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161 Kisha Jaggers

She is a copy cat wanna be.
Totally fake, buys horrible junk, processed foods to feed her family.

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162 AprilJustinTV

I'm surprised no one has put them on here. I think they are the most annoying couple. They act like their marriage is so perfect. April talks like a ten year old child. And all they do is spend loads of money buying unnecessary things on Amazon, Zulily, thredup, and what not.

She can't cook her food is disgusting, yet she gets sponsorship from TRUVIA. She copies Judy, from it's Judy's life slavishly and she has no taste in clothes at all. I dress better than her and I am older!

Fake, incompetent, and boring. Their YouTube "fame" will most likely lead nowhere. Her "cooking" looks like it would cause an outbreak of food poisoning, and their phoney "1950s-family" image is out-dated and unrelatable to viewers. The husband is a bit of a weirdo and provides comic relief, if nothing else.

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163 Troye Sivan Troye Sivan Troye Sivan Mellet, better known as Troye Sivan, is a South African-born Australian singer, songwriter, actor and YouTuber.

I don't even know why he is on this list. He is such a great person

One of the best YouTubers!

Cool guy

Why is this list getting stupider by the minute?

This list has definitely turned into a "youtubers I hate" list. lmao why is he here? - citizenerased

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164 MommyandGracieShow

Oh my days, where do I BEGIN with them? They claim to be toy reviewers but don't even review the toys they have, they just wave them in front of the camera as if to say "Haha viewers, we have this coo stuff and YOU probably don't! ". Gracie is a spoilt, rude girl who seems to use her autism as an excuse for her behaviour (she screeches and doesn't properly contribute to the overall theme/point of each video). They're sent things by toy companies that they don't deserve because they clearly have enough dough to buy them themselves and nobody in that household seems to have a proper job other than "reviewing".

I just hate them. They're spending their money on SO MANY TOYS. So much that they need to start an Ebay account for toys that they don't play with anymore. Also, Gracie is starting to get more mature so SHE NEEDS TO STOP WITH THE MLP, SHOPKINS, INANIMATE INSANITY, BUILD A BEAR, American GIRL, BARBIE, AND OTHER LITTLE GIRL TOYS (Monster High and EAH is fine for her). Oh and their thumbnail font is THE SAME FONT ON EVERY THUMBNAIL which is starting to make me piss off over. And since Gracie is getting old, SHE NEEDS TO STOP sitting in the back of the car all the time. And these ladies NEED TO STOP WASTING MONEY ON TOYS. - Jliby30

A channel that has turned from cute spare time hobby to a money-making machine. It was alright when they bought toys from their own money (cute videos, family bonding time, they actually talked about budgeting for dolls and didn't buy everything that was in the store) but once they have gotten sponsorship it turned for the worse. Now almost every video is sponsored, and they act as 'toy gods', buy a full cart of random toys just to show the 'exciting toy hunt score they got'... They often enforce their political views on little kids and if you don't agree with them (even on minor issues) you get blocked. You can't express your own opinion on their channel because you get blocked (I'm not talking about hating, just simple criticism i.e. asking to let the camera focus on the toy instead of waving it around the viewfinder). It is really sad to watch them now, a spoiled annoying brat and an obsessive buyer-hoarder mother. And what is even sadder is the fact that you can still find the ...more

Their channel started out as a cute mother-daughter bonding hobby. Unfortunately, ever since they have become 'toy celebrities' they have changed for the worse. They don't take even light criticism (like 'could you please not shake the camera so much' or 'can you hold the toy closer to the camera so it can focus'). They call it hate and use Gracie's (self-diagnosed of course...) autism as an excuse for her bratty behaviour (i.e. screaming, saying random things during a 'review', ripping a toy from her mother's hand or chewing with a mouth open).

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165 The Axel Show

So preachy blah blah paleo blah blah homeschool blah blah complain about toys advertising to kids while we make money from YouTube advertising to kids

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167 Shane

Why he is in here?

Why is shane here

He criticised Seinfeld...enough said.

His guy is stupid he is cursing around here
But that's my name but he is different - SpencerJC

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168 Jake Warden

Saw this kid the other day and oh my God, I don't know how I got through the whole video. He actually inspired me to look for this list. The Annoying Orange is less annoying believe it or not.

