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261 Anita Sarkeesian Anita Sarkeesian
262 beberle2
263 ShishioSeta

he just call somebody get a life idiot without a valid reason - ronluna

264 deathforposers
265 DrakeVerde
266 dgfof3

This Annoying Poser Picks Fights With With Everyone, And Thinks He Is So Cool, Calling Dancing: "Jerking. " Get This Kid Off Of YouTube!

Once I watched a YouTube video and I said it in the comments "This video is so awesome" and then he said shut up to me and then we were having a HUGE comment war - TheMinecraftGamer

Tries to dance. Fails miserably. - jasonthomashunter-lief

267 jon4lakers
268 SLRpros
269 Ratedrr V 1 Comment
270 akoolaidkiller

He's really funny buut at times he can get just a little annoying because of the things he says sometimes so yeah

271 Ohheyitsandrew

Not funny and tries to be funny with his "awkwardness" next!

Andrew is so underrated and deserves at least 1 million subscribers. Love him!

272 CopperCab

I hate his gingers have souls video, even though I am a ginger, he is a disgrace to gingers. I loved the south park episode about gingers. But seriously... when he made the overreaction of Saint Patricks day being racist... I flipped!

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273 JanMoesVEVO
274 Jackieevanchovevo V 1 Comment
275 XGamerGX

She's got to pigheaded, she thinks she's amazing. That her videos are great, the music she uses is amazing, and says she's a boss at everything.. Sorry but you suck, she doesn't really know anything about Grand Theft Auto.

276 TheFineBros

You guys can't be serious, all these guys do is have a bunch of people react to popular videos, mainly kids, really cheap ploy to get people to eat their videos through the cuteness factor, even though most of the kids are annoying and obnoxious, how people find this entertaining... I don't know, then they came out with teens and elders react, how uncreative, and then YouTubers react, what's next? Adults react? Dogs react? Babies react? So pointless, who would waste their time to watch a group of people watch videos, most of those people who react think they're funny... they're not.

What's more uninspired than doing a video of yourself reacting to another video? Constantly showing OTHER people reacting to another video! Nothing says "I have nothing interesting to say" than by making other people react for you and leeching off of any small amount of wit they produce.

Why are TheFineBros on here? I love their channel! Their react videos are really neat and their other videos are really cool too! The kids in the kids react videos are so cute as well!

In my OPINION it's better than the standered react channel more opinions on the thing being reacted to
I have found their videos enjoyable

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277 likeplaneboy

Agree, he only likes himself, not everyone else and he also likes Thomas the Tank Engine - CasinLetsGoBowling

Seriously, he calls himself "the best" and everybody else "idiots", don't believe me?

278 TheKelvlog
279 VenusAngelic

The whole dollie style is way too over done. Her voice is annoying and fake. She is all over fake


I mean, don't get me wrong here, I mean, I feel really bad for her mom abusing her and I must say, she does have a bad life... But... she's just one of those.. urgh... "Fake girls" I mean THINK about it. She records videos about her eating fatty-junk crap but never gain weight, she tries to look like a pretty doll and act "kawaii", she's a HUGE weaboo >.>, she cheated on her boyfriend, she's acting like this "taking mom's account" thing is normal. -.- Seriously.. There was NO reason for her to take her mom's laptop and her account. -_- JUST. SO. MAY. THINGS. WRONG. WITH. HER. >:c

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280 Jaclyn Glenn

Tried to watch her videos at one point in time because all the other atheist vloggers that I am a huge fan of either had her as a guest or mentioned her channel.

Sadly I was very disappointed, because I was under the impression that she'd be as edgy and funny as the guys were, but she wasn't. I wasn't quiet sure at first why I just wasn't impressed as her material seemed to be the same, but I realized she seems to do a very poor job of handling sarcasm and edge, because she tries too hard to be cute at the same time, and everything comes out as kind of annoying and corny, like when a normally vanilla kid cusses and smokes cigs all of a sudden to impress the bad kids at school.

I myself am female, but maybe women just aren't good at this anything-goes-say-it-like-it-is blunt humor because they can't resist focusing on getting attention for being cute first, leaving the material or issues and humor as just means to an end and you can't really do that with this kind of ...more

Relies on her looks and supposed "cute" personality to get views, which is ok even if you have to sit through watching her swear and act all angry and frustrated at the most minor incidents regarding religion
Contrary to what she thinks of herself, she's not clever, nor original nor funny or witty, she's just another sarcastic pseudo intellectual YouTuber who thinks she's the cleverest person to ever walk this earth, what makes her worse is that she tries to reason and act all calm while she essentially tells you that you live a lie, which is not true and would just annoy people even more
The sooner she stops making stupid videos the better

How is it that jaclyn's even on here? She's intelligent and makes really good points in her videos

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