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301 DramaDiary

Yeah hate her! She bullies people

Uhh so annoying don't get fooled by this girl she is a loser I hate her she worships Zoella.She looks nice but if you see her true colors I promise u would be sorry. She is a b***** - Endergirl

302 Freakout Kid
303 What's Inside

They cut the dumbest things open and it's so predictable whats inside. I have never seen anything that surprised me on there.

The boy is annoying and the dad completely neglects his daughter.

304 KidToyTesters

They USED to be good. What happened Yumi. - PhoebeThunderman

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305 TheSyndicateProject

Whether it's just that I've grown out of Syndicate's videos, or his content has actually gone downhill I don't know. Overhyped case unboxings in CSGO (literally the only content he uploads on this game), screaming like an idiot, making stupid faces and editing his videos in the same style as PewDiePie (Who I also dislike). His video style, in my opinion, was much better when he just played the game without cutting it every 5 seconds.

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306 Steven Joseph

This "guy" must be mentally ill. His drag costumes and makeup (which he wears as normal) are horrifyingly ugly and make him look like a freakish alien. However, he tries to pass off his clothing, makeup, and behavior as normal and apparently thinks that deviating from society as hard as possible is an admirable quality. A perfect example of "you do you" being taken way too far.

307 Toby Turner


Not a fan but the rape allegations are just that. They have not been proven and there is no solid evidence to prove it.

308 colliscool

All she does is talk about bands and drama and never really focuses on HER videos and HER potential to make good stuff I think she can do better

309 verypinkknits
310 Coryxkenshin

Why he doesn't make a video he maked a car accident and he will not make vidoes anymore

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311 Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kimberly Noel "Kim" Kardashian West is an American reality television personality, actress, socialite, businesswoman and model.
312 Tanner Fox

I'm not sure who's choice it is, but his annoying girlfriend,Taylor follows him around like a dog. She has absolutely nothing to contribute, and the show has gone downhill during the past few months. I know that his median audience is about 11 years old, but he really has nothing much to talk about, except his GTR and his trampoline. I realize it isn't easy to find something to talk about every day, and upload 20 plus minutes every 24 hours, but if he doesn't add more interesting people, or adventures, he's going to lose a lot of viewers by the end of the year. Lose the girlfriend for most of the episodes, Tanner. You don't need to keep reminding yourself that you can get a girl. - frankwolf

313 Plushtimewins

Jojo is so good at singing no matter how hard she trys she is good

Eh, what does this have to do with a guy and an annoying kid squandering all their money on claw machines and glorified carnival games at arcades? - Entranced98

314 The Disney Bears
315 Joy Sparkle BS

She makes 10 new Onision videos everyday and then cries when people don't agree with her and then lies about her fibro and then claims "Pizza makes everything better" How does a high calorie, high fat and salt snack help your stomach feel better? - xashex

316 leprechaun
317 Bobjenz

Grapefruit gaming comtent, means sour and bitter in a same time

318 kevinbrueck
319 Emer Prevost

For what I've seen he does pretty honest reviews on movies. He's got an interesting channel if you're into disturbing or sorta underground movies!

320 Mdizzle18700
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