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Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada (despite once claiming he was Part-Indian) and he is Christian. He is the son of an author, Pattie Mallet. ...read more.


As a teenager, I feel like Justin Bieber is the furthest thing from a positive teen idol. That is because instead of embracing his flaws and admitting to his mistakes, he gets surgery to make his abs look big, gets a fake tan, breaks the law, and does drugs. He only uses his young age as an excuse for his actions to be "okay." He makes it seem like having a less built body is "ugly," and that everyone will worship you as long as you have washboard abs and the "perfect" six-pack. This is making boys who don't have washboard abs feel insecure about themselves and feel like they are worth nothing just because of their physique. Bieber is also the furthest thing from a positive influence on teens because of how he brainwashes them that it's okay to break the law, do drugs, and casually sleep around. I bet half of his fans are weird guys who think it's okay to oversexualise women, and hurt people. It's sad that there are so many fake celebrities out there (like Kim kardashian, Miley Cyrus, ...more

No duh he's the worst celebrity. Horrible! He obviously didn't get in because of talent. He only got it because of his huge abs and nice tan. His videos are disturbing and disgusting. He can't sing. He ENJOYS treating women like sex toys and is HAPPY to be labeled as a sex addict. In every song, he sounds like he hates someone, or he's asking for sex. In every video, he's half naked and ready to have sex. He gives men a bad name. I'd like to see him dress appropriately for once. I mean his jeans are so low-riding that it wouldn't have made much difference if they fell off. His facial expressions are creepy and pointless and his lyrics are horrible and scary. He has no respect for his body and thinks he's all that just because one YouTube cover made him famous. He has no talent whatsoever and he's destroying men's reputation. He is part of the list of men celebs that SHOULD NOT be considered role models. The list includes Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Orlando Bloom, Ryan Lochte, Kanye ...more

Justin Bieber is super ugly, talks like a girl, and is super annoying. Did you see the video talking about how he stole Selena Gomez's virginity and is now BRAGGING about it? What is there to BRAG about stealing someone's virginity? If you steal someone's virginity, that's normal- almost EVERYONE does at one point of their life, and I never heard of ANYONE else that bragged about stealing someone's virginity.
Also, have you seen how FAT he is? Most people hate him now, I know, but there are still girls out there who are hitting on him even after all the bad and annoying stuff he did... And there's no reason why because he's UGLY AND FAT!
Plus, Justin just CAN'T sing. He used to sound like a girl, so he tried autotune, and it sounded even WORSE. Seriously, if you can't sing, just DON'T. There are plenty of people in the world who can.
Justin Bieber should be the number one person on this list FOREVER. I can't think of anyone else that bugs me more.

He's a complete moron. My biggest issue with him is that he feels as if he's the biggest thing to record music. Newsflash, he isn't. He is not that talented vocally, his music is pathetic, and his entire career is focused on feeding his fanbase of teenage girls. Even beyond that, he has a horrible personality. His DUI incident just put the nail in the coffin for any argument saying otherwise, and the worst part is that he was spotted drinking right after he was released. Another thing I find ironic about his character: he doesn't smile in a lot of pictures with his "Beliebers" but when he's arrested, he looks happier than ever. I don't understand him. He's an awful role model for his fans.

Because of all your hates he does this thing just think so many people calling you names creating rumors about you, you would have hang yourself but he the strongest and about smiling he was smiling because his beliebers love his smile just see tears in his eyes he was smiling for his beliebers go get a life hating on other people doesn't give you anything

To the replier: This is TheTopTens. It's a website for opinions. You don't have to agree with them. Also he really isn't a good influence for his fans. You can hate me replier person, but I don't care just like you don't care for me. - Anonymousxcxc

I actually like some of his music, but his as a person I really don't. He is just rude and shows no respect towards his fans which I find extremely stupid seeing as though they got him where he is today. He seems to think he is better than other people and he can just turn up to a show like 2 hours late. Not to mention the spitting on his fans. I know you shouldn't judge a person before you actually know them, but he really bugs me.

Since I know how much some people love him, I'll refrain from reducing myself to hate. However, this boy's life is going downhill very fast. He shouldn't be rewarded or applauded for that. Until he shows that he can grow up and be a big boy in the real world, I will not change my mind. I hold nothing against him, but I do feel sorry for him. I can't help but wonder, if he wasn't famous, would he still be like he is today?

No one likes Justin Beiber. He's rude, obnoxious, and did I say rude? I don't hate him because he's "Gay" or he "Sings like a girl". I hate him because of what he does to others. He has broken the law many times. Have you guys seen that photo of him spitting on his fans from a rooftop above them? Do you know that he has cleared a restaurant just because, and I quote, "I'm eating here so all of you leave, now."

