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Ariana Grande-Butera, known professionally as Ariana Grande, is an American singer and actress. She was born on June 26th 1993 in Boca Raton, Florida to Joan Grande and Edward Butera. She is best known for her role as Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious and its spin-off show Sam & Cat. more.


She's so fake! Everything about this trash whore is fake! Her voice is nothing but a Mariah Carey imitation & she is a total bitch in real life! She's rude to fans and acts like a diva when she is NOTHING! She lied on her co-star Victoria Justice about Victorious ending both Nick & Dan Schnieder (Creator) were already going to end the show long before Victoria went on tour, Schnieder shows usually only last 4 seasons at max anyway iCarly is the only exception to this rule. Ariana cheated on her boyfriend and then tried to play victim when he dumped her ass! She tried to sick her whoriana sheep on him on Twitter but it came back to bite her in the ass when he basically told the world about Ariana and her fake diva ways! Ariana does not equal Cat. Ariana even talks in that Cat voice now so people will think she's so cute and innocent! She's so annoying her and her clown makeup she's not even pretty! She wears a gallon of makeup every time she takes a picture and she looks like someone ...more

I agree, I use to like her but after a while she's gotten pretty annoying

I agree. Not only with her personality, but also with her voice. Everyone is saying that she is so talented to be the next diva in this generation. She has nothing talented, she just simply shouting in every single song. Her voice is very annoying and make me got headache.

Ariana Grande is seriously stuck up. My friend's friend's cousin used to go to school with her (yes, she attended north broward prep) and she said that she was so rude to people and that she would act like she's so popular and amazing. I noticed that she has started to fake her voice after victorious. If you check her old YouTube videos, she has a much deeper voice than usual. She obviously raises her voice by a lot in victorious, and she has started to talk the same way outside of the show. Another thing that really got me mad was that when she dumped Jai, she went to Nathan like the next day. She also blames other for things that happen. Like when Victorious stopped airing on T.V. , She blamed Victoria Justice for that. Because she "wanted to go on tour alone. She always tries to be the innocent one and tries way too hard to be "cute". She also has to cut down on the spray tan and maybe gain a few pounds? Talk about disgusting...

I think she's talented but for her fans she got a job that every kid wants so she should be proud and if she acts a diva she better stop or it will get worse for her because if I was her I would be proud and I would treat the fans the way they should be treated because of them she got a dream life

I hate Ariana Grande. She thinks she can just fool us with her girly dresses and stupid little giggles. Well, too bad sweetheart. because you didn't fool all of us! Some of us know who you really are. Like how you cheated on Jai and left him heartbroken! You think we wouldn't figure that out sooner or later? Well, you were so very mistaken Hun.
Seriously, everything is fake about that girl. All her songs? Auto tuned. Her looks? Too much makeup. Her personality? So much phoney baloney that I could make an sandwich.
Quit trying to make us love you Ariana. It won't work on some of us because we have common sense. Honestly the only people who I think you are worthy of being an idol to are real life barbies and people with plastic faces and plastic bodies and ' plastic organs. So then you can go and be fake together. Honey, your sweet persona ain't fooling me. I know that your gonna be the next Miley Cyrus. You wanna know how? Because before she changed, Miley was a sweet girl with ...more

I'm not being mean but ariana actually saw this shed go ballistic...

She seems so fake. The fame has totally gotten to her head. And, yes, she's pretty and can sing, but she tries to show off too hard and she always takes pictures of her face 24/7. Life isn't a contest.

Also, her recent break up with Jai Brooks (from the YouTube group the Janoskians ^o^) opened my eyes wider. Ariana kissed Mac Miller, Justin Bieber and flirted with Nathan Sykes whilst going out with Jai. And like two days after they broke up she claimed to be the happiest she's been in months and already found herself a new boyfriend. Urgh.

And she seems so fake, you can't be all smiley and happy and cute 24/7, she just tries too hard.

Ariana grande seriously sucks like she deserves the first spot on this. Shes annoying dumb and fake. She thinks shes all that, she TRIES to act all innocent and cheated on Jai Brooks. Her only talent is singing but big whoop I mean there are THOUSANDS of better singers than her on youtube! People also need to realize she isn't this incredible amazing person she puts off to be. She seriouly sucks at acting like no joke sam and cat I tried to watch it cause my little brother was watching it but I seriously couldn't stand it. Shes as fake as that horrible voice she puts on in sam and cat. The thing that I hate most about her is how she acts all innocent and acts like she hasnt done anything wrong I can go forever but I wont she sucks and deserves number 1

She doesn't deserve a spot on any hate website! She's very nice and loves her fans!

Narcissistic, and seems delusional as she thinks she is a larger than life star

I agree.. she looks so FAKE and thinks that she's the best... She looks hideous with those tiny outfits she wears, frankly I think she tries too much that simply looks ridiculous!

How is she trying to be something while she is being just herself? Ugh, stop giving any more of these lame ass excuses over why you hate her just because she ain't your type. - Johnny1248

She acts all innocent, but in real life shes no where near that. First, she sucked Jai in and broke his heart completely. Then she moves on to Nathan the next day. Does Jai really mean nothing to her? I don't understand how someone could be in such a good relationship with a guy as great as Jai and go behind his back and cheat on him. After hurting Jai she move right on to Nathan, and now there are rumors that Nathan wants to leave The Wanted to spend more time with Ariana. Ariana is completely ruining Nathan's career. When Ariana attended The Wanted's concert, Nathan brought her up on stage...i'm ok with that, but she tries to run off then come back on stage. Why? She just wants all the attention.

