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The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the ...read more.


Yea its true were pretty arrogant but we have a right. We have the best military in the world and we have a lot of rights that other countries don't. A lot of people complain how we have it bad here well compared to other countries like China or North Korea we have it pretty good. We are pretty arrogant at times but we do like the countries like Germany, Britain, France, Mexico, Brazil, China (to a point) and others. We are in China's debt which is complicated but that doesn't make us worst. The USA has the best military not really the best country it's just as good as Britain or France.

The sad thing about this is that I live in the United States and I completely agree with this.

You need to educate yourself about all the comments before betraying your own country. Move to another country then if you don't like it. - Mercy305

United States all the way! The United States is way too prideful. The people are overly patriotic and claim that they have never lost a war even though they lost the War of 1812, Vietnam War, etc. They think that they are the greatest and that every other country in the world is evil.

America is a arrogant country, although they have fun things to do and some nice people the people there are two faces and I hate the way the place was arranged too divided for me and the media is a lie they say there all together even though most of the people hate each. I don't wanna be negative but this whole list is suppose to be negative and that's my opinion but I do like three places in America

Americans are truly the worst and most arrogant in every way. Like a child with a shotgun. The think there food is best, music is best, T.V. etc etc...all the material stuff in life, rubbish. Then I always hear "US has the best military blah blah"..no you don't, it's big, and that's it. THE USA HAS NEVER WON A WAR!..Not even WW2 which all Americans resort to, leaders of the free world my arse. Russia and it's 27 MILLION casualties won that war, and would have done without any other country helping. Get educated soon, please, you arrogant bastards! By the way... Arse is arse and ass is a donkey, dummies.

Not only does it project an outward arrogance to the global community, but believe me - it's no fun living here either. Flag poles adorning every tacky driveway, usually flying directly next to either the football team's flag of their choice, or the Confederate flag.

Honestly, most everything here is a bad joke.

I don't know if we're the most arrogant; I'm not very well-traveled so I don't have a great deal of experience to use as a fair comparison. On a national scale, we sure seem that way. But on an individual level, I think we're quite gregarious and easy to get along with compared to the people I have met from other countries here, and in other countries while I was abroad.

Lived here most of my adult life and find the US to be schizophrenic. Half the population seem to think they're better than everyone else and the other half are constantly apologizing for who they are. The former tend to be a lot less educated than the latter.

OK, that's just rude. I hate this list. Whoever created this list doesn't know a thing about countries. Whoever added this U.S., well, they're gonna get it. Some of us Americans may be arrogant, but you can't just assume the rest of us are, too. I'm not saying that I'm never arrogant or that not all Americans are ever arrogant, and you should be glad I'm not screaming at you. Whoever added this is probably from a different country and must hate America for some reason. Whatever reason that is, just spit it. Tell us what it is; we'll appreciate it and will try to work on it--right? Still the worst list ever. OK, not the worst list, but it's one of them. Adder of this country should be kicked from thetoptens. Can u delete that person from the records? 'Cause I would. It's just not nice to make lists abt which country is worse than that country and--blah, blah, blah! What if someone made a list that said that your country was arrogant? How would u feel? Not good, right? And don't just ...more

Oh I think this is true. We're not very open minded because every time we try to do something it blows up in our faces. Then it's our fault for everything. I've gotten to the point where I just don't care. That's arrogance. I did my time. I did the best I could do. Slavery and bribery wasn't anything I invented. That came with trying to cooperate with immoral dictators. Now you want me to fix the second cold war? Fix it yourself.

Personally I think we have every right to be arrogant. Every superpower has always been very conscious that it's the superpower. Think of England a couple generations ago, or the Romans. The fact that we're filthy rich on top of that doesn't help either. So yeah, we're number one in just about everything and that includes arrogance.

Sadly, although I am an American, I agree. We are WAY too arrogant and proud over here...

Americans don't know anything about any other countries they have no real culture they steal half the stuff they have from other countries and still believe there number one that is garbage

I don't think Americans are that bad, I have talked with some of them before and I find them to be quite bad pleasant people. Although I have to say that they are a little short-tempered.

I love The United States and dislike the concept of having to choose a country as the most arrogant, when there are only certain people that are like that. It really depends. Some Americans are lovely people and some are pretty cocky. All depends on how you were raised I guess.

They all think that the world should worship them. Yes the USA was number 1 in the late 80s and 90s but not anymore. The USA will is in a state of decline but are too big headed to accept it.

They think that they are the best and can do anything

Yes, definitely the most arrogant, but for good reason. The US has, hands down, the most powerful military on the planet. The US also has, by far, the highest GDP per capita. The very world we live in today was shaped and crafted by the US. This is not to say they have a right to be arrogant, but when you look at the facts, it's easy to see why they are so arrogant.

For real? American people are not arrogant...they are the most polite and self-aware in the world. They are SUPER hard working, hence they are the world SUPER POWER. They are great people alone...too bad if you follow behind them, like everyone else does.

Arrogant retard will do anything to reach the top on the positive lists like greatest countries in the world. USA is not the greatest. In fact it is closer to worst than best.

Lol I'm half American and half Israeli and both my countries are undeniably arrogant

I'm Canadian, and I truly don't understand what this "great" America everyone talks about. I've visited, and I've found small, miscellaneous Caribbean islands more homey and memorable.

U.S.A. are Very Arrogant and This Patriotic Bull is based on Greed and Racism, they think they're the center of the world and white people think their skin color give them right to talk down to others by privileged of justice system, and they believe in social media opinion more then factual evidence due to lack of the education system with Fox News beliefs systems of distorted Republican Conservatism of Religious empty mindset that the world is still flat of angry white men and white women...

I am A Retard and I Capitalize Every Other word, Even though It Isn't necessary. - Murica

I don't Americans are that bad, I have talk to some Americans previously and I find them to be quite pleasant people although sometimes they can be a little short-tempered.

The United States stationed troops all around the globe, and has been trying to expand its territory due to the fact that it can have '2 more states'.