roommate with Joey Graceffa.

Rich boy financed by his mama. Talentless and boring, and his voice sounds like scrap metal scraping down a cheese-grater.

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231 Alex Jones

Most radical political creator on YouTube. Blames the government on every terrorist attack, But it was funny, when he went off on Piers Morgan.

232 Piinksparkles

Has been caught lying multiple times, boyfriend is having an affair behind her back and she refuses to acknowledge it.

233 JoshuaDTV

Too old for YouTube. He's like a boy-band reject thirsty for fame. His constant burping, farting, and poop jokes pretty much sums up his "talent".

Boring, used to be funny but he's not anymore. Jokes are pathetic and stupid.

Really negative and very whiny

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234 Tealaxx2

Honestly she's pretty, but that's all she is.

She brags about just about EVERYTHING. What she has, who she knows, how much money she has. She is so vain, if you add her on snapchat it is literally 200+ seconds a day of just selfies, videos of her mouthing songs, and her BMW.

It seems like she's kind of fake because one day she's doing a best friend tag with sarah (made up) five months later she has another best friend tag with ashley (made up) and her and sarah aren't friends anymore, and the cycle goes on.

If I hear her lie about her weave being her real hair one more time I am going to lose my mind, I am going to find her, I am going to hold her down, and I am going to cut the extensions out and hack her YouTube to show everyone.

Don't find this offensive, but she really wants to be a white girl so bad. She's so desperate that she acts out every white girl stereotype and takes it to the max. Every single video is STARBUCKS, STARBUCKS, CHIPOTLE, STARBUCKS, ...more

Actually she is a great person don't understand why she is on this list she is real unlike mylifeaseva and maybaby

She and yara shahidi are both stupid sluts who just care about showing off stuff they bought or stuff they have. They also like showing off going out to different places like the beach on their IG. They try to make people feel bad because everyday they both post pictures of themselves everyday on IG, like showing off whatever trashy outfit they are wearing, bragging about what they bought/ate, or showing off in general trying to make other people feel jealous, even though nobody is jealous of them at all.

Fake dumb slutty whore has no friends and no life. And she DOES NOT get paid on YouTube because nobody gets paid on yt, and there's no proof. She sleeps around with white guys to get fame and attention. She tries to act "white" and she lies about her hair being "real". She is fake and slutty just like all the other yt guru whores.
She wishes she was Kim k. And she's already ending up like her now. She has fake viewers, subscribers and commenters.

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235 DashieXP

OK I'm cool with DashieGames in the list but DashieXP in the list that crosses the line man sure he can be loud but that is what make him funny since he started he kept it like that unlike other YouTube's who change every couple of Months or so

HI MY NAME IS AUSTIN MY BIRTH day is tomorrow my MIDLE name is Randall I was born in 2002 o yes my MIDLE naME is Randall my YouTube channel will be CALLD RANDALL 123 ps can you tell you're fans about me PLEAS PLEAS and if you do thank so much so yes by man o and yes I will be 13 if I just dead that

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236 LionMaker Studios

Why he plays hide and seek and he also puts a lot of effort

He makes completely repetitive videos, just like all of the other YouTubers, trying to copy all of them. His voice is also SOOO annoying, it sounds like he's high!

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237 Camila Coelho

I'm surprised I bothered to read this many comments

238 Pksparkxx Dathottness

Pksparkxx isn't bad. He's just very loud. Not that there's a problem with noise. He's actually a very funny and talented YouTuber.

This guy is so ANNOYING and don't know how to be quiet sometimes and overreacts to the smallest things. If your going to watch his videos you better make sure to not wear headphones or have you volume turned down to like one of the lowest settings

239 Tai Lopez

HET GUYS JUST HERE IN MY GArAgE JuSt BoUgHt A nEw LaMbRoGiNi or whatever never cared for this dude just knew of that add and despised it

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240 Britneyandbaby

I just don't know where to begin. This pathetic excuse for a human being strives "so, so" hard to appear absolutely, shiningly, immaculately perfect, using repetitive hand gestures because she is too verbally inept to get her point across in the usual manner. I can't stand her feigned breathy demeanour and the way she constantly flirts with the camera, even when she is driving. This idiot earns an obscene amount of money from her brain dead, adoring subscribers, ALL of which she is more than happy to splurge on herself. What is wrong with her children? They look and act tranquil used whenever they appear on screen. The baby is not developing as a toddler of his age should. Britney is a dark woman, there is a lot more going on there than meets the eye. She probably keeps Ean ( who spells it that way?!? ) in the gimp closet for most of the day, only wheeling his limp ass out for her videos, which are "so, so good, ahh."

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