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1 Han Geng

You are extraordinarily handsome, and charming. Your have an extraordinary voice and killer dance moves. You are extraordinarily sensitive, caring, and sweet. You have extraordinary talent and bravery to bring you through all the hardship you have experienced, more than anyone. YOU are EXTRAORDINARY.

He is so good.

For sure 1

2 Donghae Donghae Lee Dong-hae, referred to as Donghae, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, composer and actor. He was trainee at SM Entertainment after winning a prize at SM's Youth Best Contest in 2001. After four years of training, Donghae debuted as a member of boy group Super Junior in November 2005.

He has the most beautiful angelic face and a rocking body and by far the most amazing and perky butt in Kpop, Aside from his looks His smile is by far his most striking asset then his smooth, husky, sexy voice that is so orgasmic, his dancing is out of this world also he is a very talented actor and his cutest hyperactive 5 year old attitude that only adds to his gentle personality and his very manly demeanor, overall his is got THE FACE, THE BODY, THE VOICE, THE TALENT AND THE PERSONALITY that in my eyes makes him perfect.

Without looking at his personality and charms, and only looking at his looks, he's very attractive. His face proportions are like perfect and his eyes are very sweet and has a deep and meaningful feeling behind them. His nose is perfectly shaped and he has the cutest smile... Of you add in his personality and charms them he becomes more attractive than he already was! He's so innocent and pure too, I love him.. ELFish forever!

No such thing as attractive in my head, its called being totally awesome at everything

Siwon is VERY handsome but Donghae just attracted me more. He's just very attractive. He has the visuals, personality, and he can do anything. He's in visual line, vocal line, dance line, and can be in the rap line. That's what you call multitalented with visuals and personality.

3 Yesung Yesung Kim Jong-hoon better known by his stage name Yesung, is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior and its subgroups Super Junior-K.R.Y., Super Junior-H and S.M. The Ballad.

Because because he is mysterious, sexy and kills you with his eyes

He's both so cute and sexy it kills me

There's something so mysterious about him it kills me! my absolute bias

Yesung sexy and kills with his eyes
yesung is very funny on the show variety shows
Yesung has a very sweet smile, and laughs
Yesung is very handsome, and his face is cute
yesung can make worse day become my best day
Yesung has a golden voice
Yesung is an outstanding vocal leader
yesung is a very good singer
Yesung has beautiful voice

4 Kyuhyun Kyuhyun Cho Kyu-hyun (born February 3, 1988) is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior, its sub-groups, Super Junior-M and Super Junior-K.R.Y., and a former member of the South Korean ballad group S.M. The Ballad. He is one of the first four Korean artists more.

Our evil maknae that really adorable. Bullying his hyungs make him looks so cute.
His voice's really good and he dance well too.
Kyuhyun oppa saranghae

I think he is the most attractive person in suju because he has a awesome and incredible voice that can makes me cry. I really love his evil behavior towards his hyungs, haha, he is also a cute and handsome guy. He is our one and only evil maknae that always makes we ELF smile brightly,

Kyuhyun wins no matter what other people say my lovely evil man

Kyuhyun is definitely an adorable yet sexy, cute yet evil, cool yet dorky, funny yet charismatic idol! Yes his looks are A game but he is the most "attractive" because of that one of a kind personality he has! I love watching him on variety shows b/c he always makes ma smile. I love watching him on singing shows b/c he blows my mind with his voice! He is inside and out the most attractive person in the world and he is the one and only cho kyuhyun!

5 Siwon

Siwon is simply an amazing all rounder. He has the cutest face with equally cute dimples. He does amazing work for UNICEF and he also looks after his fellow Super Junior members. Siwon is tall, handsome, manly, kind, generous, hard-working, cute, funny, respectful and an outstanding person with a heart of gold. I will definitely support Siwon and the rest of Super Junior. Also Siwon has an amazing voice as well

Good Person with a good Heart

Whenever I see you smiling my heart waves. Anyone can fall in love with you because you're very charming and warm heart. I really loved your cute smile and big eyes. I really loved your drama oh! My lady and skip beat. I see you at the first time on oh! My lady drama. Whenever I see your face all my tension disappears.

He's just the representation of everything, just like what they've always said "Tall, Rich, Handsome". There's many other great quality of him.

6 Leeteuk

Love his skinny body. His charming voice. And sweet face.

Leeteuk is just pure perfection! I love him so much that if I ever saw him I think ill faint I think all leeteuk lovers will do the same but I wouldn't scream I'm not a scream kind of girl

Leader of the band, super adorable!

Leeteuk, you are my favourite in Super Junior. You are very handsome and friendly. You can all sing very well. You are very suitable to be a leader.

7 Eunhyuk Eunhyuk Lee Hyuk-jae, better known by his stage name Eunhyuk, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer and actor.

He's definitely the most handsome, followed by Yesung. Eunhyuk has gorgeous eyes, a strong and handsome nose, and the most beautiful and charming smile in the world. All his features combine to make the most handsome man. Even without makeup, Eunhyuk is one of the top five most handsome people on the planet.

