Most Arrogant A.N.T Farm Characters


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1 Lexi Reed Lexi Reed Lexi Reed (Stefanie Scott) is Chyna's biggest rival at Webster High. Chyna is seen to be the leader of the ANTs, but Lexi still considers herself the Queen Bee. However, if necessary she will ally with Chyna and her friends. Eventually, she becomes student body president. Her best friend and sidekick more.

I just called the Principal a pretty teenager on my comment above. HAH. My bad. I was actually talking about this lovely beauty. If only her character was half as good as her looks.

She isn't funny at all. You haven't seen what she even does? She bullies. This is a bad show that portrays people badly and so badly. I respect opinions, but she doesn't deserve love at all.

Let's be honest, Principle Skidmore might be arrogant, but Lexi is the QUEEN of Arrogant.

She is always focused on herself and even sang a song in trANTsferred about herself ending with "Me, me, me, ME! " And always noticing her complextion and how pretty she is, also giving girls self-eesteem issues. To me, Lexi is a really funny character.

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2 Susan Skidmore

At least she's a good-looking teenager. Everyone else on this damned show looks like a ten year old.
They are ten-year-olds, right? If not their looks, their dialogue and mannerisms make me think that they skipped, like, 10 grades to get into High School.

Fun fact! : did you know she was a awful principle on icarly to?

3 Lexi's Mom
4 Bernie

I'm awesome I'm 11 yrs old laugh out loud I'm a great friend

5 Bob

Gibson always go's on and on about how annoying he is!

6 Cameron Parks
7 Sequoia Jones
8 Fletcher

Poop on Jake!

9 Chyna Parks

This is why I don't watch the show!

Problem with her is the fact that she is made out to be a something she isn't.

When someone else trained for the same amount of time or a little loner can play everything she can.

Chyna is an over rated character who is all hype when there are others that are far better than she is.

That and the ego of Chyna should have been knocked down by a few pegs if not more so.

How is fletcher over chyna? Is it that he is the freddie benson of disney shows? Seriously. Fletcher is one of the best characters. Take fletcher off

She is a stuck up full of her self snot and only cares about herself

10 Gibson

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11 Olive Doyle

I totally laughed when I saw that this was an actual LIST. You know your kid show belongs in Hell when their is a list for the top ten most arrogant characters.
Priceless, but well-deserved.

How is olive all the way down here? Especially in the later shows, she started to be so arrogant and put down chyna. 'Zazow'

12 Angus
13 Fletcher Quimby


14 Hashimoto

He is rude, bossy, and demanding to the Ants and Mt. Zoltan Grundy

15 Olive

Really annoying, brags about her extensive knowledge of all subjects. "Oh I know 57 languages."
Mhmm, yeah hunny sure. No one is actually that smart. In actuality all the characters are all arrogant and make fun of others and have this superiority complex to everyone else.

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