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Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 60 million subscribers. more.


PewDiePie is all about swearing and screaming, after watching him for a couple of hours he starts getting repetitive and boring also R.I.P headphone users, his fans are all a bunch of pre mature but hurt kids that just swear and rage at every bad comment about PewDiePie myself after watching 3 videos of him I got bored and stopped watching because it's always the same thing, constant screaming and swearing that are used in a funny way targeted for kid which shouldn't be because people don't want their kids saying about everything they see

Honestly, I like the OLD PewDiePie. Now you can clearly tell he is trying to be funny. Now whoever plays the same game as him, his 7-11 year old fanbase tells him "Oh your such a loser you copy PewDiePie." SHUT UP! The old PewDiePie had this nice felling to it and you could relate to it. Now he is WAY OVEREDITING HIS VIDEOS! This is why I hate him. Goodbye - DaLizts

Fan here, and I don't say to other YouTubers they copy Pewdiepie. There's a large majority of people on Earth. There would be a higher chance of them playing games Pewdiepie is playing at the same time, so there's no use on telling others that they are "copying" him. Overall, he may be a bit annoying and yes, he cusses a lot, but that is his way. He makes people laugh because that is what makes them laugh. And yes, he edits his videos but that is what makes it legit (maybe). Yes, he cuts his videos, but sometimes it may be a bit boring to see the same death scene over and over again. There are many other YouTubers out there that you can watch, no need to spread hate, friend. Peace out. - SomeDude

I honestly can't understand why this guy has millions of subscribers. I tried, really hard to sit through a video but I couldn't. Screams like a little girl 90% of the time, cusses the remainder of the time. He's just pathetic

To be honest I just dislike his content. It's his fans who are annoying!

He is terrible unfunny. The way he "entertains" his audience is making stupid face, screaming random things, and saying the most retarded thing he can think of. I know outside of youtube he is a cool guy, he's donated a lot to charity, and videos I've seen of him just being Felix, not PewDiePie, he actually seems like a cool and chill dude.

To watch his videos you have to actively want to watch his immature and annoying personality. His reactions seem fake and over the top, perhaps deliberately aiming for a younger and immature audience. If it's content and walk through of the game that you are looking for then avoid this screaming attention seeker at all costs.

God, he's annoying. I used to watch him for like 6 or 7 months, almost daily, but he's so annoying now. Really the reason why is because he's overrated. It's old. He's so rich and the only reason he still makes videos is so he can get more money. Have you seen his house?

Scroll down the comments in a video and you'll just see a bunch of people posting the most retarded comments. One thing I hate more than the fanbase are the people who say, "Oh they're just a bunch of 8 years olds", how in the bloody hell would you know?

He cares only about the money and his videos revolve around screaming into a microphone while playing a game and having fake over the top reactions to video games.

I used to like him, before the fame got to his head

Many YouTubers earn money. It's the same thing as a Hollywood star making fake acting and reading from a script earn tons of money. He doesn't care only about money. He tries to take the topic off his videos. None of us can live without money. Yes he screams but that is his method of making his audience laugh. Fame didn't get to his head. Sure he got famous, but he still tries his best to make his audience laugh, whether other people like it or not. He still cares about them (I may be wrong here). - SomeDude

Lets face it, you tubers are a delusional bunch of delusional dweebs and freaks who believe they are celebrities, some type of mental disorder combined with spending their life online doing nothing constructive or of any value. Adults never view these muppets channels, bored kids do.

I will admit that I watch Pewdiepie. I think he yells too much, is too immature, can be pretty crude, and irritates that heck out of me sometimes. But at least he says some funny stuff now and then. Also, he has a sweet birth name, too. And he is nice to his fans- bros I guess.

Honestly, his fans are the worst. Almost as bad as Onision fans. He makes mediocre content and does not deserve to be the most subscribed person on YouTube. On top of that he doesn't deserve the money he makes. He is absolutely horrible and incredibly annoying.

I don't know what happened to him, he used to be so funny and his content used to be awesome, but as the years went by he went from hilarious to completely annoying and most of his videos are click bait and he has over 40 million subscribers?! That is just not right, subscribing to a YouTuber who lacks humour and effort in his videos.