Feel sorry for this kid, yes he is annoying but I think is very young to be on YouTube and has just got too caught up trying to be popular.

I truthfully had a hard time figuring out his gender at first. His nails were painted, but he was wearing male clothes. I finaly found he was a boy after all.

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169 I Hate Everything

Just because he has an opinion, doesn't stop me from criticizing it. The worst part about his "opinions" is that it seems like he has no idea what he is talking about. It's just like "I don't like MLP:FIM and I hate the people who like it" aka the bronies. The thing about this channel seems like he finds something to criticize, has no clue what his "argument" is other than the fact that the "thing" sucks just because it does, and he puts these shallow, clickbait videos just for his vile fanbase to hate on it too, watch the video a lot, and put more $$$ in his pockets. This channel just seems like 100% clickbait and 0% content. And the worst part? people want to "white knight" this ass. What's the point of this channel anyway? to hate on anything he can get his hands on and gets paid for doing that while having nothing good to say about the thing or have a legitimate interesting thing to say in his videos? I don't know, but channels ...more

Literally the BEST channel on YouTube.

It confuses me that people want to listen to a hater.

He hates everything. Period. I hate this guy.

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170 Meg Deangelis V 1 Comment
171 FouseyTube

One of the drama boosts on utube.

A fake douchebag

he is nice

172 boaman5435
173 SuperMarioLogan

Used to be good, but now I just see him as a moron.

Come on! Super Mario Logan is so annoying. I just watched one video and was so annoying. Super Mario Logan is a moron. The only thing he does is ot sound in every video.

His videos were better in 2007-2013 until he brought that annoying Bowser Jr. character to the spotlight.
In 2015, he said that he would make a Mario and Luigi Stupid Dumb Adventures Season 3 Episode 4, but that has been three years. He pissed of all his old fans and his new fans are all immature 8 year olds that treat him like a god. What made it worst is when he brought that character (guess his name) in his video since 2016. If you are a parent, don't let your kids watch him.

Chef PeePee! 1

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174 Noodlerella
175 Coyote Peterson

He has an actual educational channel which is great. That's why I don't understand why he's here. - citizenerased

Nooo way he's great

176 Jeffree Star Jeffree Star Jeffree Star is an American pop singer, songwriter, make up artist, fashion designer and internet personality born on November 15, 1985. more.
177 HolaSoyGerman

All of his comedy is over-used jokes he got from Facebook. Any latino understands me.

If I wanna hear people curse in Spanish, I can go to my aunt mart has, at least she buys me candy!

Hate him. He doesn't even speak English on his videos.

I really hate this idiot. Part of the spreading Latin American Internet cancer, full of funneh mehmehs xDdd and so mainstream I have to keep listening about this and other crappy Spanish-speaking YouTubers like "ElRubiusOMG" and "Werevertumorro" at school, even from my friends. I hate all of them, unfortunately my little brother likes those idiots and Latin American Minecraft YouTubers and spends too much time watching their videos. Germán is one of the most popular "vloggers", and he is one of the most annoying, too.

178 Mylifeaseva

She is crappy and she makes fun of 10 year olds

Seriously... All beauty gurus are the same. Makeupbymandy, macbarbie, stilababe, etc. it's a young looking girl, trying to be "tumblr" not the good tumblr, the crappy unrealistic fake tumblr. They all dress the same. "Hipster" they aren't funny, not relatable, and too alike! We need someone who can just be themselves and not put on a persona that's just like everyone else's. As for ever, she's just like all the other girls.

I used to like her then she posted stupid videos I mean this is how you spell æva she spells her name wrong its spelled Ava not eve iva that's how you pronounce her name she makes fun of everyone on social media she should be number one on this list she thinks she's right and the center of the earth is her. She shows of her tiny body and says wow I am hot when she is actually not I mean you have younger viewers don't spoil their minds with your videos she only did 1 video on awesomenesstv I guess they didn't like her she is a big diva who is just a wannabe air head she copies other people and she says its original guess what she is a big lier.

He's sooo fake and dosnt have good content and dosnt diserve her fans

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179 NickiMinajVEVO

Pure disgrace to humanity that's what this is.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

180 Lost Pause

When he first started out his content was really funny but now all he does is stupid reaction videos. I also hate the click bait thumbnail/titles. And noble became so repetitive like did he really have to play all 50 Sakura games?

Who is the ass who put Noble here?

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