SMEnt doesn't think he's attractive, and I think all of that's just a load of pooh. His snow-blonde hair in ACHA just made me die when I saw him! He has the cutest personality, and seriously, whoa. WHOA he's hot

I super duper like land love him especially when he started to dance.. His charisma is overflowing!

Even though he not the most handsome in Super Junior, but he have a beautiful heart.

8 Heechul

He is the most handsome!

I love HeeChul oppa. He can pull any different looks.

He is more on the pretty side of things, but needless to say one of the most attractive man I have seen.
Unlike the other members of super junior I do feel like he is the one that hasn't aged in the past 10 years since debut and considering he is the 2nd eldest at aged 31 now, he has more of a disadvantage compared to kyuhyun who has aged a bit since debut.


Heechul is so hot! He can be adorable but also super sexy at the same time. I love his hair, too! He can pull off any hair style

9 Ryeowook Ryeowook Kim R yeowook (29), better known by the mononym Ryeowook . He is a South Korean Singer, Actor and Musical Actor . more.

Why he's here? He is cute, beautiful and handsome. He's more attractive. No matter what, I love him.

Have people seen Ryeowook? He has the most amazing face and body. Killer cheekbones, sweet smile, and incredibly defined abs that do not get enough exposure. He's like the perfect prince.

He's very handsome, and I don't know why he is here. I love him!

Honestly, I like a lot of the members more than Ryeowook, but I still love Wookie. When it comes to looks, Ryeowook is the best. His smile is so cute and he's so handsome. He deserves more love.

10 Sungmin Sungmin

He's good at everything, talented in everything, Handsome, good at dance, Cute, sexy how can anyone not love him? 33

Obviously, he is over perfect..
I means he improves his singing & dancing skills through each album..
Yep he's good at everything but nothing is the best..
As for me, I never require idol must be the best in a typical field because to survive I Kpop you need more than this..
Sometimes, I just feel like he tries to hide his talent and fasn even ignore it..but let's me say onething that Sungmin is the best idol I admit in Kpop..

I love him. He is cute & sweet & good at everything He can play musical instruments & cute as baby. With cute actions. Everything is perfect for me& all ELF so he is my choice, I will love everydays & every times no changes

He is cute and handsome


The Contenders

11 Henry

Henry is very talented - he can play the violin and the piano, which I'm sure pretty much anyone who has seen Super Junior knows. Well, besides just them without Henry, and I'm getting redundant here. I just think that he's attractive... because he is, I mean, probably not more than some other people, but he's got heart-shaped nostrils, come on people. He can speak many different languages, and he's just all-around awesome.

Extra ordinary guy but is so cute.
Cute than I thought.

He is cute, I think he's cuter than kyunhyun, people just think he's cute because they feel bad for him... (Car accident) but honesty I like eunhyuk

I love kyuhyun and henry and eunhyuk I love every member in Super Junior because they are all great and almost every girl who loves kyuhyun doesn't love him because they feel bad for him from the car accident they love him because he's his own self his personality is really funny and great has a beautiful voice and fun he is also very handsome if people were to love them because they feel bad they would like almost most of the members in the group 'cause most of them have been in car accidents. I'm not saying you have to like kyuhyun I'm just saying that you can't assume people like someone because they feel bad they like someone for who they are just like how you like eunhyuk

12 Shindong

Seriously? Is it because he's.. Fat? Shindong is the best.. He's funny, cute, hot, attractive, and just adorable.. His dancing is AMAZING! And his voice is fantastic. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE HIM mATTER WHAT!

I honestly love him to death because his personality is amazing, plus, he's honestly really handsome, whether he's chubby or not. His eyes are very mesmerizing ~

He's cute even though he's fat

I find Shindong really funny and cute! I love his voice~ Go Shindong! Don't feel inferior! Being chubby is CUTEEE! We will always be supporting y'all!

13 Kangin

I love all of the members each of them have their own attraction and talent and super junior is super junior because of each of them, without only one member the band wasnt able to be where it is now, I only like kangin a bit more than the others that's why I voted for him, hope all members be safe and active for long long years - drogi

I think he is very attractive he has no problem in his face

Kangin is my ~ideal man~ laugh out loud! I want a guy that has a personality just like his! How he acts tough and manly, but in the inside he's so sweet and caring! He's very funny and lovable as well! I also like that he talks a lot, laugh out loud! He might have changed a bit now, like he doesn't talk much and stuff which makes me sad but maybe he needs some time to get used to being around cameras again. Anyway, I love him! X'D - happysj

His personality is his main attraction

14 Zhou Mi

I love Zhou Mi very much. Zhou Mi is cool. Zhou Mi always displays show the super perfect. I'm proud to be ELF & Honey! Vote for Zhou Mi!
And we hope we can see him in the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies. God Bless Zhou Mi gege always. Jiayou Oppa. I'm Support you always. Fighting. - nellachou

I like zhoumi beacause he is so handsome and cute and kind.

15 Kibum

The smile of kibum is the sunshine, warm and charming.

He is really cute...

The epitome of the word handsome!

My bias... adorable

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