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321 The Disney Bears
322 Funnel Vision
323 christianU2uber

Christianu2uber has a reputation of being:
A cannibal troll
A 12 yr old boy who has no idea what he's talking about
and Possibly the most hated kid on youtube.

Get a life and stop complaining to your camera about how much you hate something or someone.

324 nigahiga nigahiga

He is AMAZING. He puts a lot of effort in his videos, and he is super funny, smart and cute. There's a reason why he's one of the most subscribed YouTubers. #teamlamps

Why is he on here? - GoldenRocket

One of my absolute favorite youtubers ever! He actually puts effort into his videos and they are all very original ideas. So glad that his channel hasn't gone downhill over time.

Boring. Same old things, no new content

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325 intelligentCODfanboy

An troll who treats Call of Duty as a sacred religion. What is the world coming to.

326 leprechaun
327 Bobjenz

Grapefruit gaming comtent, means sour and bitter in a same time

328 kevinbrueck
329 Emer Prevost

For what I've seen he does pretty honest reviews on movies. He's got an interesting channel if you're into disturbing or sorta underground movies!

330 Mdizzle18700
331 Cleanrapmusic50000
332 TheReviewSpace
333 TheAppleCowProdigy‎
334 NintendoCapriSun‎

He is one of the best. Your just JEALOUS. 0 % agree. He's in the bathroom

And win the bathroom uh

Tim is the best lol

Also I'm not jealous I'm sure there are people who are but there are also people who have legitament or personal complaints which should not be written off as jealousy
Constructive criticism is important unless you actually don't what's this person to ever get better

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335 TheRunawayGuys‎ V 2 Comments
336 HersheyKC

He was the most annoying youtuber. Even a rock can be funnier than him.

337 CutiePieMarzia

Her voice is the most annoying sound I've ever heard in my life. At first I thought it was because of her awful English pronounce... It isn't. When she speaks Italian it gets even worse (I'm Italian and her voice plus her horrible Italian accent is the worst thing possible. ) I completely agree with those who say she gained all those followers thanks to her boyfriend. But are all of them deaf or what? Even if she was the funniest of them all - and she is absolutely not - how can you stand her voice? Come on guys!

She only gained her Youtube fame because she is the girlfriend of Pewdiepie.. I think if someone becomes famous, even on Youtube, that person should do it through their own likable personality and good videos.

Yeah, of course, a gaming channel and a beauty channel are very likable things...

I don't know who is more retarded, she or the people who likes her and watch her videos. I'm really amazed nowadays with these YouTubers, people that do anything in their life but they're famous and rich with just 23 yo, I can't imagine pewdiepie doing the same with 40 yo, I don't know how he'll live then. Adults have to work really hard, some of us more than 8 h a day for what? For less money than we really deserve and then a 20 yo comes to YouTube and gets rich and famous for doing anything? And people watch it and like it? As I said, I don't know who is worse, they for doing such videos or the millions of people who waste their time instead doing profitable things watching videos without no content. What's worng with people in the world? For real.

But I love Marzia how is she annoying? She is a great role model for girls and she's super awesome too but we all have our opinions. My opinion is that she is awesome. I respect other peoples opinions too but when they are just like "oh this person sucks" "this person is the worst" it really gets on my nerves.

She only got a lot of subscribers and followers because she is using Pewds for money and fame only. And here's other things:

1. Her cooking and baking skills are bad

2. How she says Felix is like "Fehelix " and Pewds is "Poods"

3. every time she makes something and makes Felix try it, she always forces him to make it a 10/10

4. Her outfits suck

5. She sucks at being funny

6. Her accent is bad

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338 Badr Saleh

So arrogant yes he is funny but very arrogant and insensitive

339 Cazzledazzle

Cazzledazzle is basically a 12 year old KSI, except insulting and loud. His funniest video is when he sits at the library doing nothing for 1 hour! That's not impressive! This guy is the definition of annoying and unfunny.

340 elrubiusOMG

He annoys me every day

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