She's trying so hard to be a BABY! I mean they way she speaks! This is just my opinion but I hate EVERYTHING about her! Specially her stupid red hair, her voice! I mean she's pretty yeah but there's just something about her that makes me feel disgusted and makes me want to break every single object that I see once I see that whore! I'm not prettier than her and I know if she will see me she'll hate me but yeah, everything about that worthless mammal. Just saying. Peace

Not to mention that her clothes look like a pair of extra plush pampers diapers

At the end of The Way whats up with this high squeaking sound? Is she a dolphin now?

She acts like she's so innocent and so perfect. Yeah, she can sing but she's to much of a Mariah Carey clone. She takes to many pictures of her stupid pouty face and she's always showing off. She doesn't have a good sense of style, her skirts are to short, she's always wearing heels. She cheated on Jai from the Janoskians and accused him of blackmailing her! Her voice annoys me, she sounds like a goat that surfs. Everyone says she's so pretty and gorgeous but without makeup she look average. And she's always flirting with everyone.._.

The only reason victorious got cancelled was because of Sam and cat and to cover it up and not make people angry she blamed it on poor Victoria because she didn't want to get blamed for ruining the show. Plus many love her but I just don't see why I guess they didn't see the real her. I went to one of her concerts because I thought she was good but miss I'm so gorgeous just pushed me out of the way when I wanted to take a pic of her not even with her rude much

She just tries too hard and thinks she's sexy af. There are much prettier people in the world, she thinks she's obama or something.

Simply put I didn't hate or like her when I watched Victorius. Heck I really enjoyed the show. Then when I heard the show was be canceled of course like the others who enjoyed the show I wanted to know why. Cause from what I understood the Ratings where good for it. Then I saw the interview where she was apparently unhappy when working on Victorius then she back pedaled and said she that was taking out of context. I thought BS cause if you where that unhappy why would you stick with a show for 3 to 4 seasons then. Not like Nickelodeon wouldn't put her in another show. Then she got another show Sam & cat. Then a fan blamed that show she blamed it all on Victoria saying she didn't want to do a cast tour but a solo tour. First like she wouldn't do the same. Second Victoria seemed pretty blindsided from what she tweeted about being thrown under the bus by a friend. And finally I find it hard to believe Nickelodeon would cancel a show just for that reason. But I gave her the benefit of the ...more

Her acting is absolutely awful! She is more concerned with looking 'hot' or 'cute' than actually acting, her co-stars always outshine her because of this. The voice she does, she thinks makes her acting seem good, but it is just terrible! Bad, bad, bad. She is an awful role model to kids, sleeping around, cheating on her boyfriend, how much makeup she wears (which is RIDICULOUS) and her stupid clothes. She used to be sweet and down to earth but now she tries too hard to be cute and is such a diva. Definitely the most annoying 'celebrity'. Her singing is good, but again she is too preoccupied with looking hot that she is overdoing all of her riffs, squeaks and screams!

She is so pissing annoying every time I hear her voice I want to rip my ears off and out them acid, I don't know why everybody thinks she is so funny and she just looks like a child, she is way overrated I don't know why she isn't up on top?!?!

She is very annoying! She isn't even a natural and real girl, she had plastic surgeries and now she look terrible and little girl, which is awkward and weird. Also she is NOT talented at all, her voice is not so good. I have no idea why millions of people follow her. So weird.

Her Fans Are Also Annoying because All They Say Is She is The Next Mariah carey -_-
HELLO? - janus.dreyfus

Yeah and Mariah is better then her.

Supporting Mariah, Disliking Ariana

She just so annoying always the same hairstyle and acting like an innocent virgin oh god stop that

How dare you say that victoria is at fault. You can't act all innocent. Are you happy thant victoria is less popular than you? You are just a fake nothing but a fake. So what if you can sing you don't even have a heart. I used to like you but now I hate you

There was a time where I really did like her. However, that was when she played in victorious. After she started Sam and Cat I realized that she is fake. She didn't dye her hair back to red and just used a wig which I think is just an insult to her character Cat. She dissed Selena Gomez who is my idol, and cheated on Jai! I can't believe she would stoop that low. All the respect I had for her has died down and forever remain that way.

Ariana is the fakest person I've ever seen. Yes, she is very pretty, and she has an okay voice (except for when she does that weird screeching thing when she's trying to be 'powerful') but she CANNOT act. I used to kind of like her, at the beginning of Victorious, but as she got more famous she became extremely fake. She acts really innocent even though I highly doubt she really is. She cheated on her boyfriend, Jai Brooks. She honestly just seems really fake, as I've said a million times. I feel like she doesn't deserve as much fame as she has, and her fans worship her as a god and defend everything she does. She really just gets on my nerves.

I hate her so badly. When I first heard her sing, yeah, it was pretty good. Definitely better than other so-called "singers". However, I was flipping through some T.V. channels and came across Victorious. Oh my LORD, her voice is the utmost annoying thing I've ever heard in my entire life. She sounds like an idiot and, honestly, I found this website by typing "Is Ariana Grande actually stupid" into Google. I'm SO glad I'm not the only one that gets irritated by her. I can seriously feel my brain cells dying, one by one, when I hear her voice. And seriously. The way she takes pictures by jutting her chin out to one side? Okay. I get it, you've got strong jaw lines. I had no idea that she had cheated on Jai but that makes me dislike her even more. I mean, really, grow up.

She seems fake as hell. Her voice is annoying and she looks like a red teletubby.

Her voice is throaty and not very good. Maybe she should learn how to sing correctly before making herself noticed.

Agreed I watched an episode of the show and I thought her voice was a joke, then I realized she talked like that the whole time, it's so fake and obviously fake, so annoying