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41 Liza Koshy

I don't get how and why she got so many subscribers so quickly

She's hit 10 million. Wow. - redhawk766

She tries way to hrad to be funny

42 Jinx

He is a good guy but not really good reaction channels and not even edited the original videos

I'd rather watch grass grow, at least EWNetwork has actual reactions, and doesn't steal other people's content by watching viral videos.

I have nothing against Jinx... but in his videos... he does... nothing. Absolutely nothing. - redhawk766

Cancer #bhdarmy

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43 SeaDisney1998 V 1 Comment
44 Nicole arbor

She is not funny. She is such a try-hard that it makes me cringe. She over edits all her videos -- she wishes she was as witty and funny as Jenna Marbles, but she will never be that talented. I actually feel bad for her -- she's so delusional and pathetic.

She is a waste of space, flesh, and oxygen. She ABUSED Matthew Sontoro, one of the sweetest YouTubers out there, other than Markiplier. Her content is inappropriate and offensive to many individuals. Dear fat people? Really? She is disgusting, inside and out. She sucks at life, and being a comedian. Her 'jokes' are not even jokes... Need I say more?

Probably needless to say, after the "dear fat people" she's arrogant, dumb, and mean.

She has made videos called "Dear Fat people" or "Dear black people" or "Dear refugees" or "Dear religious people" and means DEAR in every sarcastic way possible. She is an atheist who is stuck in her perfect 1st world life with no issues greater than the pain of plastic surgery.

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45 MakeupbyMandy24

14 year old who is constantly talking about all her Mac and other higher end beauty products, always showing off new clothes, and she doesn't even go to school... She's a rich spoiled brat and loves to brag.

She can NOT do makeup at all. She's absolute rubbish at it. Nearly all of her videos are sponsored, and on top of that there's no effort in her content (that she rips off someone else). Shes all about popularity and partying. On a side note, the backlash she receives in her comments are hilarious.

Ikr! In her back to school series, she bought some supplies and she said can always exchange stuff or buy new things...

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46 Yogscast

Why does simon think September 11, 2001 is the most hilarious thing that's ever happened? He's joked about it in 3 different videos all while laughing hysterically. Lewis is an imbecile, while Simon is a annoying fat sloppy orangutan! And used to like them but Simon is a racist who thinks British people are better than everyone else

Hilarious group of guys, regularly make good content. People who can't take a joke should go back to watching PewDiePie.

Dumb but has a degree in nuclear physics? very childish kid


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47 jonasbrothersmusic

I don't even know this youtube channel, but when I saw jonasbrothersmusic I immediately voted for this to be the most annoying, because jonas brothers are the crappiest band I have ever heard. they can't play instruments or sing.

idk who they are but the name is annoying - blaqksails92

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48 Jacob Sartorius Jacob Sartorius Jacob Sartorius was born in Oklahoma . Jacob is a singer known for his top 90 hit Sweatshirt, which amassed over a million YouTube dislikes in less than a year, and other singles ABC remix and musical .ly clips. Jacob Sarorius has a YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media.

He's only on the internet because his stupid video when he was two. His new song sweatshirt made ever Orpheus in my body bleed. People like this don't deserve to be on the Internet let alone be famous, let some with talent take his place. Take him out to the curb with the garbage.

This kid is literally the cause of cancer

UGH SO MUCH CRINGE. Also his fan base attacks people who don't like him.

Just because he has good hair that does not mean he is a good singer. I would listen to someone throw up then Sweatshirt. - bchiarelli15

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49 PopularMMOS

I hate this guy so hard. It's one of those examples that are trying to say that just because they are kid friendly, it automatically makes them good YouTubers. He always decides to do mod showcases on the Lucky Block Mod. That's literally the one mod he uses on EVERY series. Ever wondered how monotonous that would be. I'll tell you. VERY. There's barely any variety. Also, he has other series, but, like I said before. HE ONLY USES THE LUCKY BLOCK MOD. He only changes which Lucky Block they use, but either way, it is very boring. Another thing that I hate about him is the pointless jokes. Seriously, these jokes do nothing but drag on the video and hardly any of them have any resemblance or relevant in any way to the actual series. Like the 'wet beacon'. This is one of those jokes that is constantly being brought up all the time. Basically, here is how the joke works. In any Lucky Block series, the Lucky Block will summon wells and the lucky block turns into a beacon. Of course, this ...more

I hate this guy. My little brother watches him all the time, and it is incredibly irritating. Especially his wife, Jennifer, who enjoys ranting with her annoying voice. People call him kid-friendly, but he occasionally uses foul language, and if that is kid-friendly then that makes a lot of adult YouTubers kid-friendly. (Although...whenever I am around 11 year old kids, all I hear is ranting about Markiplier and Jacksepticeye and Pewdiepie.) His jokes aren't good, there isn't a good variety of types of videos, and I have no idea why he is only at 168. I don't know many people over 12 years old-quite frankly, I don't know any people over the age of 12 years old, that watch his videos. The fanbase is awful, too. At least there were respectable fans in the other fandoms... I'm not saying that you aren't respectable if you like him, what I am saying is that he is very, very, very irritating. And vainglorious, in a way.

