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81 LisaLisaD1

The most narcissistic woman ever! Spends money on herself every single day, dresses like she is a Real Housewife and the only place she goes to is the post office for gifts from subscribers and Taco Bell for dinner. She has had so many cosmetic procedures done she is unrecognizable, Botox, lips and boobs pumped up, looks like a blow up doll.

The most selfish and lazy woman I've ever seen. Spends thousands on herself weekly, then brags about what she bought on YouTube. Doesn't work, doesn't cook or clean. Takes her kids nowhere except to a water park a couple of times a year. Total waste of a human being.

She is the most stupidest person I have ever seen on YouTube. She spends the most money on crap!

She is a piece of work.

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82 Gilgar13vids
83 Kphoria

Why must this channel exist?

84 Game Theorists

HOW IS THIS ABOVE POPULARMMOS? Look, this guy isn't always being serious. He enjoys the fun of games as well, and that's even proven because he has a gaming channel as well. It seems that all of the unintelligent YouTubers seem to be more popular simply because more children watch YouTube every day, and they can't comprehend it.(unless they were/are nerds like me, who have been insulted because of watching different things...) it's just a highly intelligent person, showing the flaws in games if they were realistic, or just figuring out back stories. He isn't really serious about all of his videos, and they are just entertaining to watch. You don't really have to like him, but I think that MANY YouTubers top this person no matter what, and it's kind of inaccurate to say that all of his theories are lies, because theories are not capable of being lies, you don't know whether they are or not, and if disproven, it isn't technically called a theory. He even states at the end, basically, ...more

After looking at some of the comments in this thought I do respect all your opinions and we not disagree with some of them I belive that one of the biggest complaints I see are his fans treating his theorys as facts, hard to stop and he's not the only one, and that he's theory's are easily debunked well this might be true but they are theory's I feel you would have a better argument if he said they were facts, also I belive he has made videos which are clearly crazy on purpose thought I know not specifics, I find him entertaining and feel that considering the type of content he creates which seem to have a lot of work put into them it is only human that he would make an error. You would to its only human. Be honest if you were to try finding the quantum mechanics, or velocity, or whatever of something could you also make a mistake? I belive so

we're not trying to take him down because of a few mistakes he made, we are doing so because he LIES about most of his evidence in his theories. - Lmrpirate

It's a different kind of youtube channel to say the least. And not a bad one by any means thought as one comment I saw on this says that his fans treat his word as fact, I believe that many fans do this not just game theorists and it will never really stop even thought he says its just a theory doesn't mean the fans listen so its hard to hold him accountable for people he has no true control over

God I hate this guy. his fans ruin everything he gets his mits on. I was dreading him making a video on my favourite game, doki doki literature club, but now he's gone and done it. kill me

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85 TheAmazingAtheist

He thinks he's so intelligent, but all he does is whine about the things he hates. What also makes him annoying is the fact that he thinks he is right. He is so close-minded that he believes anyone who disagrees with him is an idiot. Although I'm not an atheist, I could tell that he gives tolerant, open-minded atheists a bad name. He is no better than a religious fundamentalist.

Sums up militant atheism, a bunch of over inflated egotistical highly illiberal unintelligent hypocritical idiots who see themselves better than everyone who disagrees with them and gets at people for not being liberal and equal and yet gets and smears everyone who disagrees with him.

He gives a bad name to atheists. It is normal to question other people's beliefs but the way he does it is not acceptable. He needs to stop hating so much and understand that the world does not revolve around him. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs so stop being so egotistical and close minded

I know people won't like me for saying this but I think he is fair with his critics and makes good content. - jrodz

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86 Dan and Phil

Its not even dan and phil who are annoying it's their immature fans

Now I think you guys are running out of ideas for attention just leave them out of it and grow up

Phil is ok but Dan annoys me so much, he overdoes things and his whole "I'm super relatable' act is old. On top of that they are both really childish and need to grow up, you are 26+ years old, enough is enough. All of their fans are young and impressionable and unfortunately

There is very little about them that a normal person would find annoying. They just act like normal people, which is more than I can say for some other youtubers.
The only annoying thing about their channels is their fans. They're kinda disrespectful, even to Dan and Phil. They are constantly pointing out normal things that friends do and using them as 'proof' that 'phan is reel'.
It's gotten to the point where Dan and Phil can't even look at each other for more than five seconds at a time without someone pointing it out.
Dan and Phil mostly ignore this but at one time long ago it almost ruined their friendship. Even after that the phandom didn't calm down, they just choose to ignore the fact that it happened.

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87 lacigreen

Feminist Nazi, so annoying

Good points about sex and stuff but hardcore feminist which is a no no

Transphobic. I'm a feminist but this lady's like the worst kind of scum out there

Every woman should be a feminist at least a little. And I follow that rule, I'm a feminist. But this girl... is a bitch. - redhawk766

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88 SSSniperWolf

She used to be very funny but as she got bigger she seems to have gotten more annoying. She does still put out great content but it seems as if he tries a bit to hard.

Deserves a higher spot on the list. - Chatsa2

She maybe is annoying, but I watch her channel because she is also sexi - Aleksei

People like her cause she is a girl... is what a sexist would say.

