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121 Rebecca

Umm let's see she has no subscribers and she thinks she is cool she can't sing she sounds like a Moise when she sings Friday and uses way to much auto tune like we don't now she doesn't what the heck yes we do know sorry I'm 14 I don't cuss online

Guys, she didn't even write Friday. Her other videos are good, and it's fun to make fun if Friday! Hey, Rebecca, I WANT A MONDAY! Imagine it: "I hate Mondays. Couldn't sleep on Sunday. Now there's school and work ahead of us! I better run and catch the bus! " Yeah no I suck at song writing.

She sings worse than Justin Bieber

She's not annoying.. She just sings crappy music. >.>

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122 Cimorelli

Their annoying, all they do is just sing. Singing in California won't get you anywhere. Just wait how they are when they grow up.

They have nothing in the way of talent. Only are famous because they are like hypnosis for young girls.

Cimorelli are lovable and talented

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123 emmymadeinjapan

She does not need to be on this list. She has an awesome channel! She tries very hard! She is very descriptive and super intelligent, and she tries her best to be sensitive and respectful to all cultures. She never said she was Japanese, if u watch or listen to her videos she explains she is Chinese and why her channel is called Emmymadeinjapan. So if your not informed about her channel you shouldn't make rude and racist remarks about her!

Why is Emmy up here? She isn't annoying. She's pretty calm and sweet, really.

Wondering why she's here. Very fun videos and very relatable too! I like her. One of my favorite YouTubers.

Why is she here? She doesn't deserve to be here. - citizenerased

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124 Danisnotonfire

HEEEY!? WHO THE HELL PUT THIS HERE? Seriously. If there's any channel worth watching it's DEFINITELY Dan's...

No. Please stop. You can't judge their fans just because they actually care about the amazing people they idolise. I don't see what is wrong with expressing how you feel about someone and if you can't handle it, just leave ffs. There are lots of YouTubers on this website who shouldn't be but Dan and Phil are definitely not meant to be on this, they've literally done nothing wrong. If you don't like their fans, don't take it out on Dan and Phil. What jelous, idiots would say something against two YouTubers who haven't done anything bad.

Dan shouldn't even be on this list... Sorry I just love him so much how can someone not at least like him
To that person who INSULTED phil saying he is ugly and childish, DIE

I agree

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125 McJuggerNuggets

If his videos were fake, he would be on the top 10 worst YouTubers of all time, but he's very far from that place. If you think his fanbase are actually under 12, lemme tell you that there are also adults that are fans of him, in all 2.4 million subscribers he has. I'm 14 years old, but to me, age is just a number and I'm sick and tired of always seeing haters picking on the fanbase's age. I really don't care if the videos are fake or not, because that's not what I come to the channel for, and even if I found ONE fake situation, it's a huge waste of time not to come here for entertainment. Jesse doesn't play video games all day, because as you can see, he puts his life into videos, and you never see him play video games in them. Not to mention, that also makes him come out of his room and live in the real world.

If you think he doesn't care about his fans, then you are flat-out wrong. He has made over 50 videos worth of fan mail, giveaways, and #MMM series where he picks ...more

Disgraceful attitude towards people around him. Vulgar and disrespectful towards his family and anyone around him who have a position of power over him or who know something Jesse doesn't. He has cost his parents marriage, has ruined multiple friendships between family members and their friends, has assaulted his brother by smashing a bottle of beer over his head.
He does nothing but leach off the people around him and generally has a despicable attitude and a shocking appearance.

Most recently has been the cause of a local business getting into a lot of trouble with the Department of Health over eating ice cream off the utensils used to serve, with the owner being blasted by online reviews and has been threatened to be sued.

Dude is a horrific role model to the age group that is his fanbase. In one episode he explicitly said: "Your parents don't always know what is best for you, you know more about what is best for yourself and you shouldn't listen to them."... Really? A 23 year old, spoon-fed right off the silver platter, long-haired, unemployed LOSER is who so many children look up to. On top of that, he lies about everything, takes money from kids (even though his income probably puts him in the 1%). That guy is scum, and it sickens me that he has kept this charade up for so long.

AGP is better than this manchild - Humancentrist2999

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126 EthanGamerTV

His voice is annoying, his fanbase Is annoying, what is not annoying about him? NOTHING

Thank god he's on here I hope he gets stabbed in his sleep

He deserves to die

What a whiny kid

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127 laurDIY

I like Lauren and I think she is very pretty and seems down to earth BUT I will say the one and only thing I do I do get irritated by is when she is being really loud and screaming and making weird noises... Can't stand that at all

I like her. She's just being herself and doing crafts. You go girl!

I find her super annoying and I feel like she's changing Alex.

U GUYS ARE so MEAN SHE IS THE BEST YOUTUBER she is just being herself

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128 Daily Bumps

They are incredibly annoying, and they should stop making YouTube videos.

