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281 Sonic99rae
282 Mr. Fruit Gaming V 1 Comment
283 Animedamage

He's a obscure, biased & retarded moron. enough said!

Beware! This dumbass is probably the worst thing that happened to YouTube.

His playthroughs look like garbage, he is the most biased turd you could ever encounter out there.He is the opposite of funny and "reuses" some of the jokes constantly. His comebacks are lame and pathetic. He deactivates the comments every time someone with more brains than him rightfully criticize him and mentions it to the "viewers".

His Ace Attorney Investigations 2 playthrough was the worst thing I have seen in my entire life.And he constantly and unfairly bashes Capcom in the most cringeworthy way.

What a dumbass, retardedly-sounding biased. He is also a brony (and most likely a no-life clopper).

Check his channel...dislikes galore.Or no likes at all.Thank god he's that obscure.Would be pretty cancerous to me if he ever became popular like Pewdiepie.

If you want a completely biased and annoying no-life stupid and ungrateful ass douchebag that will hate something no matter what (Case in point Capcom) then look no further than this dickwad.His jokes and puns are the very worst.Bottom of the barrel worst.

He also blocks others that hate his guts since he's such a stupid prick about it or deactivate the comment.And you thought Phil Fish was a whiny bitch.

His play throughs are like cancer and are very crappy-looking quality-wise(240p FTF! ), the Ace Attorney Investigations 2 one being the worst thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

This guy will obviously never get laid!

He's a whiny biased bitch.enough said!

284 The Quarter Guy

Crappy humor, predictable countdowns, cheesy remarks.Nothing's that great about this guy.

His jokes are kinda eh and not as great as I had hoped.Cheesy in a bad way and uninspired.Other than that I'm okay with him.

285 Farfromsubtle V 2 Comments
286 Screwattack

I enjoy watching the death battles and such and I feel that thought there might be someone out there who creates more accurate battle with everything accounted for doesn't mean I don't find their content fun

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287 VenturianTale

I like his videos, it's just that every time I search up a GMod addon, one of his videos pop up. It's just that, he's like sand- his videos get everywhere and gets messy. But, you have to admit, siblings running everywhere trying to kill each other in game is a little bit entertaining,

Venturiantales rocks and I love them they should not be in here.
They are cool so who would put them in here

Hi my name is austin big fan my b day is tomorrow I will be 13 I was born in 2002 my MIDLE naME is Randall my YouTube channel will be calld Randall 123 ps can you tell your fans about me PLEAS PLEAS and if you do thank you so much so yes thanks man by

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288 MyToeCold (Drew Monson)

I used to be a die hard fan of him, and I'll admit he's funny and talented But after seeing more of him on podcasts, social media, and hearing stories about him from Shane and such, he comes off as obnoxious.

First he seems oversensitive. Shane was talking about him being upset and whining because Shane posted a picture of him and drew and no one really mentioned drew being In the photo. Also he once hid in a stall at a public place and cried since Shane called him annoying. (Drew I believe even said this was true himself).

Plus he's rude to people on social media. He constantly replies to haters instead of ignoring them and fights back. He once told a girl on Twitter to go away because she pointed out that he has an issue with his mouth foaming when he talks a lot (it's true). The girl was really upset and the annoying fan girls started hanging up on her while drew stood to the side. I even tweeted him once and he replied, "why exactly would you tweet me this? ...more

To the person that commented first with the entire long essay (wasted effort in my opinion), you clearly weren't a fan for that long. Drew purposely replies back to fans that way, because he is JOKING or being SARCASTIC and everybody knows that. Funny that you call him "oversensitive" yet the girl he tweeted to lost her mind when he was being sarcastic and his entire personality is just sass and sarcasm. You also seem extremely sensitive so calling someone else for being oversensitive is sad.

He is just an ignorant ass. He treats people badly just to make himself feel a lil better. He is an insecure troll. Plain and simple. If it wasn't for Shane, we wouldn't even know about him.

I have tried to watch his videos but they are just annoying. When I see him in Shane's videos he isn't that bad, he is funny and more calm. When he is in his own videos it's like.. no train of thought. I feel his videos could be a lot better.
It is very annoying to watch his videos be I have given up on his videos for they aren't funny, no set direction and really dumb.

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289 daceyhapa
290 Pksparkxx Dathottness

Pksparkxx isn't bad. He's just very loud. Not that there's a problem with noise. He's actually a very funny and talented YouTuber.

This guy is so ANNOYING and don't know how to be quiet sometimes and overreacts to the smallest things. If your going to watch his videos you better make sure to not wear headphones or have you volume turned down to like one of the lowest settings

291 Mark Dice

This guys worst than Alex Jones, very full of himself, sound incredibly unintelligent and mentally ill, very disrespectful to our troops and our country, really hope you tube try to remove his channel again, because he has to go.

292 Kian Lawley

I really think Kian is overrated, I find him very low class, and not respectful to woman at all, he is very full of himself and act like he's rich when he's not.

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293 The Gaming Lemon

I like the content he produces for his channel but I feel that he is lazy, he has so many great series going on but he put them all on hold. I find my self going to his channel constantly expecting new videos to be up but find videos he posted weeks ago.

294 sunchild301gaming

A spoiled brat who just screams and believes she is funny (by the way she is also a dumbass and her art sucks)

295 Supertigran111

Annoying little kid that thinks he is god.

296 Britneyandbaby

I just don't know where to begin. This pathetic excuse for a human being strives "so, so" hard to appear absolutely, shiningly, immaculately perfect, using repetitive hand gestures because she is too verbally inept to get her point across in the usual manner. I can't stand her feigned breathy demeanour and the way she constantly flirts with the camera, even when she is driving. This idiot earns an obscene amount of money from her brain dead, adoring subscribers, ALL of which she is more than happy to splurge on herself. What is wrong with her children? They look and act tranquil used whenever they appear on screen. The baby is not developing as a toddler of his age should. Britney is a dark woman, there is a lot more going on there than meets the eye. She probably keeps Ean ( who spells it that way?!? ) in the gimp closet for most of the day, only wheeling his limp ass out for her videos, which are "so, so good, ahh."

297 Sam and Nia

Oh shut your mouth they are very cool I really like Shymphony and Abram to they are like Christian like me to and I don't think there fake YOU ARE!

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298 Goujondaniel
299 KIG666

Oh Lord this guy just hates the newer Killer Instinct and he didn't even respect other's opinion.

300 Glozell Green

Once when I liked Miranda sings-I watched her Draw my Life video with Glozell. I was cracking up so j went over to Glozell's channel to see if I would like her. 4 Words to describe her: Obnoxious-Fake-Ugly- and a try hard. OOPS! looks like I went over 4 words. My god- she is the second most annoying most YouTuber I've tried/watched. Every YouTuber I've watched I have liked- except for her and Miranda. (I don't have commas on my tablet for some reason- so I have to use "-"'s)

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