Well that's because those certain subscribers actually found him funny. If you don't, then you can still have other suggestions. He may not appeal you, but he did to those audience. Peace out. - SomeDude

First thing first, I love his videos, okay?
But I still find 44m subscribers with no views to supports it rather suspicious.
Felix is talented, I can tell by watching his videos, what I can tell by watching his videos so far is that he's not particularly good at games, but watching his editing photos, playing some rhythm games, I can tell he's actually really good at art, and music too.

About him being annoying, sometime he is, but that's the same to all people, not just YouTuber. You can be annoying to some people too you know?

I used to like felix, when he wasn't as popular as he is now. And don't even get me started with his he tries way too hard to be funny. Sometimes I feel ashamed of being swedish 'because of him.

No need to be ashamed of your own race. People don't generalize (but some do). Just because Pewdiepie is Swedish doesn't mean you're like him already. He may not appeal you in the form of comedy, but that is just how he is. No need to put the hate on him. People are different. We have different preferences. Peace out. - SomeDude

Some of guys are just PewDiePie haters. I used to be the same, but after several years I like him now. He is so funny and kind of annoying but he is just so creative. He does deserve 11 million subscribers because of how awesome he is!

He is an absolute pervert alright just look at his videos that he posts everyday, can't seem to not have a girl as the thumbnail once...I wonder

Well, who would not like girls as a thumbnail, especially in the internet where most users are mostly male (not attacking genders here). He may be perverted, but it's human nature. Thousands of years ago (or millions), humans cared nothing but to reproduce. And it doesn't really matter in adult life, as all of us will learn about it anyway. (as reproduction is the meaning of life, as scientists concluded) - SomeDude

He is the absolute Bain of YouTube he was the reason the new YouTube sidebar algorithm came to existence so he can farm views his views are also fake who in there right mind would watch such pitiful garbage

One of the most annoying youtubers, why is he even famous? Can't understand what's funny about dry jokes and people shouting pointless stuff all the time and repeating the same jokes. - blurryxface

The most annoying fans in the world. I don't even want to watch his videos because I don't want to deal with them.

Yes, fans may be annoying, but that is because they like it and they don't want someone insulting them about it. It's natural instinct why they would deal with anyone about him. Fan here, and I am not trying to call you out. Thanks - SomeDude

Fans are just way to annoying and I don't find him funny at all and I don't know why he has so many subscribers it makes no sense at all.

OK, I don't have a lot of rage against HIM, and I don't care about this money, now that I know that at least 30% of it goes to charity (or so they say). I do, however, hate his fans. They call anyone who plays Amnesia a "copycat," and they start thinking any YouTube channels with Hi-definitely CGI or actual humor is stupid, whereas amatuer stuff is "WAY better."

Whenever someone says "the internet isn't dead," I just tell them about the Bro army.

Finally, someone with the same thinking as me. I honestly respect you for understanding his money issues. I'm a fan of his, and I don't call anyone who plays the same game as his a copycat. I mean it's just a game. No need to get mad over it. They just seem really attached to him and respect him to the point that they would protect him and everything he does. - SomeDude

Technically the internet was never alive... But figuratively speaking, the people in the bro army are alive... They wouldn't be in it if they were dead... So you just contradicted yourself - ana0_0g

I watched a few of his videos, just to see what they were about. He makes immature jokes and screams randomly. Not sure what the appeal is.

His screams and immature jokes are part of the video. But what matters to me is the gameplay. Well as a mature user, you would not find him funny at all. But he makes certain people laugh. Before nobody even knew him, nor cared about him. Peace out. - SomeDude

How can you say that? You basically just state your opinion. I know I'm late, but if he's "so annoying," why does he have the most subscribers in YouTube history? (49 million) I sometimes stumble apron his videos, and I've never even seen not one single hate comment on his videos. How come, one of his videos has almost one billion likes? Imao

This guys famous all because he stays in side playing games all day and some people work hard to be successful he just films himself playing games. Sad!