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61 Trisha Paytas

Perpetuates a stereotype of women being idiotic, cake-faced, sex objects, with loud annoying voices and ignorant minds.

YouTube's answer to Anna Nicole Smith. Except Trisha is charmless and revolting. Poor Anna Nicole must be rolling in her grave.

Only famous because of Shane Dawson, she's talentless. Plays the dumb blonde of the YouTube scene, yet somehow, she has written books? Hard to believe, right?

hate her

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62 Lohanthony

Stupid 14 year old who acts sassy online but is about as naive as they come and just cusses and that's where the "sass" comes from sass needs brains and witty comebacks

He's the least funniest person on YouTube. Everything that comes out of his mouth is so tumblr and trendy it makes me want to barf

That's right, I hate how he asks..


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63 theirategamer

Copies angry video game nerd- and doesn't even copy well. Cringe so hard

I cannot stand this SOB! He plagiarizes the AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd). He also doesn't have originality by copying the EXACT SAME LINES as the AVGN and not only that, this guy decorates his room the same way the AVGN decorates his room too. It's safe to assume that Chris Bores (Irate Gamer) hides the fact that he rips off the AVGN and does not admit. Also, I should add that this guy has the facial structure of a caveman.

64 CinemaSins

A monotonous, overexposed, painfully repetitive channel where a guy boringly points out trivial nitpicks in films. Why do people watch this? Are you people actually that lame that you watch video after video of some loser pointing out every tiny little detail of every film that isn't to his taste?

Complaining about movies.. They made a video about their selves, not all things are movies...

All they do is complaining about stupid things that do not matter in films.

CinemaSins is one of those YouTube Channels, where the uploader has nothing better to do, than uploading "Everything Wrong With" videos on movies, pointing out things we might miss or don't even care about. Movies are not perfect, just like Video Games and every other form of Entertainment out there.

What CinemaSins does, is needless and non-stop nitpicking. GamingSins is no better.

If you want entertaining "Everything Wrong With" videos on Video Games, checkout GCN. This guy is more entertaining than CinemaSins and GamingSins combined.

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65 Dillon The Hacker

Eh in my opinion he's okay I mean it is a joke and if you watch some of the videos he hints that it's a joke and I mean it works he's got a decent amount of followers and what he does is technically a form of entertainment just one were he's the villain and the viewers all hate him. And it works

How has nobody else bothered to vote this idiot?

Don't even get me started.


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66 King Bach
67 Jenna Marbles Jenna Marbles Jenna Nicole Mourey, better known by her pseudonym Jenna Marbles, is an American YouTube personality, vlogger, comedian, and actress.

She always thinks her opinion is the correct one.

This slut don't deserve many subscribers.

She is annoying as hell, funny but a lot slutty

You can just call her channel Looking at the camera and swearing for 5 minutes

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68 Stampylonghead

Terrible fanbase, just look at the comment section. Also, in nearly every video he has around 2 of his friends with him the entire time, doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except for protecting him while he records the video. This means that nothing exciting will happen, (unless he does a poorly acted out video) because there are no enemies around. They don't speak or interact with him or anything, apart from giving him food so he wont die.

I don't watch his channel, but I've seen him trolling about on some other channels and he annoys the crap out of me. His voice is really weird (and I don't just mean the accent), but that could be excused. What really bothers me about him is how aloof and ungrateful he seems, especially in the episode of GMMore he's in. He might just be socially awkward, but when you're famous (or semi-famous) you've gotta learn to reign it in.

All of these YouTubers who have young fans need to remember that things they idolized as children are irrelevant to them as adults. most of these YouTubers are going to have a horrible awakening soon.

98% of his fanbase is full of little kids glad I left his fanbase - NamiKazePants08

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69 Jacksepticeye

He may be annoying, but he is funny as all hell.

Again really just like Markiplier WHAT THE HELL!?

He is awesome though, he is one of the funnier YouTubers and even though he yells a lot I love it

Jack is not annoying (okay maybe at times) this guy makes me laugh everyday And is so cool he yells a lot but I do to so yeah I'm his biggest fan and I love him. Pewdiepie is ANNOYING though

-That random 11 year old

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70 AlphaOmegaSin

I miss the old days. He was good, but the popularity got to his head, and now he's nothing but an obnoxious prick who thinks he's special because he likes video games and metal. Who cares?

He may sound passionate but he does hardly any research, he just finds an article and rambles on about it with what he thinks off the top of his head.

This prick needs to be higher.He's the nee definition of offensive and biased and treats his opinions as "facts".

Ask me, AlphaOmegaSin is a tool and a troll. Just because you like Metal and Video Games, doesn't make you different from all the other YouTubers out there and neither does constantly swearing like a sailor in all of your videos.

It's one thing to be passionate about what you love, but it's another thing to be annoying and egotistical about it. I'm no expert... (chuckles) Thank God... but AlphaOmegaSin probably just looks up articles on Video Games and rants about them on YouTube, without doing any research.

ReviewTechUSA is nowhere near as annoying as AlphaOmegaSin, because Rich proves valid points in his blogs and makes his videos worth watching, unlike AlphaOmegaSin, who's an annoying chatterbox and swears like a sailor non-stop and you lose interest in his videos. It's like AlphaOmegaSin has no idea what he's talking about and is driving subscribers away.

