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101 Cult of Dusty

Annoying, over the top yelling. Cowardly attacks Christians but then tells America to get over 9/11, which was an extension of radical Islam (a religion he never talks crap about) attacking the USA. Most online atheists are cowardly liberals who like to attack Christians because they won't retaliate, but are too chicken to say bad things about Islam because they know their will be more serious death threats. Cult of Dusty is one of these liberal atheist cowards.

102 BG Kumbi
103 ChannelFrederator

I really can't stand these guys! There annoying! And emily is the worst out of all of them.

What's Wrong With Them
They Don't Seem That Bad

104 KSI

Why does he think he can rap? He thinks he's fresh wearing weird drop crotch hobo pants and some weird hat with metal on it. How does he get 10 mil subscribers?

Annoying screaming and Unfunny Stupid videos about heskey, that's why I dislike his videos

Screaming too much. Fake raging when playing . Rubbish content

A total jerk with no sense of humor

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105 Regularjosh1
106 Freelee the Banana Girl

She is soon incredibly mean to celebs and fellow YouTubers. She is bullying others and that is not okay. I am vegetarian(not vegan) but it was my lifestyle choice and I don't really care if you eat meat or not because it's YOUR choice. Plus she thinks anyone who is gaining a little weight or is not slim shoulder go vegan. Not everyone can have the so called "Perfect body," and it shouldn't matter so much what people look like because that is sending a horrible message to girls that if the do not look like a super model they should make extreme lifestyle change. Also, being a vegan can also be very unhealthy if you don't get the protein you need. I think it is great that she's vegan and is very healthy but she needs to stop shaming people who aren't.

I wouldn't mind if she just kept to herself and talked about her vegan diet and such to people who want to hear it, but she is constantly pushing her views onto other people and acting like they're terrible human beings for eating meat and dairy. I watched a video of hers where she was basically telling Kylie Jenner to convert to veganism cause she thought that she was gaining weight... as if any of them actually care. And Onision loves her channel so there's that.

Needs to be higher. - citizenerased

VERY rude.

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107 Tobuscus

I know not to take his gaming seriously, but he tries way too hard to be funny and it falls short every time.

His videos are so short! Markiplier would be up to level 2 in part one while Tobuscus would be there in part three.

He's awesome but he can get annoying laugh out loud

Tobu-SUCKS hahaaha

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108 Markiplier Markiplier Mark Edward Fischbach (born June 28, 1989), known online as Markiplier, is an American YouTube personality. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, he began his career in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Okay for one, Mark Fischbach is one of the most kindest and loyalist people I know. He helps so many people through many things and should NOT be on this list. He is way to kind hearted and not annoying at all so I disagree with this statement that has on the list of the "Top 10 most annoying YouTubers"

What is wrong with Markiplier?! He actually connects to his fans and helps charities! You people have probably only watched one video... Stop hating on others and get a life!

WAIT STOP JUST STOP. I've barely watched half of his videos and I know that he's a fantastic person. So, don't even try to hate on him.

Leave Markiplier alone! I love him! And I get he's just pumping out Indie crap, but honestly, he's better than PewDie sometimes. - redhawk766

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109 Jojo Siwa Jojo Siwa

She can't sing at all. I understand that she gained fame from Dance Moms and she has the capability of producing music due to her fame however she should stick to dancing and spare everyone's ears.

She sucks badly

Famous poop

Can't sing :( - redhawk766

110 Pointlessblog

His teeth, his gummy smile, and his grating voice are repellent, and his video uploads are utterly devoid of talent, intelligence, or anything resembling wit. He seems to think very highly of himself and often primps and preens in front of the camera (the state of his hair being a particular obsession). His accent (ie: "ovver" instead of "other", etc. ) is irritating to listen to. He clearly aspires to wealth, status, and fame, but he's a legend in his own mind. Pointless, indeed. Go away, Alfie.

He steals ideas. Seriously, AmazingPhil makes an app called 7 second challenge and then BAM! Alfie makes a 8 second challenge! Like, who does that? Especially to their friends? plus he stole an idea from a fan for a beanie and gave the fan NO CREDIT

Why is he not number 1 most annoying? He doesn't have any talent whatsoever. Just scroll through his videotitles, its just crap and nonsense. He looks stupid, and he is so annoying. , I get so angry when I see him in other YouTubers videos. But I know the meaning of YouTube is to create your own content, and you have the power to do anything you want, but he is the only one who doesn't create anything witty, smart, funny, interesting, original or good. He is just like his channelname, really really pointless. And his book... oh my.. what. Really what, its like a kids book. So stupid.

