Most Anticipated Games of 2008-2010

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1 Diablo 3

Most anticipated! Ever since I finished Diablo II: Lord of Destruction... must be played game for all hack-and-slash FANATICS! Blizzard still is the best game developer and publisher of the 21st century!.. /

Yes the rumours were true and the Teaser Trailer and Gameplay footage was released June 26, 2008, and for all the Blizzard fans you know that the game still has a good year before it's released, but check to see new information - zack182daley

2 Starcraft 2

The ever so sly, Blizzard Entertainment has another greatly anticipated game for the PC, this one being a Real-Time-Strategy - zack182daley

3 Gears of War 2

well, if gears of war 1 achieved game of the year I think that gears of war 2 will be more bad ass - tankmen2

Sequel to "Game of the Year". Not just my opinion, the critics have SPOKEN! - zack182daley

4 Call of Duty: World at War

Back to WW2? This better be good COD! Your risking a lot going back to the most made first person shooter theme. - zack182daley

5 Bioshock 2

First one won many awards and won my heart.

6 Guitar Hero 4

They have added the microphone, the drums, and the bass... Why not just call it Rock Band 2? - zack182daley

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7 World of Warcraft: The Lich King's Wrath

Damn you Blizzard... DAMN YOU - zack182daley

8 Spore

Make your own species from billions of combinations of anatomic features. What else is there to say? - zack182daley

9 UFC 2009


10 Fable 2

A lot more freedom, more unkind gestures, and single shot pistols. God hath blessed us - zack182daley

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11 Mario And Luigi RPG 3

Mario's best RPG yet. I always wanted an awesome game where you could play as Bowser.

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12 God of War III

can't wait to see Kratos kick butt again. - lethaldose

13 Resistance: Fall of Man 2
14 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Can't wait to get this for Wii.

15 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
16 Grand Theft Auto IV
17 Assassin's Creed II
18 Rock Band 2
19 Too Human
20 Time Splitters 4
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