That's false. just because you hear something does not make it true

WORST GIRL IN THE WORLD! I LISTENED TO HER MUSIC AND IT MADE MY EARS BLEED! I can't stand looking at his messed up girl face. He acts like a cool gangster when he is not. All the girls in his music video is taller then him. When he does something good, he needs cameras to film him LIKE what?

I think he has gotten less annoying now though. I used to be a major Justin Bieber hater, but his recent songs are actually much better. I hate despacito and it's annoying that it's overplayed on Roblox games with radios in, but his other songs, while I don't like them too much, because I don't like pop music, are kinda good for pop songs. I don't know how his life is because I stopped watching those sorts of videos long ago, but he must be doing better, if he's able to make so many videos so quickly. - LemonComputer

He's so vulgar. People are calling him a role model just because he breaks the law? I beg to differ! Kids and teens often end up lost and will do anything to try to find themselves. How does this tie into Bieber? Justin bieber will be teaching kids it's okay to break the law 24/7, be a drug-addict, and casually sleep around

He's really disrespectful and I thought he was pretty okay in the start, but he's just been getting worse and worse, and a lot of his fans are too obsessive. They act like he can't do any wrong, but he put people's lives in danger when he drove under the influence. I wish he'd go back to Canada and stay there.

I can't believe how many atrocities he caused in his career. I was shunned by many of his antics like being carried on the Great Wall, posting a photo of himself at Yasukuni Shrine, kicking the Argentina flag off the stage, a remark about Anne Frank, and list goes on and on. Does he have any respect towards his fans? Did he even study history and understand the sensitivity behind? Not many places welcome him back because of his bad behaviour. It's about time for him to go through rehabilitation.

"I don't have anything to say against his singing. It is nowhere near the standards of good, evergreen songs. When he first debuted he seemed less conceited, disrespectful and egoistic than he is at the current moment. The delusion that the world owes him everything and his ignorance is going to land him in jail. "

blah him, he's no good, I THREW THE WATER BOTTLE AT HIM, lol - SmoothCriminal

Justin Bieber I belieb that you are just ugly stupid and most retarded person I know I'm not judgmental but I definitely have an excuse for you what happened to the boy I saw in baby video you have changed a lot I hope you change back I don't know how people still think you are good and they should not give you another chance they should put you in jail for 30 years and I like your music but not your attitude you are a bit cute but not all and if your reading this then I hope your paying attention I'm DONE

I honestly think he has gotten too crazy. He has meltdowns and he has 0 percent good in him anymore. He used to be ok, and he had this kind of motto to chase your dreams, but now he doesn't take anything granted. He's trying to act like the boss... He's really going to loose his job.

I honestly think that the only reason Justin Bieber is famous is because he flipped his hair and somehow that makes tween girls' hearts melt.

Okay, JB fans, get this through your thick skulls:

Though a lot of the people on this list are very annoying and awful, this little turd truly takes the cake. He's a dreadful human being (the incident at the Anne Frank House, him peeing in a bucket, the list goes on and on) and he has the worst voice I have ever heard in my life. How the heck is he not #1?

I think he needs help very badly. To actually spit on and insult his fans, shows a severe problem. I understand that he said he has depression but some of the things he does are quite strange. If he's not careful, he will lose his fans, and ultimately, his career.

Umm of course he is annoying he is a fat ugly awful singing bastard. Why do people even like him. He is ugly as hell man, not only is he ugly but boy is he bad at singing girls might find him cute but that's just their opinion, he doesn't want to date fine by me I don't care about a single thing about him.

Justin Bieber is not that bad. He has changed. Try to move on from that past Justin Bieber

His a dougebag he thinks he's all that I don't even understand why teenage girls are crazy about him his not even attractive, he takes he's shirt off but he doesn't even have the body, his face looks like a Guinea pig and don't even get me started about his fans they are so franking annoying!

Justin bieber is handsome/talented/a good role model? NOT AT ALL! He's the typical "bad boy" you see in high school drama (and that is NOT a good thing). You know, a douchebag. Insecure, jerk who goes around and gets in trouble so that he can take his insecurities out on the world, instead of getting therapy, as if getting therapy is lesser/uncool. He's NOT a role model AT ALL! What makes him special? NOTHING. Bieber is pure trash.

WHy do people like him? Seriously name one reason. That he can sing? Yeah, so can millions of other people. That he's cute? Looks aren't everything, and UM have you SEEN him without all that makeup? Bottom line: he's a jerk.