People find him to be the most annoying piece of crap on the Internet.

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111 Rosanna Pansino

I love her. Why is she here?

She is not very skilled and extremely overrated. There are a lot of better baking channels on YouTube who don't get the attention they deserve. Also, she's tries way too hard to be all innocent and PG which is fine but after a while only appeals to 12 year olds.

The way she talks is incredibly distracting and patronising.

Why is Ro here? Seriously? - citizenerased

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112 bl00dblitz

Actually makes some good rants and is quirky, he makes skits that feel like the early YouTube era. He makes very opinionated rants, and curses a lot, some say he is a narcissist, I would agree. However, I agree mostly with what he has to say, so I can't say anything bad about him, but I can understand where the flak and distaste comes from.

He isn't funny, and he is very annoying. His voice is very grading, and his tone is so condescending. His movie reviews are bad, I mean... whats the point for bringing in critics and audience perspective?

113 supermac18

He doesn't exist anymore so What is there to hate

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114 NikkiPhillippi

"How To Follow Your Dreams" "Shower Routine" REALLY? REALLY?

I personally love Nicki!

115 BFvsGF

A couple that films themselves for the entire day, to piece together the least boring 7 minutes. Watch as they talk about weather, film their cats, drive to buy stuff, talk about the weather some more, and start meaningless conversations that go nowhere. This is a perfect example of why YouTube needs a feature to block all content from specific channels.

Most of their stuff is pathetic. Honestly, if my boyfriend did anything like that I would kick his ass to the curb. She isn't much better to be honest

No, there was once upon a time when they were RIDICULOUSLY funny and I would spend hours upon hours watching their videos. Their pranks were hilarious. Now I've kind of drifted.

I'm truly hurt that this was on the list. It offends me since I'm a PvP. - JaysTop10List

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116 Buzzfeed

Sheer and utter crap delivered right to your recommendations feed whether you like it or not. Still better than the atrocious website of the same name, though.

All of the buzzfeed yellow videos just infuriated me, they are just aimed at making men look bad and create a ridiculous amount PC hints and tips. Like using the wrong pronouns etc...

Buzzed post good quality videos that raise awareness for things like racism and sexism and stereotypes. They can also be really funny. Occasionally their videos can get annoying but overall enjoy them.

Annoying clickbait.

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117 Misha

Not a human

The Pokemon Go Song
Enough Said

Look at the Pokémon go song! - Fullwalking2

118 Corey Margera
119 CookieswirlC

I'm sure she's a great person IRL, but I can't stand her videos. My four year old sister is obsessed with her, so I have to hear her unnecessarily high-pitched voice on a daily basis. It's not the fact that she's loud that annoys me, because I watch other youtubers like Jacksepticeye and Coryxkenshin, but it's the fact that she's loud at unnecessary points in the video. Her videos have a tendancy to be corny and dumb. Usually I'd try and sugar coat things like this, because I don't want to be a hater, but with this, I can't. They're just dumb. The laugh, the voice, and everything. It's just too much. I don't cringe at many things, and I'll put up with almost anything because I'm a genuinely tolerant person, but her videos are the one thing that irritates me most about YouTube. No hate towards people that watch Cookie, because everyone has their own interests and I have no right to throw hate at the things that people like to do (unless you kill people or something,) but I honestly ...more

I've watched some of her videos and I agree. Her voice is annoying and her fans lack some serious English skills.

I get it that kids love her videos and I read somewhere that she makes a crap ton of money with her posts. But yeah, her voice is annoying, and come on-- she retarded or something? I guess someone here hasn't gotten tired of role playing with her toys. Why can't she just gush about her toys in her normal voice? It would be more tolerable, in my opinion. And the way she does that lalalalala singsong while obviously thinking of some cutesy thing to say next? Come on, girl! Move on and just vlog about something that's more your age, like makeup.

My 5yr old and 10yr old granddaughters love the videos. Me I get my earbuds out and STOP HER ANNOYING VOICE from invading my privacy. When they watch them on their phones or tablets, I tell them to put their earbuds in PLEASE!

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120 Maybaby

Shes always like, This is why, and like, I want some guys on my video, and like, SO ANNOYING! SHE is like a non stoppable talker. No offense to the fans. My bff like loves her

I feel like Maybaby is a annoying ditsy spoiled brat

I don't know why but I feel like she is a big bully hiding behind her smile

She's so amazing

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