I agree! This guy calls himself kid-friendly but if you look carefully' you will end up finding videos by him that contain minecraft sex... and he swears! I don't mind, I swear but what is bad about that specifically is that he calls himself kid-friendly! His ugly wife is worst of all, her awful voice is worse than stampy's laugh and what kind of a name is 'gaming with Jen'! Finally, that turd with the inaccurate name if he only plays minecraft (Apart from the sex mod) only plays lucky blocks! He even customises them as better YouTubers because he wants to get more views!

Why Is He On The List

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50 Mariotehplumber

Legend of YouTube, disliking Modern Sonic games. Just watch his Sonic Adventure 2 review, and your ears will DIE!

dumbass amiibo scalper

This guy is a legend on Youtube, a true master troll. Although he doesn't annoy me personally, he has annoyed literally hundreds of Youtubers, as if you type "Mariotehplumber commentary" into Youtube, you will find hundreds of videos posted by butthurt Sonic fanboys who are upset about his hilarious videos, which mock the modern Sonic games.

This guy is just a dumbass troll because he

-is boastful about his skills at video games even though he sucks

-is racist because he called knuckles the n word but claims that he's not

-can't stop saying f***

-claims to be a good Christian but always has the deadly sin of pride

-thinks that modern games suck

-thinks Rosalina and Lucina is hentai

-calls people who want a rosalina amiibo jealous

-bought 100 Rosalina amiibos for over $4,000 just so fans can't have them

-hates smash bros because rosalina is there

-is sexist to female smash bros character amiibos (but also hates robin even if the amiibo of him is a dude)

51 Ke$haVEVO

What are her songs about? Money? Drugs? Partying? I don't know, those three things sound dumb to worship until you're six feet under. And that auto-tune! Good lord, woman, do you have no respect for the music industry you claim to take part of?

I wonder why she stopped making music/videos because her last video was from 2013 and since then, she stopped. - Jliby30

She sucks at her career and her music is incredibly whiney. Not much more to say.

I love Kesha

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52 WatchMojo WatchMojo

Their lists are not accurate and they say they take into account everything, but it's all opinion based and they leave out so much stuff to the point where it bothers people.

Could the woman's voice be any more charisma free? She sounds like a robot.

I hate the narrator of this channel, she is so damn annoying, UH I HATE HER! - EliHbk

They are dead and now "TheRichest" and "TheTalko" etc are taking over. - Lunala

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53 Stampylongnose

I used to watch him...he became a kids channel. I don't think that he is bad though. Kids seem to love him (most of them at least) and I did, too, when he was a little channel and celebrated at the 70,000 mark. He became slightly forced, I will admit, and the daily videos seem to be tiring him, and I almost feel sorry for him. He deserves the credit,though. People can't help having a high pitched voice, it's just genetic, just like I have a lower than average pitched voice as a female. I still watch his friend's videos, and here and there I will check to see his progress. He's a good guy, from the looks of it.

I used flip out and think his laugh was funny.

One of the few Minecraft channels that don't piss me off in five seconds.

Hello, this is Stampee and welcomee to a MINECRAFTLETSPLAYVIDEO!
God, how can you listen to that sort of cheerful?! - redhawk766

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54 Lohanthony

Stupid 14 year old who acts sassy online but is about as naive as they come and just cusses and that's where the "sass" comes from sass needs brains and witty comebacks

He's the least funniest person on YouTube. Everything that comes out of his mouth is so tumblr and trendy it makes me want to barf

That's right, I hate how he asks..


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55 theirategamer

Copies angry video game nerd- and doesn't even copy well. Cringe so hard

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56 Trisha Paytas Trisha Paytas

Perpetuates a stereotype of women being idiotic, cake-faced, sex objects, with loud annoying voices and ignorant minds.

YouTube's answer to Anna Nicole Smith. Except Trisha is charmless and revolting. Poor Anna Nicole must be rolling in her grave.

Only famous because of Shane Dawson, she's talentless. Plays the dumb blonde of the YouTube scene, yet somehow, she has written books? Hard to believe, right?

hate her

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57 whatthebuckshow

He wears the worst toupee on YouTube. He really needs to give it up and become a figure skating commentator (he started his career as a figure skater, so it's a subject he's familiar with). He's too old and worn out for YouTube, which is aimed at the young..

His pop-culture observations are outdated and unclever, mostly because he's middle-aged and a bit "past it". He also has the worst toupee on YouTube. He was once a somewhat well-known figure skater and would probably be better suited creating a channel devoted to that.

If it was a child, then it would be fine by me. It's the teen and adult bronies (pegasisters not included) that suck.

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58 Luke Gartrell V 4 Comments
59 King Bach
60 Dillon The Hacker

Eh in my opinion he's okay I mean it is a joke and if you watch some of the videos he hints that it's a joke and I mean it works he's got a decent amount of followers and what he does is technically a form of entertainment just one were he's the villain and the viewers all hate him. And it works

How has nobody else bothered to vote this idiot?

Don't even get me started.


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