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381 Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic is an American web series created, written, edited, directed and performed by Doug Walker.

Once upon a time, Doug was the funniest and most surprisingly original reviewer ever. Nowadays, his videos are overblown, preachy, tiresome predictable and just not funny anymore.

He's funny. I'm glad he's so low on the list

This guy just sucks.enough said!

382 YoVideogames
383 The Reel Rejects V 1 Comment
384 GeorgiaPeach201

Such an annoying arrogant little 10 year old who has way too much makeup!

YEAH SHE doesn't NEED THIS MUCH! She is such a pathetic little 10 year old

I agree but there is nothing wrong with wearing makeup at any age

385 Yosemitebear62
386 MLGtroy1

He's calls people fat, and makes fun of people on his channel. He's such an ass, and says he makes like 50K a year off of YouTube

387 MrVenom1974 V 1 Comment
388 Bonnie Hoellein

It's an okay show but it's not exactly vlog, vlog type if ya know what I mean but anyway it's good to know her family also has a show Ellie and Jared

389 thepurplemasher
390 RockerBarbiie
391 Karina Lynn Kho
392 FluffyMixer

All this girl does is post stupid My Little Pony videos that are really short and don't make any sense! She goes to my school and told me and my friends she created Flufflepuff. HOW FAKE IS THAT!? Nothing goes on in her silly life but MLP.

393 Smike V 2 Comments
394 KatyPerryVevo
395 Bodil40

Laughter is so annoying as is his humor

V 2 Comments
396 OrganizedJen

Probably the most self-absorbed person on YouTube. Copies other YouTubers. Lies. Has no interest in anything else going on in the world. Shallow. Her dog's health was endangered when she didn't take the advice of her vet for the dog's spaying operation and just let the dog's stomach be shaved as usual for the procedure. Even though the dog isn't a show dog, Jen's vanity about her dog's long fur lead her to drive to another state to get an operation with a vet that agreed not to shave her dog. The dog had complications because of it. One sick puppy (Jen, that is).

397 Noa

She legit comments on every big YouTuber's video to get top comment, so people would watch her videos. People ask her to stop because it's annoying, and she makes a video for pity. She sits in a dark room, puts on sad music, and complains about how many subscribers she has. Then she calls us hypocrites, I don't know why.

398 Leila7cp

1. She deleted all her videos for no reason I loved watching them then suddenly she deleted them all and said it was because of an imposter

2.she complained about haters like seriously this is the reason she deleted them all? WOW like everyone gets haters

3. Shes a drama queen too much weird things happen


399 AngryJoe V 2 Comments
400 Hayleeandfamily
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