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89 JoeyGraceffa

He is boring, and talks about the same thing in every video. He tries to hard to act "tough" especially in his look books and music videos. Nowadays, only hormone crazed 12 year olds watch him, usually only for his looks. He isn't that attractive, and I'm a teenage girl! His personality and his dazed fans make me want to bash my head into a brick wall. He is honestly delusional.

I agree with you. Mainly everyone who watches him are fan girls, even my girlfriend loves him more then me. Which hurts me. You don't worry about him, he can do his problems himself without anyone knowing. God damn fangirls

His voice is annoying, and he makes boring videos... I honestly couldn't care less about his daily life, but that's pretty much all he does. Terrible content.

Used to like him. Now I only watch his gaming videos. - citizenerased

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90 ShayCarl

While I like him most of the time, his parenting skills leave a lot to be desired. Allowing the kids to run free without any forms of safety equipment? Um, have they not heard of brain injuries due to a fall off a bike or off the back on a motorbike? And his children, especially the youngest girl. They are the most spoilt, obnoxious kids I have ever seen and don't get me started on pushing their whole religious beliefs either...

Shay is a total attention getter. Why would he make so darn many videos with his family who he is mainly on camera talking away, driving while using one and all that stuff. He was okay at first when he had the first few children, I can understand the need for a young child for protection with a name.. but really "tard"? His children will wind up with a horrible complex from just that alone. He does a video a day, does this guy actually take care of his family sans a camera? He needs to be limited to so many per month in my opinion. He needs to be a dad, not a daily video diary of his everyday life.. that's how I see him as.

It just doesn't seem genuine

He just sits and vlogs his life nobody wants to see that! People that like him you should get a life!

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91 mileymandy

Miley sucks at raping! She ruined the whole song. I use to look up to her but no, she became this girl that is a bad role model for kids. She is so annoying!

First of all, Miley is showing us who she is. shes been a badgirl since she was younger but then she got the hannah Montana role so that's when everyone started to look up to her. she is just showing everyone who she really is. I don't see your album out in the market. BECAUSE YOUR JUST A HATER that's TIRED OF HATING YOURSELF!

Ugh. Miley Cyrus is just terrible. especially when she's trying to rap...

I just don't like Miley. She is a bad ROLE MODEL.

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92 DanTDM

For the record, just because someone doesn't cuss, plays Roblox, or doesn't have the most pleasant of faces or voices doesn't mean that they suck. So what if 8 year olds like him? For the record, he's being positive and funny. Anyone could. Oh, and if you want to kill someone, get yourself checked. That's not healthy.

His voice is terrible. His thumbnails are terrible. His fanbase is terrible. And he purposely tries to shove the ugliest face he can make into everyone's recommended.

Has no respect for other people (once insulted Team Valor, even though they are nice to him) and other stuff. Considering he's so popular around children, I would not be THAT surprised if he somehow toured my school (I don't care if I'm in California and he's in the UK). If so, I would kill him. Or at the very least, drive him out.

I used to like DanTDM, but NOT ANYMORE. He's EVERYWHERE! Oh, Miitopia Ad? "YOU CAN ADD DAN-F**KING-TDM TO YOU QUEST! " Roblox? "OHMYGOSH, DAN DAN DAAAN NOTICE ME" Just seeing him being promoted p**ses me off even MORE! His fanbase is... EUGH! He also has all the money to himself, that Ad-Revenue Pig! If you see his videos? Get an AdBlocker. It's time to put him 89 Places up! (Also for you people who are going to attack me with your hissyfits which just make me feel stronger, TAKE AN OPINION.) - CyanTheBlizzard

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93 retardedjonasfanboy

he likes to ruin all great bands and he said that jonas brothers is better than them - ronluna

another band troller! Good GOD when will they drop off the face of the earth?! - fireinside96

The name says it all


94 maninwhitedress

Or similar. Possible pervert. - queenoftheblackroses

His name is retarded doe. - MeaganSaysHI

95 soilderknowsbest
96 LifeInATent
97 NickiMinajVEVO

Pure disgrace to humanity that's what this is.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

98 Doknot1999

Why the heck Doknot1999 is on this list what did he do! He's actually a nice guy who gives is a opinions on things like violence.

I think he is a nice person. I just don't like how people hate him because he doesn't like Cory in the house, good luck Charlie, or victorious.

He's actually a very nice guy. I don't know why he's on here.

He's on here because someone doesn't agree with his opinions, dislikes his voice or something like that
We all don't have the same type of minds we react differently the things

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99 AcaciaCutie

I'm pretty sure she shouldn't be called a "You Tuber". She doesn't post regularly, posts most videos in 2 parts (probably for the extra money), and mainly posts update videos to say she's still alive. Even then they're still at least a month apart. If she does post a video that's not an update, it's a brand deal. Her "kittens" need to get a grip and realize she thinks she's all that and isn't as amazing as she might seem.

Just no. Okay? So much no.

Didn't even know she existed. When I looked her up, and watched the first few seconds of one of her videos, I was like, "NOPE." She looks and acts like a damn child, or slut. Somehow both.

She's a slut. She's only famous for her nudes.

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100 Cult of Dusty

Annoying, over the top yelling. Cowardly attacks Christians but then tells America to get over 9/11, which was an extension of radical Islam (a religion he never talks crap about) attacking the USA. Most online atheists are cowardly liberals who like to attack Christians because they won't retaliate, but are too chicken to say bad things about Islam because they know their will be more serious death threats. Cult of Dusty is one of these liberal atheist cowards.

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