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161 Troye Sivan Troye Sivan Troye Sivan Mellet, better known as Troye Sivan, is a South African-born Australian singer, songwriter, actor and YouTuber.

I don't even know why he is on this list. He is such a great person

One of the best YouTubers!

Cool guy

Why is this list getting stupider by the minute?

This list has definitely turned into a "youtubers I hate" list. lmao why is he here? - citizenerased

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162 The Axel Show

So preachy blah blah paleo blah blah homeschool blah blah complain about toys advertising to kids while we make money from YouTube advertising to kids

163 Shane

Why he is in here?

Why is shane here

He criticised Seinfeld...enough said.

His guy is stupid he is cursing around here
But that's my name but he is different - SpencerJC

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164 Jake Warden

Saw this kid the other day and oh my God, I don't know how I got through the whole video. He actually inspired me to look for this list. The Annoying Orange is less annoying believe it or not.

Feel sorry for this kid, yes he is annoying but I think is very young to be on YouTube and has just got too caught up trying to be popular.

I truthfully had a hard time figuring out his gender at first. His nails were painted, but he was wearing male clothes. I finaly found he was a boy after all.

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165 I Hate Everything

Just because he has an opinion, doesn't stop me from criticizing it. The worst part about his "opinions" is that it seems like he has no idea what he is talking about. It's just like "I don't like MLP:FIM and I hate the people who like it" aka the bronies. The thing about this channel seems like he finds something to criticize, has no clue what his "argument" is other than the fact that the "thing" sucks just because it does, and he puts these shallow, clickbait videos just for his vile fanbase to hate on it too, watch the video a lot, and put more $$$ in his pockets. This channel just seems like 100% clickbait and 0% content. And the worst part? people want to "white knight" this ass. What's the point of this channel anyway? to hate on anything he can get his hands on and gets paid for doing that while having nothing good to say about the thing or have a legitimate interesting thing to say in his videos? I don't know, but channels ...more

Literally the BEST channel on YouTube.

It confuses me that people want to listen to a hater.

He hates everything. Period. I hate this guy.

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166 Meg Deangelis V 1 Comment
167 Pink Sheep

Worst fanbase

Surely the mouse put him in here

My impression of him:HATERALERT!

168 FouseyTube

One of the drama boosts on utube.

A fake douchebag

he is nice

169 boaman5435
170 Noodlerella
171 Coyote Peterson

He has an actual educational channel which is great. That's why I don't understand why he's here. - citizenerased

Nooo way he's great

172 HolaSoyGerman

All of his comedy is over-used jokes he got from Facebook. Any latino understands me.

If I wanna hear people curse in Spanish, I can go to my aunt mart has, at least she buys me candy!

Hate him. He doesn't even speak English on his videos.

I really hate this idiot. Part of the spreading Latin American Internet cancer, full of funneh mehmehs xDdd and so mainstream I have to keep listening about this and other crappy Spanish-speaking YouTubers like "ElRubiusOMG" and "Werevertumorro" at school, even from my friends. I hate all of them, unfortunately my little brother likes those idiots and Latin American Minecraft YouTubers and spends too much time watching their videos. Germán is one of the most popular "vloggers", and he is one of the most annoying, too.

173 Mylifeaseva

She is crappy and she makes fun of 10 year olds

Seriously... All beauty gurus are the same. Makeupbymandy, macbarbie, stilababe, etc. it's a young looking girl, trying to be "tumblr" not the good tumblr, the crappy unrealistic fake tumblr. They all dress the same. "Hipster" they aren't funny, not relatable, and too alike! We need someone who can just be themselves and not put on a persona that's just like everyone else's. As for ever, she's just like all the other girls.

I used to like her then she posted stupid videos I mean this is how you spell æva she spells her name wrong its spelled Ava not eve iva that's how you pronounce her name she makes fun of everyone on social media she should be number one on this list she thinks she's right and the center of the earth is her. She shows of her tiny body and says wow I am hot when she is actually not I mean you have younger viewers don't spoil their minds with your videos she only did 1 video on awesomenesstv I guess they didn't like her she is a big diva who is just a wannabe air head she copies other people and she says its original guess what she is a big lier.

He's sooo fake and dosnt have good content and dosnt diserve her fans

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174 Lost Pause

When he first started out his content was really funny but now all he does is stupid reaction videos. I also hate the click bait thumbnail/titles. And noble became so repetitive like did he really have to play all 50 Sakura games?

Who is the ass who put Noble here?

175 The Vigilant Christian

His theories are pointless, and he says idiotic things about other YouTubers (like Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal in the so-called "Illuminati"? ) with no REAL, logical evidence. He overthinks things way too much, until it all becomes gibberish. It's no surprise why there are so many parodies of his videos.

Stupid guy! He is jealous of all the famous people so he makes hate videos about them! He should be number 1 on this list!

Stupid, same with Puritan Pictures. Both thinking that everything simple thing in the planet, including entertainment is satanic and so-called "anti-Christ". Both are just disgraceful. Enough said...

I am Christian and this guy is just annoying. - Rambles

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176 Alfie Deyes V 1 Comment
177 Sevensupergirls

These girls aren't even funny. Their videos don't really have a point and they're all spoiled. They think they're absolutely hilarious, when in reality they're just a bunch of stuck-up girls who don't really have a life.

They are dumb brats who think we ACTUALLY care about there bedroom tours and bad acting... Oh wait dumb teenage girls do. I am a young girl who will admit to being a child and not a "tween" it is stupid! They are not funny and should be called seven stupid brats

I literally hate them so much, and they're just fake and their acting is horrible. They make stupid videos and they think they're funny

Hey I love that channel bitches

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178 Kwebbelkop

Personally I don't like him I guess as a content creator he's fine but something about him just is undesirable to me to the point of disliking him do I think he's "cancer"? NO! But do I like he no we all have our opinions for our own reasons I wont tell you what to do or think and I hope you treat me the same way

Most annoying voice ever and talks so much while at the same time saying so little it's incredibly brain damaging to watch more than 30 seconds.

Very egotistical and one of the most unhumble YouTubers ever. Often brags about how popular and rich he is and shows off how much he is worth. Not to mention annoying and thinks the way he screams and talks is cool.

Shouting, screaming and unfunny clickbaiter

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179 Chadtronic

How dare you put this awesome beast on this list?

Chadtronic isn't that bad, I mean he knows the sense of humor and we all laugh when he laughs

What? Chadtronic is AWESOME! - brandondude101


180 iDubbbzTV

You know (i'm talking about the comments in this). Its really cruel to wish for someone to get cancer if you dislike him then just move on its not like he's stalking you and being a prick. He certainly doesn't need to suffer agonizingly from cancer

I hope he gets cancer for real this time

Hey, that's pretty good.

He's pretty good

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