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Kimberly Noel "Kim" Kardashian West is an American reality television personality, actress, socialite, businesswoman and model.


"Oh god the Kardashians. I have never and will never be able to sit through any episode of keeping up with the Kardashians. They seem to be socialites with sacks of gold to throw around, no contribution or genuine humanity whatsoever. They have not done anything for their fame and are forever stuck in their own world of bling, cash, privellege and dramatic cat fights. Kim seems to be the worst out of the lot and I agree that she is a gold digger, has had plastic surgery on every inch of her body, has no goal in her life and is a waste of all our time. The game app she made simply was a mock up of Hollywood from the eyes of a wealth-bloated celebrity. "

I was watching a video of her walking out of a hotel and into a limo, but she paused and went back into the hotel because she forgot something. She came out of the hotel with what she forgot, HE BABY NORTH WEST, what kind of person forgets her own kid, something has to be done with that kid, he has god awful parents - RustyNail

I never read anything that involves this awful family-the only second I spared of my life for them was to vote here, hoping they will disappear from this earth. I don't know if they are in it for the money or if they are here BECAUSE they have money and pay the magazines and sites to write about them and publish their pictures...

She only became famous because of a sex tape. There are so many people out there who are working hard to become actors/actresses while she got a whole show for herself because of her big boobs.

What is she even famous for? I'm probably a lot more talented then she is at a lot of things (specifically athletics-wise) why am I not famous? WHY shouldn't EVERYONE BE FAMOUS! ? ! She is someone with no talent whatsoever (except for balancing a cup on her ass or something like that).

She has no talent, she's only average looking (I suppose her makeup and fake appearance catches Hollywood's attention), she is as stupid as a paramecium, and the media craves people like this to brainwash the public into glorifying these honest-to-god losers.

She absolutely contributes nothing to society. She's dumber than dirt. Will be so glad when people become tired and less fascinated with stupidly all dressed up in fine clothing.

I don't know why she is famous. She isn't tall like a model, she can't sing, and she's not even an actress! Plus, she looks so fake. I don't understand why she earns lots of money.

I don't hate the hustle. She made millions with absolutely no discernible talent. Gotta respect that. I hate the media for making that possible. Gotta wonder though: is our country so bereft of nice booties that we throw millions at halfway decent ones.

How is Ariana Grande #1 when she is actually famous for having talent? Kim is famous for doing absolutely nothing and therefore deserves the top spot on this list. - beccax3x3x3x3

The only awesome Kardashian sister is Kendall. Besides her, all of them are boring fake and care nothing about looks as if it's the center of the universe. Kim shouldn't have been famous anyway. Their show is especially lame, with nothing but drama.

She's rich, self-centered, and educated. I feel horrible for that little girl, North West. Her name, how she's going to grow up... But Kim Kardashian is just... unnecessarily rude, rich, clueless...

Kim is just a liar about being natural it's clear from old photos she used to have a small, flat, wide booty now it's a deformed, wide booty. Kim also lost her beautiful Armenian looks with all that platic surgery. Also the fact is Kim and Kanye are delusional.

Other people on this list have done at least SOMETHING artistic in their life (even Paris Hilton). Kim Kardashian is actually nothing! What will her answer be when North West (laugh out loud) grows up and asks: Mom! What has been your career all these years? Sex-tape publisher? Famous for being famous? :D

Kim Kardashian is the worst out of all three sisters. She has a huge butt (which looks FAKE! ), a baby named " North West ", they only got famous like from literally nothing and all of her family is overrated!

Hope the day her stupid show ends gets declared as a national holiday! The end of Something disastrous like that deserves great celebration.

I am so sick of all of them. I find it very concerning that American society is so interested in them. It's disgusting!

The only thing the Kardasians are good at is taking peoples money. The only one who is actually semi-talented but, not really is Kendall. She at least tries to make a name for herself outside of her already well-known family. But, we all know that if Kendall wasn't a Kardasian family member, she wouldn't be modelling for these big name brands like Vogue, Victoria Secret, and other companies. Kim probably has the least amount of talent out of the whole family and that says a lot.

She has no talent she's famous for a sex video and she just exploit yourself she's disgusting I feel sorry for her daughter

Okay. Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj are all terrible people, but the KARTRASHIANS are the worst. Fake, spoiled, and famous for doing nothing worthwhile. to be honest, I wonder how much money they've spent on plastic surgeries alone. Honestly, Kim's probably the worst of them all, and it's pretty fitting that she married Kanye, because he's a publicity-hungry, selfish, narcissistic prat just like her.

Her face reminds me of a horse! Like if a kid would do plastic surgery on oneself home alone... - Phantasm

All Kim is famous for is staring at us with her big fat butt.

I feel bad for Kourtney and Khloe having to be sisters with Kim. Kim is just ugh she has no talent! That stupid Tape made her famous. She thinks she all that. - LittleLovelies

Why is she famous? Seriously, how on did she get famous, she's nothing but rich trash that can't buy class, the only bright future she has is behind her

Why is she famous again? Take your time. I can wait all year if I have to. - Co0lk1d25