Whoever put this on here is a genius. This channel sucks all the way! Who cares if your baby has something in his mouth? Don't make that into a 20 minute long video for nothing! Finding something in your mouth takes a shorter time! Don't waste your time watching this brainwashing clickbait! I watched their Bean Boozled challenge video and it was boring after the second minute! - Target

Oh, and it should've been called DAILY DUMPS! - Target

They are not annoying. They're always fun and creative. And I watch them everyday. P.S. I SAYING THIS NICELY SO NO ONE IS MAD BUT IF YOU ARE THEY'RE NOT EVENNN ANNOYING!

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129 Kyutie

I can't stand watching her videos because of the way she pronounces normal words. She has the worst Australian accent I have ever heard. I do not recommend watching her channel if you get annoyed easily.

I honestly can't stand her.

Stop, get her off here, she's amazing, you think she's copying reaction time? well reaction time joined AFTER Kyutie, so it doesn't matter if you hate kyutie -.-

she sucks

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130 O2L

Most of their videos are rip offs of other popular YouTubers, very full of themselves and don't even attempt to make good videos anymore because they get fangirls for just sitting there.

O2L is awesome people like them for loving people for who they are and yeah sure they are not creative but they are amazing

They're like the 1D of YouTube.

I love them

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131 Thunderf00t

I disagree. He's incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable in several fields of science, surely smarter than any of us will ever be. He brings up valid points and thinks things over critically, only exhibiting thoughtful opinions and useful content.

His disgustingly misogynistic ideas only help to enable and condone the Sam Peppers of the world

He's like the poster bitch for all fedora neckbeards around the world

Thinks he's smart because he's sarcastic and impatient towards other peoples points of view, but he never actually raises any credible points, get off YouTube and get a real job, something like licking donkey cock on one of those bestiality sites on the deep web, probably the job he craves the most

132 Feminist Frequency

She is quite literally the dumbest person alive. Nothing to see here.

I'm a woman and I'm against this. Feminism is so stupid with how they go about it. Everyone wants to be equal, realize you're not the only one with issues!

Anita Sarkeesian has to be the most hated person on YouTube, how come shes not here?

That's her channel, but she doesn't allow likes or comments, what a coward -_-

Feminazism at it's best.

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133 Aphmau

Why is Jess on here

She is not annoying she is nice and calming! Why is she on this list!

Newer videos are getting too cheesy for my taste sorry >_>

Aphmau has changed over the years in a bad way. She always cuts people from her videos because they will make her dreams not come true. Also she lets her fans tell other people to kill themselves becuase they don't like Aarmau or don't ship it. Lastly, all her series are all about her and Aaron, like I want something fresh rather than them getting closer together and pushing their friend (In the RP) away from their lives.This it my opinion and if you don't agree then you don't, I respected that you have your opinion and I have mine.

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134 Stomedy

It is practically impossible to drink bleach and live, in fact most of the thing he "does" on his channel would be lethal to do for real so yeah its fake, which would be fine if he didn't treat it like its real and think he's hot shot

He literally drank bleach for a challenge


Jebus he is annoying

135 1991Arielfan
136 SSundee

You guys suck. Ssundee is hilarious! I'll bet you watch Smosh and PewDiePie! - LarkwingFlight

He is really annoying

He sounds absolutely retarded when he speaks and laughs

He is really annoying sometimes

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137 AmazingPhil AmazingPhil

Okay Phil shouldn't BE HERE! He's a very sweet person, he's creative and amazing (whoops pun). He knows he's underrated but doesn't complain about it at all! He's very appreciative about everything and so adorable :3Take him off this list now

Why is phil up here?!? He is Obeid the most creative amazing inspirational funniest people on the internet and deserves credit for all of his visor ideas like the seven second challenge, tumblr tag, the toilet tag and heaps more! Get his sweet name off here right now!

Look, Phil is awesome and I love his videos! But his fanbase (or as they refer to themselves, the phandom) is insane. Every video on YouTube there is at least a comment with over 600 replies with a bunch of 15 year old girls obsessing over Dan and Phil. You just can't escape it and it is annoying.

Why is he here? lmao yeah, some fans ruined it for them. He doesn't deserve to be here. - citizenerased

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138 DashieGames DashieGames

I do not think he is annoying

He is my favorite youtuber and his natural habit to at least be loud is literally what makes him him. But this is just my opinion.

More like TrasheGames

139 GradeAUnderA

I assume he's on here for his drawings which may not be the most appealing to some and his voice which I do find rather loud, but then again we do have option to change the volume.

How did he get on here? - Sunflowerswag

How is he on the list?

He is the dankest meme

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140 Toy Genie

Her fake voice makes me cringe into irrational anger.

She Sucks. All she review is Shopkins.

She is cool and she should do a face Reval and her voice is so cute

40 year old women who unboxes stupid toys. - brandondude101

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