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381 Jontronshow

Sometimes he can be funny but other times he comes off as an annoying nostalgia obsessed fanboy. (Especially in his reviews of Starfox Adventures and Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts. ) Whenever he acts like this his 'humor' consists of random shouting sometimes mixed with gibberish. I used to be a fan of him but he got on my nerves fairly quickly. I have nothing against the guy but I just don't care for him.

I've seen a lot of YouTubers that don't deserve to be here. I mean, I was surprised to see stampy, jse, and markaplier here, but jontron is the one I suspected least

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382 Thatssonathan

I vote this guy as the most annoying YouTuber on this planet who takes arrogance to the next level... If stealing other people identitiesunproclaimed fame and using their own work for fishing likes on social media isn't bad enough, his every hour selfies and constant preaching to become a nature loving vegan/cyclist should encourage all his down earth fans to hit the unsubscribe/unfollow button.

383 EvilMagoo

He is a terrible kid who hacks Everyone even Notch and Jeb he is also known as L for lee for tricking Stampy. please accept this TheTopTens

384 Daniel Roth
385 Mike Cernovich
386 NuttyMadam

Mmm.. no opinions yet? this is odd

387 BajanCanadian

Back in the day he was really cool and I wanted to be like him. But once Zak got kicked out of the group (which was never explained) it went from hilarious shenanigans to a complete Captain Sparkles rip off

Copies the Diamondminecart

Dragged TC to th ground.

He's not funny what.

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388 Smoove7182954

WOOW Get Chris Smoove outta this. The dude is the best YouTuber on YouTube!

389 TheArchfiend
390 EmilyHarding

A pointless YouTuber that everyone hates! She is constantly singing and messing about with her boyfriend

391 Shaytards

Shaytards is a stupid YouTube channel which you will see two pedophiles film their children's life. The only people who watch this is pedophiles

Reasons I'm right

1. When that's uploaded is uploaded. Remember those embarrassing baby photos this is a million times worse except they film every minute of your life. Its like a tattoo but there's no removal

2. If you did something stupid everyone will know. There's no privacy

I can't live knowing people are doing this. If you do this I tell people you retarded

When I first started watching Bratayley I saw all these comments that said "Shaytards ripoff" so there. I hate them

Hell yeah they suck they just sit and vlog their life dumb stuff


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392 EmilyJade

Her fame leeks off her apperance in SevenSuperGirls and Kaleyn and Jazzy and Kayla. After her part is over She will go here 2 get 1 million Subscribers.

393 Eternaldragon28

He is by far the worst YouTuber I've ever met. Bland, biased, hates opinions, treats others opinions like crap. Thankfully he's pretty obscure, forgettable and not mainstream. We don't need another DSP/Shaytards/Pewdiepie like him.

You want a so much better guy than this?

Tyrone Magnus.

His videos are full of dislikes and he's another generic and boring uninspired YouTuber.Also probably a racist
This guy needs to quit YouTube stat.

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394 Purplemasher

Boring, uninspired, annoying and block-happy because he hates "negativity".
Well it's the internet, you dumbass so deal with it! There are worse thinfas out there than my "negativity" so block those asss instead of neutral people like stupid jackass.

Sorry but he's that dumb...even when I apologized for my comment and tried to be reasonable he blocked me.Plus his videos are generic as generic can be.

395 Panda Lee
396 ImmortalHD V 1 Comment
397 Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic is an American web series created, written, edited, directed and performed by Doug Walker.

Once upon a time, Doug was the funniest and most surprisingly original reviewer ever. Nowadays, his videos are overblown, preachy, tiresome predictable and just not funny anymore.

He's funny. I'm glad he's so low on the list

This guy just sucks.enough said!

398 YoVideogames
399 The Reel Rejects V 1 Comment
400 GeorgiaPeach201

Such an annoying arrogant little 10 year old who has way too much makeup!

YEAH SHE doesn't NEED THIS MUCH! She is such a pathetic little 10 year old

I agree but there is nothing wrong with wearing makeup at any age

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