Most Attractive Things About a Woman

Women are beautiful and attractive... Which part of a woman attracts you the most...????

The Top Ten

1 Face

This is the wireds list I have seen boys have it way better

Dude, you don't want to have to put a bag over her face.

A great body is important, but face is more.

This is the best

2 Personality

I would never ever date a super hot girl if her personality was garbage. As that would only end with a bunch of fighting - Spongehouse

I don't care I only want bobs and vagena

Most guys only care what she looks like, but if she isn't beautiful on the inside, she means nothing.

If she has the most beautiful personality you've ever seen, she slowly begins to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

3 Breasts

I may be a woman, but I know from catcalling.

That is the part of a woman about which men can talk a whole day... -

So guys really do care about our two balls on our chest that squirt out milk for BABIES.

Yeah, makes total sense.

I don't think breasts are attractive

4 Butt

It's a tough one between this personality and behavior, and I may seem like a pervert for voting this but I just love girls with big butts. So sue me for having a penis! - Spongehouse

I would agree with butt but, with curves of the body. Not with gigantic fats of the belly. Ass is very attractive for me; especially, with hot and sexy curves of the body, like coca cola body but in a bottle, not in can.

I'm a pervert!

The only important thing...

5 Eyes

The eyes are something you can see clearly only when you want to be close to someone. The passion reflected in them is lit ablaze when they talk about something they like and we just go crazy for their passion.

That's an odd thing to say I have never seen a woman whose eyes I wanted to eat but whatever floats your boat

Love, passion, seduction... Hungry?... Ok, I'm kidding, right.
The eyes reflect your soul!

They look like beautiful grapes that I want so eat

6 Smile

I love it when a girl smiles. It's always nice to see. - RogerMcBaloney

Smiles are very important if you smile like a rapper imma run

7 Style
8 Voice

Voice is a number one quality that makes a girl special.

9 Intelligence

Intelligence is beautiful. I love a woman who reads. Everyone is so wrapped up in technology these days, it is just so sexy to me too see a woman who is wrapped up in a good book.

10 Figure

She makes my jaws go loose....;) - hereisHorizon

I don't know any man that can resist a nice hourglass figure.

The Contenders

11 Humour

This goes hand-in-hand with personality. It always makes the relationship better when you both find jokes to make each other laugh. - RogerMcBaloney

Why am I here?

12 Hair
13 Behaviour

A huge turn-off is a woman who doesn't have manners. And also, women who curse ALL the time are just really unappealing.

14 Vagina

This shouldn't even be on the list. Every woman on this planet has one...

15 Lips

bcoz it has a attractive power 2 attract guys

16 Legs

Nothing is better than a pair of long, slender sexy legs.

"Shes got legs and she knows how to use them"

Legs is Top 3..

Love long leggs with big thighs the best part of a woman and most atrractive, can't be a girl with nice legs

17 Belly

I find this very appealing. - RogerMcBaloney

18 Navel

The mostest hottest part of an women body parts

It is so hot... no one can control himself by seeing it

I don't know what it is about it, but it automatically turns me on, even the slightest glimpse of a girl's stomach... Just... M

Nothing sexier than a deep BB to lay your finger or lick deeply and just send quivers through her body. - erica1988

19 Curves
20 Thighs
21 Dress

Skimpy clothing is NOT okay. I like a woman with class.

The way a woman dressed reflects who she is.

22 Soles of Feet

As long as they're at least relatively clean, yes. - xandermartin98

23 Smell

Come On guys want women to smell like poo no then vote this.

24 Hands
25 Posture
26 Ears
27 Posterior
28 Hips
29 Tongue
30 Wealth
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