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I don't get why anyone thinks this clown is good at anything he does. All he does is rap a little stupid stuff then uses other peoples music and video clips then he does another bit of stupid rap and whoops whoops a few dozen times and these foolish people cheer for him. Seriously anyone who thinks this is talent I will come do a few minutes of talking over someone elses work and you can pay me for it. Also the stupid attempt this guy does to try and look tough with the stupid lip curl what a total dork.

"I'm Cuban and I feel the need to rub it in your face by saying a bunch of things in Spanish that make no sense."

In my opinion he is very creepy. He produces terrible raps about sexualizing woman, having money, and clubbing. I don't understand why even Kesha would want to be heard with him.

No talent, sounds like he has a dick stuck in his throat, I could write better songs by randomly selecting words that rhyme from the dictionary and then throwing in something bout up in the club with name brand alcoholic beverage.

I'm so sick of the sites and sunglasses

Maybe he says "WooHoo" Because he's excited for Scott elders WooHoo Sale.

He do's such a good rapping why is he on this creepy list?!

Pitbull is actually kind of adorable at this point. - WonkeyDude98

Want to see him singing with no naked girls around! Just him and some dudes!
I bet nobody would like if ;(

Guys do you know what Pitbull's first name is? ITS "FEATURING! " And all his songs are not meaningful at all. "Fireball"? REALLY?! And in most of his songs are 3 words: "Mr. Worldwide"

Crappy idiot no talent and he is so annoying with that "mr worldwide" crap

Most annoying male artist out there. WOOO or whatever he says in every song is so annoying and its hard to understand him

My dad loves him he is ok at singing but my mom hate him so he can kiss my ass

He's a bald disgusting person who can't rap and has awful songs. he's just a middle aged dweeb trying to get laid.

I will never understand how he made this list he is so hot ah lekeis an incredible song and adore his work