Most Annoying Zombies On Plants vs Zombies

The Top Ten

1 Football Zombie

So much armor they drive me f&$@! Ing crazy like dave

2 Zomboni

Nothing can delay it. - daud

3 Pole Vaulting Zombie
4 Dolphin Rider Zombie
5 Screen Door Zombie
6 Digger Zombie
7 Bungee Zombie

The most annoying zombies for me are the Bungees, the zombonis and the diggers.

8 Balloon Zombie
9 Jack-In-The-Box Zombie

HOW IS THIS ONLY NUMBER TEN!? You cannot predict the time he explodes, removes at the maximum 9 PLANTS, no foolproof way to kill, and it is awful! - Thepenguinking2

10 Dr. Zomboss

The Contenders

11 Gargantuar

So hard to kill

12 Flag Zombie
13 Newspaper Zombie
14 Pogo Zombie
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