United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom (UK) is a sovereign state which consists of the political and economic union of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It was a member of the European Union (EU) from 1973 to 2016. ...read more.


They assume that all Americans are stupid and uneducated. Brits are extremely arrogant and racist people who don't even know why they're so full of themselves.

This is the average Brit's attitude: Because I'm from Britain, that automatically makes me a genius and better than everyone else. (especially Americans)

Another thing that annoys me about them is that they are easily offended people. If you get their accent wrong they'll act like a child and insult you. Americans could care less if you got their accent wrong. At least have a sense of humor!

Americans have a reason to be arrogant, Brits do not.

Remember, we're the patriots who risked our lives coming here. We've won countless wars and saved you guys numerous times. Show some appreciation. America is a great country! - olliv

I was living in several european countries, but british people are the most arrogant, self-indulgent, false, and ignorant people that I've met. No idea why USA is on 1st place, they at least have some respect to other nations. In uk anything that's not british is automatically bad. People are talking about horrors of 2nd world war, but no one is talking about what mass murders brits were doing in India for example. Not to say about betraying allies and ignoring any treaties when it's not convenient for them to keep promises. And when they break them they of course act like nothing happened, refusing all criticism and guilt. If you will catch british thief's hand he will tell you that it's not his hand, and he will act like you offended him. Overall british people are lacking any social skills and they are disgusting in their behaviour.

Brits are tops at pointing a pompous finger at others who have "not learned" the "right"ways of doing things. The blowhards actually think we are all trying to copy them and just cannot quite perfect it. Get over yourselves, most of us don't want to be arrogant pompous knobs.

As previously mentioned by others, Britain has this preconceived idea that everything British is fantastic. They believe they are always correct, their way is the right way, and their political class consists of the largest group of knobs in the world. US politicians may be liars and fools, but they're not as self-indulgent and pretentious as British ones.

Most people who I know (I live in London) are so pompous, arrogant and prejudiced. They pretend to be unjudgemental, however it is easy to tell that this is a farce as they stereotype other countries and look down upon people. They're always negative and refuse to volunteer at charities because they are to good to get their hands dirty and actually help. Mind you I'm only talking about the few hundred people I personally know.

The british people a most arrogant people in the whole world, and ugliest

British people think that they are the master race (besides Americans, of course). Many of them offended me and my fellow European neighbors and called us "scum" or "trash", they all have a superiority complex.

They believe their way of life and their way of understanding the world is the only right way. They do not trust or understand anything that comes from other parts of the world.

UK lives in the past. It is impossible to scrap away the colonism from their heads. They are different than other nations in that they would be very nice on your face, but behind your back-- my God. This makes them most dangerous too. You casn easily think they friends when they are not. You can come in your office with one sock only and nobody will tell you you got only one sock on. Behind your back they will all be laughing at you all day. that's very British.

In History lessons in secondary school in the UK we were taught about the British Empire. People may think that we are taught that the British empire was brilliant and amazing because we are so arrogant but actually it's the opposite, if we are so arrogant as a country and a nation then why are we taught about the horrible actions of the British Empire and not the brilliant ones. Even though the British Empire did some terrible things we provided a stable government for example places like Australia have a stable economy and things like that whereas places in the Spanish Empire like Mexico who are in poverty. Even though the British
Empire did some horrible things in a way we did kind of save other countries maybe that's something to be arrogant about.

Snobby, rude, obnoxious, LOUD, terrible manners and most of all they just assume every American is fat laugh out loud. At least we aren't drunken idiots

I know some English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish people. They are very polite and civilized. United Kingdom is not arrogant at all not its people. British are nice.

The people here love being around other white and educated people. They are very judgmental about accent and everything has to be polished in society and ready for them to use at their fingertips. They have no idea how to "rough it."

Having ruled over so many countries doesn't mean that you should be arrogant...

I'm English. Man I studied history at University and you are so up your own arse. You personify the arrogance of the English. We should be number 1in this table.

By far more arrogant than the next most arrogant place (India) and the next (Italy) they were especially arrogant during colonial times... America IS NOT arrogant

Try discussing British colonialism with an Englishman and you will find out if they are arrogant or not...

Why is England not number 1? They are the most arrogant and self deluded nation in the history of the planet.

I don't think that the UK is arrogant and maybe there is a reason why America is at 1 because the majority of the comments are knocking down the British and building up America, maybe that's the sign of true arrogance.

They have David beckham, love their accent, love to be healthier than Americans and proud to not be Americans.

Also bashing Anericans about being fat and stupid, but see themselves as Demi gods.

Really! We should be on the list for countries who need to be morre arrogant. Firstly we realise that our empire done some terrible things and then fell to the ground. But then again we did own a quarter of the world which is amazing. Also usa and Argentina should both be first. Bloody argies!

They should be no. 1, they exploited many countries, killed many people, and also destroyed towns. They think themselves as gods and others as slaves.

UK is far worse than any other on this list. They should easily be at the first place.

UK is no. 1 arrogant countries. They are always show that they are good. UK is small but British people talk very big. Small country big arrogance. There are no Natural visiting places. I hate UK.