Plus, AlphaOmegaSin needs to get a haircut, because he looks like a hippie with an egotistical ...more

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71 MANdonnaTransvestite

Very rude person. Not to mention racist. OK, she doesn't like Madonna but why the hell she felt an obligation to create anti-Madonna channel and diss her in a very rude, vulgar way. Also, she disrespects Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Celine Dion and Christina Aguilera, plus numerous artists outside US. Real Uneducated Racist

72 CTFxC

The videos have become boring over the past year and Charles seems sad and tired and completely over it. He's had a rough time of it lately with his health problems and his divorce, and now that he's in his thirties he seems to be having difficulty maintaining his once venerable YouTube status. He's no longer the young, quirky rock-star wannabe and it shows. Watching his channel's decline is depressing. I wish he'd take an extended break and come back later with a fresh outlook and ideas.

The guy have changed a lot now he advertise spam which is damn annoying and his tour with the band is godly awful that's my opinion. His vlog changed from interesting to major pointless adverts I have no ill feelings towards him. It's just so many lies and fake ness I've seen with his response etc etc but oh well in the past

The only thing I know about him is from that elders react episode - kaitlynrad11

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73 Matthew Santoro

Whoever said he sucked, deserves to go jump off a cliff. Jeez, he's trying to be funny WHILE trying to give out interesting facts. Have you ever seen a channel that doesn't try to entertain it's audience? His videos would be lifeless if he was just giving out facts.

He is a great guy. Always cheerful, energetic and optimistic, he brings many smiles to people's faces. He is very humorous, and his videos are amazing. He actually cares about people, and does his best to entertain.

He's funny and he could tell you interesting facts. If you don't like him, then you have no taste in YouTubers - JaysTop10List

He is not. He is my favorite
Do not trash talk my favorite youtuber EVER RHHAA!

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74 sxephil

Sxephil talks so damn fast and tries to put everything into one minute or less from what I've seen in the past. Why is that needed? You Tube will give anyone way more time than that. He's way too hyper like he's always on caffeine, sometimes he'll make valid news reports.. but what is his point in an overall perspective? He's all over the place with any video he makes, he doesn't stay on just one topic. Chill out Sxephil because I can't stand how hyper you are, stick on one topic if you want those 1 minute videos then don't cram a bunch of crap together and just be done with it. 1 topic, simplicity, done.

I used to watch him a lot, then I stopped. Two or so weeks ago, I watched him again, and I regret that decision. He wasn't even talking about news (which is what the show is supposed to be about) missing the into, and no, stop talking about your child. We get it, you have a child. Just stop bragging! Now, I watch The fine bros and IIsuperwomanII - kaitlynrad11

Exploits women
Has to make all his videos sexual
Annoying titles and thumbnails
Just wants attention
How does he have subs?

This guy can clean Justin beibers vagina, douche bag!

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75 HowToBasic

There are people digging around in the garbage just to get a piece of moldy bagel, and this guy is smashing eggs on himself. There are children who have no idea what NOT being hungry feels like, and this guy is dumping whole chickens in a sink full of mop water. There are people who-
Wait, why am I continuing? You're not the ones who should feel ashamed here.

He sucks, he just slaps food against his thighs and people call it funny

Yeah. He just slaps eggs on stuff and calls it a day.

Uggh I hate this guy. A idiot behind the scenes

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76 LisaLisaD1

The most narcissistic woman ever! Spends money on herself every single day, dresses like she is a Real Housewife and the only place she goes to is the post office for gifts from subscribers and Taco Bell for dinner. She has had so many cosmetic procedures done she is unrecognizable, Botox, lips and boobs pumped up, looks like a blow up doll.

The most selfish and lazy woman I've ever seen. Spends thousands on herself weekly, then brags about what she bought on YouTube. Doesn't work, doesn't cook or clean. Takes her kids nowhere except to a water park a couple of times a year. Total waste of a human being.

She is the most stupidest person I have ever seen on YouTube. She spends the most money on crap!

She is a piece of work.

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77 Kidbehindacamera

Videos are fake, the guy doesn't brush his teeth and makes misleading video titles just for views.

Fake videos


They're both heart attacks waiting to happen.

greedy pigs the lot of them.

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78 Reaction Time

I love Reaction Time!


79 Lucas

He does make funny videos occasionally, and those are the new Fred videos he started getting back into since December 27, 2015, but that's it, they're only on the holidays, which is pretty fine, but everything else he makes nowadays is nothing more than Shane Dawson style stuff, he's insulting his Fred character with the Shane behavior.

He occasionally comes up with funny videos, but lately they've seemed random, pointless, and thrown together in a rush. His attitude is often a bit smug and self-reverential. He's not as clever as he thinks he is, and his constant hair preening is annoying to watch.

He's just become another one of those people who plagiarize one another, it tells us when he isn't doing Fred, he can't seem to have any original ideas, so he just acts like everyone else.

How. How is he annoying... Would anyone like to see me punch a wall?

80 Gilgar13vids
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