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141 1991Arielfan
142 AmazingPhil AmazingPhil

Okay Phil shouldn't BE HERE! He's a very sweet person, he's creative and amazing (whoops pun). He knows he's underrated but doesn't complain about it at all! He's very appreciative about everything and so adorable :3Take him off this list now

Why is phil up here?!? He is Obeid the most creative amazing inspirational funniest people on the internet and deserves credit for all of his visor ideas like the seven second challenge, tumblr tag, the toilet tag and heaps more! Get his sweet name off here right now!

Look, Phil is awesome and I love his videos! But his fanbase (or as they refer to themselves, the phandom) is insane. Every video on YouTube there is at least a comment with over 600 replies with a bunch of 15 year old girls obsessing over Dan and Phil. You just can't escape it and it is annoying.

Why is he here? lmao yeah, some fans ruined it for them. He doesn't deserve to be here. - citizenerased

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143 Filthy Frank

Better than pewdiepie

Why the hell is Papa on this list? I'm just playing, I can see why people don't like his channel, but he is far better than the majority regardless.

Why exactly do my classmates look up to him? - naFrovivuS

i'm gay

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144 DashieGames DashieGames

I do not think he is annoying

He is my favorite youtuber and his natural habit to at least be loud is literally what makes him him. But this is just my opinion.

More like TrasheGames

145 GradeAUnderA

I assume he's on here for his drawings which may not be the most appealing to some and his voice which I do find rather loud, but then again we do have option to change the volume.

How did he get on here? - Sunflowerswag

How is he on the list?

He is the dankest meme

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146 Toy Genie

Her fake voice makes me cringe into irrational anger.

She Sucks. All she review is Shopkins.

She is cool and she should do a face Reval and her voice is so cute

40 year old women who unboxes stupid toys. - brandondude101

147 Bethany Mota

She doesn't upload as frequent as she used to. Her content nowadays (if she uploads) is pretty standard and many other youtuber gurus have done it before. I'm not going to say anything about her singing (because it's just my cup of tea).
Her fandom, motivators, are quite annoying. Many of them harass other youtube gurus that they stole Bethany' content etc.

148 EWNetwork
149 UMG V 2 Comments
150 JennxPenn

Literally don't understand the hype. She may be nice to fans, which I can respect, but her videos do nothing for me. I don't find them to be funny or interesting.

Boring as hell! Doesn't have anything to say! Enough said

Airhead, annoying, and very self righteous

How the hell is she on the list.

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151 Niki and Gabi

Fake trashy low lifer sluts. They have no friends and no life either. They sleep around and don't have an education either! Lazy fake whores. They are just as fake and slutty as the other YT guru whores! They suck at makeup, hair, and cooking! They just PHOTOSHOP everything in their videos. They also stage their videos as well! Fake whores are weird as well! They copy off of others and have obsessions over celebrities! DUMB FAKE TRASHY SLUTS! And NOBODY on YT gets paid, no proof of anyone on YT getting paid, all people on YT do is stage/photo shop their videos!

They do videos like "Ten types of teachers at school" or other girly trash like that

Not every youtuber you hate them hate is bad so stop making a stupid hate page no one cares

These two fake trashy hoes think they are better than other girls and think they are better than everyone else. Fake trashy sluts, they sleep with different men. Fake whores cannot sing and cannot do hair, makeup etc., NONE of those trashy YT guru whores are good, they all SUCK. They are wanna-be's and they both wish they were "rich and famous", too bad they never will be unless they sleep around like all these other celebrities, WWE divas/knockouts, etc. Are doing! Oh wait, they are both sleeping around anyway! Karma will get to them though for thinking they are better than everyone else and just caring about nothing but looks, etc. They don't have looks and nothing special about them! They have no skills either! Fake trashy sluts on YT!

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152 DramaAlert

Keemstar, the host of Drama Alert, is greedy, racist, homophobic, and he even hates his own fans. He's just an awful man who doesn't deserve any of the attention that he gets.

153 Pink Sheep

Worst fanbase

Surely the mouse put him in here

My impression of him:HATERALERT!

This youtuber number 168?
this youtuber should placed on number 1
because his fanbase

154 Violette1st

Kate From home alone can scream way better than Violette - Kartman

She screams like a maniac.

Her voice is terrible

155 Glich'e Gaming

This kid is probably one of the most annoying youtubers I have ever come across. He tries too hard to be funny and does not succeed...ever. He is loud and obnoxious and I would rather have a root canal then listen to his voice. - Beautifullush

Where is this kid's parents/guardians during all his screaming? It's obnoxious. I feel sorry for any neighbors they may have, especially if they have to listen to a teenage try-hard screaming memes that haven't been relevant for over a year to the top of his lungs while playing video games.

I'd gladly make the choice of being forever deaf if the other choice was to watch another one of his videos. Safe yourself the earache and never bother with this channel. Don't even let your kids near it.

156 RiceGum RiceGum
157 Sam Schuerman

Sam And Jay run neck to neck with their silliness. Neither of them act like an adult. Laughing about inane discussions. My big question. Who are these minions who think they are wonderful, amazing, cute, best parents ever created. On and on.

158 WatchUsLiveAndStuff

What really pisses me off now is that she said that she will be deleting all negative comments about her on their break up video and even Anthony said don't talk about kalel but you can talk about me, that infuriates me, I can't believe she's just gonna hide behind Anthony from all the negative things people are saying about her, you're a real man Anthony, stepping up and saying that is a bold thing to do, this little idiot doesn't deserve you I hope that new boyfriend of hers wises up and dumps her as quickly as possible

I feel like she has no real experience in the world. She has lived in a bubble her entire life and loves to talk about how awesome she is. She is the definitely of a twat. No. You don't have haters. You are legitimately hated.

Kalel is just a preachy, lying, spoiled brat who contradicts herself constantly. She posts sexy photos for her ten year old fans, changes her style and personality often which is fine, but then goes on deleting sprees to hide her old life thinking we'll just forget about her last phase. I could go on forever.

She wants all the fame and glory of being a YouTuber but just wants everything handed to her, she even said that she will delete all negative comments people leave about her. Are you kidding me?!? This little idiot clearly doesn't understand how this works, you can't just avoid criticism and expect everyone to like you, if you see it you just have to suck it up and carry on, that's how this business works, if you can't handle not being liked or being criticized then you clearly don't have what it takes to be a YouTuber

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159 Grav3yardgirl

Bunny really frightens me. If I were given the choice to watch her for ten hours or to have all my fingers slowly cut off, I'd choose to have my fingers cut off. Seriously, she's weird and kinda creepy.

There's something extremely off about her, the whole hyper crazy act is being dragged out and worn thin, it's very clear that she's not really like that.

She acts like Jim Carey in the mask, but since she is not wearing one she has no excuse.

I really hate her.. - parisinslame

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160 The Axel Show

So preachy blah blah paleo blah blah homeschool blah blah complain about toys advertising to kids while we make money from YouTube advertising to kids

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