Miley Cyrus

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Miley Ray Cyrus is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Miley Cyrus's voice is contralto. She became a teen idol starring as the character Miley Stewart in the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana in 2006. Her father Billy Ray Cyrus also starred in the show.


Oh Jesus Christ don't even get me started on this girl. I used to like Miley, I really did. She wasn't that bad an actress on Hannah Montana and songs like "The climb" I could tolerate. Then suddenly she gets deeper into her music career, gets a man and ring on her finger and it's all downhill from there. Apparently Liam dumped her cause she was just too much. Next thing we know she cut her hair, swung on a wrecking ball naked, twerked on Robin Thicke's dick and turned to drugs, alcohol, etc. If you've heard any of her recent music you'll also see that it's a disaster now. This girl needs to hit the brakes and slow down before she winds up dead to be perfectly honest. We want the old Miley back!

Miley Cyrus just needs to disappear! She is really annoying she was just fine the way she was and nobody paid attention to her and now everyone is paying attention to her! WHY? Because she is acting absolutely horribly she's worse than Ariana Grande! She acts like she on drugs and her songs are the worst

She is so annoying, and we are so tired of seeing her acting out and showing her tongue! And when she pretends to be doing drugs to be cool is just so old. Hopefully they just send her to rehab and leave us alone, she is so overexposed, just has to go away!

Hate her since her song, 7 Things last June 17, 2008 (that is the song that I hate most from her)! She's even worse on the We Can't Stop and I don't like when she got bald! She's even worse than Ashley Tisdale! I don't listen to her songs anymore... I wish she stopped making new songs, although I'm surprised with her Malibu song, but I still don't like her as a whole...


Another wannabe. Changing herself to something that isn't herself. Some people may argue she's growing up away from Disney's picture perfect image, but no... last time I checked, growing up means become more mature.

Smiley is the dirtiest person I ever heard of (and I have heard of a lot) she is really insecure

The accent is real #1 just an FYI and why is this site even a thing I mean it is just a place where celebrities get hurt I mean put yourself in their shoes. Sure I am not a big fan if some of these artists but that doesn't give me a reason to trash talk them I mean they are under so much pressure all ready, nobody wants to search up their name and find a list of people hating on them. Just keep it to yourselves and if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

People hate Miley because she not Hannah no more

Miley Cyrus you're so stupid! We all know you're Hannah Montana stop trying to be a badass you're just so annoying!

She has gotten exactly what she wanted. Attention. Now that no one cares about her anymore, she probably will now go and dance in a children's playground while having sex with a nun.

The only song that I liked of hers was The Climb. I did like growing up and watching her on her show, but now, she took a wrong turn, when she should've kept going straight with being a good girl.

Miley Cyrus should not be alive. I hate her. Like why did she change herself. Drugs and stuff are so bad. Like why Miley. She is just stupid

I hate her so much and how she goes nude all the times hate you Miley she is crap

I am ashamed to say this but I watched Hannah Montana for a time and from I saw she can't act when she twerks she looks like a preteen boy in drag her dad sucks and supports her for that matter that is just sad and she is played on the radio way to much

Oh I agree I don't like her I used to like her when she had long pretty hair. Now she has not so pretty hair and then I started to not like her and then I started to hate her because on wreaking ball

She is taking drugs seeing dead people and yelling dad saying g he is jealous making the paparazzi get involved blaming him too he is her dad first and she should more respectful of that He is doing his job as a parent hello she has got so much to learn all she's doing is making herself look bad

I used to watch Hannah Montana, I saw a talented girl but she has transformed herself into a shocking, startling girl. What happend? From young girl to something indescribable. Stuff she is wearing! So revealing and so STUPID! Her music videos! Weird strange. SOMETHING

I used to be big fan of her for a period of over 3 years, but now I think she is just annoying. Call me a fake fan, if you want. She whines all the time (which is why I stopped followed her on her social medias like Instagram) about rights (that already existsk), politics & veganism. - Chatsa2

Miley Cyrus is just wanting attention now.

Thinks she is cool. No one should like her. She's so stupid, and fat. So annoying! Just stop, Miley!

If only she could improve herself than she can save her career - zuni

Miley Cyrus is so inappropriate! She was awesome on Hannah Montana and I think she should have stayed that way!

Okay to all the people commenting saying 'we don't want to see your boobs' or 'what happened to Miley' nothing has happened to her. This should be completely okay. If men are aloud to display their body why aren't women? This kind of discrimination isn't fair. I understand it is seen as provocative and in some ways rude but it shouldn't be! As a country, as a world, we are evolving and the right to express oneself and be treated equally should be seen as normal not outrageous. It's just another part to your body that provides a service, like any other system, organ or tissue.
Let the dogs bark Miley
I love you ❤

Miley Cyrus is only famous because of her dad and because she's having sex with other girls. Truth.